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Bell Mobility
Poor Service - how to make a complaint

On October 13, 2011 I called Bell Mobility to do 2 things: a) confirm my account balance & b) look at converting my pre-paid cellular service to a monthly plan with Bell. The first agent was great in telling me my account details, when I was transferred to the second agent to speak to me about my options it went down hill. The second agent placed me on hold to obtain details for my query, then a third agetn picked up the line. I asked what happened to the second agent, he said it may have disconnected. I provided him my details to check the notes. He checked the notes and offered to assist me. I told him about part b). He said he would connect me to the right department. Enters the fourth agent. Gave the fourth agent my details again and my intent in part b), he gave me a promotional offer. Here I was ready to take the offer, and he says it was expired. I was irate at this point, the agent didn't seem to know what he was doing. I requested to speak to a supervisor. Agent number 4 placed me on hold. I was transferred to agent number 5. I told agent number 5 I was on hold for the supervisor. I was placed on hold again and transferred to agent number 6. I told agent number 6 that I was on hold for the supervisor. Agent number 6 asked how they could help me. I declined the offer, demanding to speak to the supervisor. Agent 6 placed me on hold, then came on the line saying the supervisor was on the other line. I said I would wait. Agent 6 asked the nature of the concern, I said bad customer service. Agent 6 asked me to be more specific, I replied that I would explain when I speak to the supervisor. Agent 6 said the supervisor is asking for specifics, I told the agent about the run around I just went through and that I wanted to speak to the supervisor. Agent 6 apologized for the service and then asked me about the nature of my concern again. Livid, I demanded to speak to the supervisor and stated that I just expressed my concern! I demanded the name of Agent 6's supervisor. The agent said that I needed to tell the nature of my concern. 4 times I demanded the name of supervisor and each time the agent refused to provide the name. I then demanded the name of the manager above the supervisor (2 times), reminding Agent 6 that the call is being recorded. The agent refused to provide me the name stating I needed to give the nature of my concern. Agent 6 was so incompetent and combative. So I demanded the operator ID number of Agent 6, the agent gave it to me and acted like they didn't care - as if nothing was going to happen to them. I sent a complaint letter via email the same day and call Bell Canada this morning where another supervisor offered to forward my complaint.

Steps on what you should do. If you encounter great service, don't hesitate to let the agent's supervisor know. They don't get compliments often. However, if you encounter incompetence and rudeness from an agent: 1) remind them that this call is being recorded; 2) request their Name and Operator ID number, they must provide them; 3) request the name of the Supervisor (if the agent refuses to give you the name, remind them of number 1 and inform that you will be lodging a complaint. This agent was too stupid to understand this. If you are not transferred to the supervisor, lodge the complaint via email: [email protected] they will get back to you within 3 business days. There are great agents that work for this company. But if you are not getting the high quality service you deserve, don't just vent or continue dealing with the same incompetent agent - lodge a complaint. If the client services at Bell is gives you an unsatisfactory answer, esculate it to George Cope - current President and CEO of Bell Canada. Hope this helps.


Company: Bell Mobility

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Mississauga

Category: Miscellaneous


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