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Borderfree aka Fiftyone

Borderfree acts as a Brokerage service for many clients such as Barney's New York and Bloomingdales. I have shopped online with many of the retail outlets that utilize/hire Borderfree to act as an agent to process the transactions.

And I have shopped with many American retail outlets such as Neiman Marcus who DO NOT use a brokerage outlet such as Borderfree; therefore, I am very aware of the differences in services between what you get with a broker and without a broker.

Borderfree is nothing but a complete NIGHTMARE to deal with!!!

For instance, one of my most recent purchases through Barney's NEW YORK online was for a handbag, very expensive - over $1000. The point of utilizing a brokerage service such as Borderfree is to simplify the process of getting the goods across the border and to the customer. The broker is supposed to have a trusted relationship with border services which helps to expedites parcels across borders.

This purchase that I had made for my expensive handbag from Barney's was ridiculous and it was not Barney's fault, it was completely Borderfree's responsibility.
The parcel and condition of the handbag was atrocious: it was obvious that somebody from borderfree had gone through my parcel and completely tore the tissue, bag and there was no dust bag which was probably stolen. As well, there was no return shipping labels or return packing slips which is the responsibility of Borderfree to ensure these items are included in the box.
I contacted Barney's about this problem and they indicated that they would notify Borderfree and Barney's said that Borderfree would accept the return of this handbag free of charge.
I also contacted Borderfree about this problem and they tried to say that Barney's would be 'footing' the bill for the return when in fact that was not the case at all.

Borderfree online staff are very reluctant and dubious people to deal with.

I am not even sure why these big retail stores utilize this sleazy company: Borderfree.

Neiman Marcus does not use a broker and I shop online with them all the time and I never have any problems with Neiman Marcus. They ship their items really fast, in fact, I get my stuff way quicker through Neiman Marcus than through Barney's or Bloomingdales and they use Borderfree...

Barney's and Bloomindale's use Borderfree yet my items take forever to arrive at my door and the state of my parcel is atrocious but this latest one with my handbag which I paid over $1000 is just dispicable and I know Barney's NY wouod not be happy to have a customer open a parcel and see their product in that condition.

I really caution people to be weary about Borderfree and if you are a business thinking about using Borderfree... I would think twice and not use them... after-all... Neiman Marcus has a business model that functions quite well and they do not use this scam of a company!


Company: Borderfree

Country: Canada

Category: Business & Finance


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