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I made one purchase on January 26, 2009 on my Amex card totalling $807.95, I made an initial payment with my online banking account on February 24, 2009 of $100, and another on March 2, 2009 of $707.95. Just to note: I've always transferred money from my online banking account to various other banks, and institutions and NEVER had a problem.

I called Amex on March 9, 2009 for unrelated issue, and was informed that both my payments did not go through. The customer agent suggested I give my bank a call to confirm the 2 payments were actually taken out of my account and to call them back. I called my bank and they confirmed the money was taken out of my account providing me with 2 confirmation numbers as well.

I called Amex, speaking to a 2nd agent, which I had to repeat my whole story again, who apparently did not know what to do, putting me on hold numerous times, finally insisted I fax in my personal bank statement indicating the two payments to a random number that she provided. I was hesitant at first, but decided if it was the only way to get it resolved then it was something I'd have to do, I managed to get the agent's name so I can call back and verify with her that she received my information.

I faxed my statements from my online banking account, indicating the two payments processed. and called back an hour after, this time speaking to a 3rd agent, who insisted that he cannot transfer me to the original agent, which then I have to explain the entire story again, after I was done, he stated that nothing was on my file yet, and to call back in a few days.

I gave it 6 business days, giving them time to process and sort things out, when I logged into my American Express account online on March 17, 2009, I noticed that it was still not done, and not only do I have a balance of $807.95 owing, it has now incurred an interest of $21, making it $828.95. I was pretty upset and called American Express again, making it the 4th person I would have to explain my story.

The agent I spoke to reviewed my file, and insisted that there was nothing there indicating I've faxed anything, I gave him the agent's name I spoke to previously, and the fax number she gave me to fax. He could not verify the fax number, and could not locate the agent I last spoke to. This gave me a scare, thinking did I just fax my entire statement including all my bank information to a complete stranger!! The agent had the nerves to ask me to fax my information in again, this time giving me a different number. I was furious and insisted that I was not going to fax any more of my personal information to random numbers that they can't verify, and to speak to a supervisor. After half an hour of being put on hold and apologizing, he was still unable to put me through to a supervisor, and insisted that I give him my number and let the supervisor call me back. I did, and waited.

3.5 hours past, I have no received any phone call from anyone, so I called Amex back, 5th agent answered, I had to again tell them the story, and insist on her locating the previous agent I spoke to. After 20 min., I was finally able to get a hold of the 4th agent I had spoken to, and informed him it's been 3.5 hours and I have yet to hear back from his supervisor or team leader. He then says that he located the previous agent (Agent #3) and retrieved my fax, and will now give it to the investigation department. I was relieved to hear that at least the fax number they gave me was correct, but pissed that it's now been a week, and my case has just been ignored, and if it wasn't the fact that I keep calling to follow up, it would probably still be ignored!! I told the agent that if I don't hear anything in a week, that I'd be calling HIM back specifically, and hung up.

This morning, March 18, 2008 at 11:00 am, guess who I get a call from? Yes, American Express, but not customer service, and NOT SOMEONE WHO CAN TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON, but someone from the credit department informing me that I have overdue payments on my account and interests that have not been paid.

I didn't even know what to say, I was in shock and utter disbelief how disorganized, unknowledgeable, inefficient, and STUPID they are. I asked the agent from the credit department if he's read my file before calling me, and he admitted he hasn't, and is just going through it now while on the phone with me. So, I gave this 6th person from American Express a rundown of my situation. All he can do is apologize, and quickly got off the phone with me.

And now, I'm STILL waiting for some sort of response from Customer Service, Credit Dept, Investigation Dept, ANYONE really...
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Offender: American Express

Country: Canada   Province: Canada

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