Complaint / review / scam report
Selling pirated copies or cable tv recording of shows as genuine and many DVDs dont work at all and will not refund any money!

I am wondering why nothing is being done about a known illegal site, Look at comments around the net. Everyone hates them and is complaining about them and many state they are selling pirated copies. So its known fact and yet they are still in business. WHY? What is so special about them that they can go on doing this? They are ripping 100s of people off and nobody is doing anything about them. WHY? When I sent a complaint before about them all I got was an automatic response email saying it was read and have heard nothing else! I have the proof right here! I got pirated DVD copies from them! I have the package it came in!

I have emails from them. I have an email where they admit that the Coach series is not even officially released and yet they have it on their website! I dont understand why nobody is doing anything, as if what they are doing is OK. How can they do it so publicly and get away with it? Right on the internet for the whole world to see and yet they are still in business! WOW. Its just amazing! Why arent distributors of these TV series not suing the pants off of these idiots? Why can they rip people off and be misleading about their products and get away with it. Are they in the mafia and nobody dare say anything in fear of their life or something? This is just ridiculous!!

So I ordered the complete series of Coach. I got it. It came in a package with this address on it:

1610, rue Notre-Dame Ouest,
Suite #237, Montreal (Qc.) H3J 1M1

The DVDs do not have commercial looking labels. They are plain white with low-quality black pring only just saying the series and disc number. The DVDs are 4.7GB (single layer). The episodes are taped off the USA network. There is a USA logo at the bottom right of the screen. There are pop-up adds comming at the bottom of the screen telling me what is on next. For example: "Watch The Simpsons at 8 tonight" (I dont recall the exact add at the time). The quality of the picture shows that it is off of cable. The video and audio is out of sync on many episodes of those that play. At least 50% DO NOT play. I have emailed complaints over and over and it took a month before they replied. In that email they admit that Coach is not officially released. They say "Please keep in mind an Official DVD Collection has never been released for this series and what you received was a Collectors/Fan Version." There is your proof. I have the email. I have internet headers in the email. I have IP address of There host is These things are not that hard to find out. You people should have the power to get these people shutdown and hopefully get my money refunded as its obvious they wont be doing that until forced. Please let me know of other places to report these idiots. Please do something, PLEASE. I will not stop until these people are in jail and I have my refund. I will devote my life to messing these people up is neccessary, that is how much I hate them! Have a nice day. Please pay attention to me and respond.

Pembroke, Ontario
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Country: Canada   Province: Quebec   City: Montreal
Address: 1610, Rue Notre Dame Ouest, Suite #237

Category: Education & Science


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