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Manager Monique, Very Bad Manager Roxanne L. Nautilus Plus Cours Du Roi
Nautilus Plus Cours Du Roi, They have misrepresented their products, held me liable, send me to collections, revoked my membership card 2x, never return my calls, threatened to call the cops in an attempt to fix this, ect!

Back in late 2004 I had joined Nautilus plus at the cours du roi center downtown montreal. What was once a beautiful thing became a nightmare on elm street. The one time manager monique misrepresented a package telling me that i will pay for what I use and not for what I dont use. I never at one time was given the package but used the training coupons individually.

Monique eventually left the center and another scammer by the name of stefane came in and tried to charge me $500 for the entire package which was not what was agreed upon nor was I ever given an entire package. I refused to pay the $500 and eventually my membership card was revoked at a different center in rockland.

Not being able to use the services I was paying for I had no other choice but to put a stop payment on my checking account stopping all future pre authorized transaction attempts from them. Why will i pay for a service if I cannot get the service? What did the scum bags do? Heck they send me to collections. I tried cancelling my membership by sending them a registered letter but it was never cancelled.

I tried calling customer service many times at 450-465-5814 but all i ever got was a damn voicemail and no call was ever returned to me in spite on the numerous amount of messages i have left on the voice mail. Eventually the new manager who had no clue on what was going on left the center as well..never once attemted to resolve this with me. And in comes roxanne l. I tried calling her few times and she never once returned my call. I went by a couple times and she refused to even talk to me. Finally I had enough and went to get a complained form at the consumer protection. She somehow found out and over the phone finally she spoke to me and agreed to charge me only for what i used which was fair, finally I thought, some justice. Yeah right!

So, i told her to send me the final bill and i would send a money order, she said okay but it was never done. Eventually life continued and I thought it was behind me. I now not too long ago joined another nautilus plus center near my work place and while signing up I noticed on the computer that my other membership from cours du roi was not yet cancelled but simply suspended. Nightmare returns!

The new center didnt give me a hard time and signed me up. But eventhough, I contacted the scam place and was told by a rep that he couldnt do nothing and I needed to speak to the manager. I need to speak to the manager but yet she never returns my calls nor wants to talk to me in any way to resolve this. Finally I noticed she was on face book and for me this was the only way to communicate with her so I did. and the following is what was said between me and her.


2:30pm Dec 24th
I tried to contact you on several occasions and passed by the center few times to take care of this little issue. But never one time was I able to get a hold of you, you either never return calls or tell the front desk that you are busy to take care of this issue. I was mislead in an attempt to have a package sold to me and in conclusion as agreed between you and me about a year ago i do want to pay for what I used. I had asked you to mail me a bill but you never have. I passed by the center today and you were not there, now can we take care of this little issue like mature adults or do we definately need to go by the consumer protection? I find it so unfair that not only was I mislead but at the same time you guys break the agreement that I had with Nautilus and remove my membership card when all along I am more than willing to pay for what I owe, for the coupons I have used.

Happy holidays



12:44am Dec 26th
I would ask you not to communicate with me on a personnal level.
If u want to solve this issue, u can call the gym, which i'm sure you have the number to. My assistant or any of my employees can take care of your issue while i'm on holidays.
But i will not tolerate or accept that you send me facebook messages or any message of any kind in my personnal life.

Roxanne, manager Nautilus Plus Cour du Roi.


7:00am Dec 26th
oh please..I have tried for over a year to solve this issue with u. and u have failed todo so. the employees have failed todo so saying i need to talk with you. everytime i call and leave messages you never return them. i dropped by many times and you have failed to even pop out of your office to come talk to me. I was mislead by monique and treated poorly by u and ur assistant stefane when it comes to this issue. I have all the papers of the consumers protection filled out and will send it to them if i have to. I want to resolve this but you have not allowed me to nor has the manager before you allowed me todo so.

this is the only way left for me to communicate with you in regards to this issue. Now I have and your response to me will be copied and send also with my complained to the consumer protection office as well as the media if need be. i hear you will be back in the office on the 2nd of january, i will call you on the 2nd of january. you be available to solve this issue and would like to clear this up with no further delay.

Do I make myself clear?


Nautilus member who was mislead and mistreated by cours du roi center.


2:18pm Dec 28th
What your doing by sending me messages on facebook is called stalking.
If u attempt another time to communicate with me trough facebook i will advise the police.
I hope i make myself clear.


lol, she says its harassment. it is not harassment i have verified it. It is the only way left for me to try and resolve this. But i took her advice anyway and I one last time called cour du roi and was told by a rep there that the final amount owed was $117.00 which would finally cancel my membership and put an end to this nightmare. I send my wife there with the checkbook to make the payment. And I thought that finally its all over, I called the center again on 2 different occasions and spoke one time with christine and another time with sylvain I believe he said his name is and both times was told that the amount of $117.00 I paid was the amount I owed and that my membership was cancelled.

Finally I thought. Finally I got rid of these losers and scammers at cours du roi. Here I am leaving my home this morning at 6am, get to nautilus near my work place only to be told that i couldnt have access cause i owe $500..So I told the new center to cancel my membership and they refused todo so giving me the number to customer service who is a one agent who never picks up nor returns calls..
Again, I have had it. The consumer protection told me today to go ahead and file all the paper work asap and a lawyer i went to see has filed paper work against the manager personally.

Beware of nautilus plus cours du roi downtown, they are scum and dirt bags.

When will this n

montreal, Quebec



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