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Yared Teklezigi
Gks Gift Store Individual committed fraudulent sales

This individual (Yared Teklezigi) is nothing more than a complete waste of time. This is not a scam where this person took money from me or my business, but the scam happen when he took us through this big lie that he wanted to buy overstock jeans from us.

He first contacted me via and wanted to know about our jean stock lot. I then sent him some info in regards to that. He emailed me and told me that is what he is looking for to ship to South Africa.

We negotiated on price (something where he wanted to buy for $2 less then asking price, and we agreed just to bring in new business) and other details. I then sent him a Purchase Order (which is standard in our business) and he claimed to fill out his information, sign it, and send it back to me.

He never did that. I explained to him that is how we do our business, so we can release paperwork to him for this stock. He told me over and over that he sent it but we never received it in our emails. After a number of attempts he tells me and I quote "I'm not that good with computers" and says that his friend is coming over to help him.

Needless to say I never received the purchase order back from us. However he sent me a email stating that he will pay for the stock and is arranging shipping.

A few days past and I heard from him again. He told me that he now has shipping arrangements (which wasn't completely true). On Civic Day (holiday in Canada) I spoke with him and he and I had a great conversation about this stock. It sounded like this guy really wanted to make a deal.

The day after the Civic Holiday (Tuesday) is when he was suppose to make the transfer. He basically gave me one story after another and then eventually stop picking up his phone. He told me that his foster child just past away a few days ago (after he told me that his child was doing fine), but before that he claimed to of sent the transfer.

The funny thing about all of this is that he got a shipping company involved in this. I spoke with the shipping company and they told me the quote and time for shipment, but then lost contact with him as well.

I was going to file this complaint last week but after talking with my warehouse manager and buying agent, we thought the best thing to do was to get him on the phone and try again, since we really needed to sell this stock.

Keep in mind, this guy (who wants the jeans to ship to South Africa) kept telling me that e wants the jeans and he wants to buy one 20ft shipment every month. At no time did he ever say that he didn't want or need this stock any more. However he basically didn't want to talk with me after he "claimed" he made the transfer.

So after several attempts, I got him on the phone and he told me and I quote "the transfer didn't go through because the bank needed a invoice from the recipient". So I got him a company invoice and he told me the next day at 10am is when he would make the transfer to buy these jeans.

10am came and went... and I couldn't get a hold of him. He wanted to only text me and then his excuse was that his wife needed to be a co-signer.

This guy must of thought I was a complete idiot, but this whole scam was strange. he basically wanted to waste my company's time by asking to buy a stock and telling me a 1000 lies. He didn't scam us out of any money but it takes time and money to prepare this stock. We have to pay these employees, materials, and warehouse space for each and every stock that we have.

This complaint needed to be done to prevent Yared Teklezigi from contacting another stocklot business and doing the same thing that he did to us. Hopefully they would do a Google check and see this pop up.

I hope he makes a rebuttal to this but if he can do that, then he can easily pick up the phone and call me. But scammers don't do that!


Company: Yared Teklezigi

Country: Canada   Province: Manitoba   City: Winnipeg
Address: 350 Portage Ave #205
Phone: 2049981262

Category: Miscellaneous


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