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To all families or would be families, do not purchase anything from the Brick. We have a one year old son, and we have had issues in which his health and life have been in danger due to the poor product and workmanship of their sofa and loveseat. The email below is what we sent to their customer service in which we have gotten no response. After further research through the web, youtube and even facebook (Boycott The Brick Ltd. - Poor Quality Products) we have come to realize that they will not do anything - they are just there to take your money and tell you to screw off.

To Furniture Quality Department

I am writing this email first to explain to you how poor your quality of furniture is, and second to identify the deceit that your sales people had when we purchased the Sofa and Love Seat.

On March 09, 2007 my wife and I purchased a Bronze Reclining Love Seat and Bronze Reclining Sofa for just over $1500. During that purchase the sales person (Peter C) offered us a full 5 year blanket coverage. During this offer he indicated the extent to which this coverage actually covered in which he stated that if there was anything wrong with the pair it would be repaired no matter to what extent. He indicated that if the fabric wore, or if the springs or cushions wore within the 5 years it would be fixed and/or replaced. Were we ever wrong in taking this person, this representative of the Brick, at their word. It was an unfortunate situation as we have learned over the past 6-7 months that not only is this not the case for coverage, there is actually very little coverage that this so called "BLANKET COVERAGE" actually covers. This is our mistake in trusting a member/representative of the Brick during our purchase. A mistake we will never make again.

That was just an overview of the situation, now the sofa and love seat were great for the first 2 years, but shortly after 2 years we began noticing that both the sofa and love seat began deteriorating at a rapid rate. The fabric of both began showing wear, and the cushions and springs began wearing very badly. Considering there are only two of us in the household it seemed that the wear and tear should be minimal. Yet by the look and feel of both the sofa and love seat, you would swear that we had a family of 7 in the house and the furniture was being used all the time. In May 2010 the arms on the love seat became so loose that we were not sure whether to use the item anymore. We called the Brick service to come in and look at the two pieces. This was May 27th. When the service person did come on June 9th he was shown the issues with both pieces, the cushions were wearing very badly as were the springs and material, but the only things that he indicated would be fixed were the arms. To say that we were displeased was an understatement. The service man told us that the love seat would be arranged to be picked up, in which it was on July 14th and then returned on July 27th. In the next 6 months both the sofa and love seat had deteriorated so badly they need to be replaced as the springs, cushions and material are in non-usable condition. We had another service call to look at both pieces and the service man who came on Dec 30th, 2010 indicated that the only items that will be fixed are the arms now on the sofa. All the rest of the defects are due to normal wear and tear and are not broken so are not covered. It is definitely interesting that a Sofa and Love seat that has a price tag in excess of $1500 used in a household of two adults in their early 40s who only utilize the furniture for viewing television on nights when they are not out being active, that this is considered normal wear and tear. I would be very interested to see what a house full of children would do to these pieces within the first year of ownership.

The Sofa and Love seat that we purchased is by far the poorest workmanship that I have ever seen. Earlier this year my wife and I had a child, and because now having a child in the house, and the deplorable condition of both pieces and the lack of anything that the Blanket Coverage actually covers, we are first going to purchase new furniture. We will not allow our child anywhere near the sofa and love seat considering that both pieces are now a hazard to our child's health and welfare as there are staples piercing through the fabric, in addition the reclining apparatus now is felt through the cushions and springs in which the wood can be felt by simply sitting on the pieces. Finally due to the wear and tear of the cushions, springs and material we are afraid that if our child were actually on either piece that the potential that he would get a leg, an arm or heaven help us if his head caught where the cushions or springs are very worn. Even if he were to jump on the sofa the potential that he would hit the wood that is now felt could cause serious injury. Second, we are going to warn everyone of both the quality of your furniture and then the actual lack of coverage your Blanket Coverage actually covers by placing this email on, as well as forwarding this onto everyone in both email lists, as well as both of our Facebook accounts. We feel very strongly that the quality of workmanship of these pieces could cause serious harm to any family with small children - we want to warn them.

I view this entire situation as a learning experience in dealings with The Brick. Just last year my wife and I purchased a new refrigerator, stove and microwave from The Brick, and with us now in the market to purchase a new home I know that we are going to be in the market for many more home items. This situation has taught us a valuable lesson as to who to work with, and that is definitely not the Brick. We value our child's safety more than anything in this world and view all items purchased at The Brick as potential hazards for our child and anyone's children. We will make this situation known to all our friends and family, especially those with young children and we will express to them the need to pass this information onto other families out there with children as your furniture is a serious risk to a child's health and welfare.

At this time I do not see much of a resolution to this situation as we are in desperate need of new furniture as our child will be turning 1 at the end of January. We need furniture that will be safe for our child and will not put him at risk for simply sitting, standing or laying down on a sofa. With the ever increasing reaches of SIDS, the potential risk of The Brick furniture could only exponentially cause SIDS and we will definitely pass on this information to so that all parents or potential parents will know the potential risks of The Brick products. If it was just for adults I could stand by for a period of time, but at this point I am not even willing to wait for service to be done on this furniture as the serviceman indicated it would be 2-3 weeks before they would get to the current issues.

I have written this email to let you know of the displeasure that my wife and I have had with your products and services, as well as let you know of the risk factors that they pose to our child and other children, and finally to let you know to what extent we will let everyone and anyone know of these items and The Brick's policies.

In complete displeasure and extreme disappointment

Jason and Beverly
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Offender: The Brick - Sofa / Loveseat

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia

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