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Northern Leasing
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Northern leasing Merchant Services Inc.

In March of 2010 I was contacted by phone from a company called Merchant Services Inc, they stated that they could save me money on my transaction processing on my Visa, MC, and debit

fees and rates. At the time I had just received a rather large increase in rent so I was looking to save money where ever I could. So on March 24th 2011 a rep from said company came to see me. To look at my current rates, he stated that he could save me aprox 1700.00 per year if I process at the same amount as my last year he had me sign an invoice and the new machine arived a few days later. I was instructed to set up the machine and call the # on the side of the unit. I called several times, Each time I was put on music on hold, 3 or 4 times over a 4 hour period, finally I got through to a human being, with out being put on music on hold. I explained that I had just received a new machine and that it needed to be set up, we proceeded with there set up rotine, they had me process a small amount, it worked and they said there ya go its ready to go.

The next day I was invoicing a customer, they said they would like to pay by Visa so I ran there

card through the new machine and it FAILED! so I called the # on the side of the machine, again

PUT ON MUSIC ON HOLD! with the customer standing there for 20 minutes. Customer got fed up and asked if there was a bank machine around here I said sure at the gas station across the street.

So the customer went and got cash and paid the invoice. And I was still on hold when the customer left. Aprox 30 minutes on hold before I gave up and hung up the phone. A few days later a customer wanted to pay with MC, I informed him that I know Visa does not work, but we can try it, IT FAILED ALSO, So with the customer standing there I called the # on the side of the machine again, AND AGAIN PUT ON MUSIC ON HOLD, this customer was less tolerant and after waiting aprox 10 minutes, I informed him that there was a bank machine across the street he was not happy but went and got cash and paid the invoice. Out of curiosity I tried a Debit card AND IT FAILED ALSO!

The following week I attempted to contact Merchant Services Inc. every time PUT ON MUSIC ON HOLD. finally I just gave up. The following week, THE SHIT HIT THE FAN! my landlord called me and said My rent check had bounced, so I went to the bank and found that 318.00 had been debited from my account from Merchant Services Inc. that I did not authorize, Now I'm pissed.

So I called that # again, after about the fifth time over 3 days I finally got to speak to a human being. I informed that person that the machine does not work, and why have you taken 318.00

from my account? That person stated that they did not know why but she suggested that could be

because you are a new customer. I expressed I was not told that you would taking any funds from my account that did not involve transactions and machine rental. She said they do that for new customers and then they will most likely return that amount at a later date. A TOTAL LIE!

Never the less I still had a machine THAT DID NOT WORK!

Over a three month period I attempted to get a new machine I was informed that my account had been closed due to lack of transactions, NO KIDDING! Then Northern Leasing debited my account for another 500.00 and another 240.00 and several other smaller amounts. And I had never ran a single transaction BECAUSE THE MACHINE WAS A LEMON FROM THE GET GO! So I called Northern Leasing Inc., and explained my situation, they said there was nothing they could do, and I would have to take my issues up with Merchant Services Inc. I said NO!


Two days later I get a call from some guy at Northern Leasing stating that he would like me to pay out the lease on the machine aprox 2700.00 and return the machine. YUP! After my head stopped spinning he said he would be sending me a pre printed purolator way billl and instructed me to afix it to repackaged machine, and call purolator for pick up. I did all that and the machine was returned. ( I have way bill and tracking info)

So for the next few months I did not have a machine, then in late September I got a call from a

company called CollectivePOS, I said hold it and explained the hell I had just gone through and I did not want to get screwed like that again, she stated she had heard of situations like this from other customers of Merchant Services Inc.IE:POOR SERVICE! She assured me that every thing was up front no hidden charges. So I said ok, and on Oct13th a Allen Pak Law came in and filled out the paperwork, and few days later a new machine arrived, I plugged it in and set it up, and was instructed to call and have the machine activated, It works and I have run several transactions through the new unit. All GOOD? NOT SO FAST!

A couple months go by and my accountant comes by my shop one day and says " why are you paying 2 lease payments to Northern leasing." WHAT! He showed me and sure enough they where still charging me for a MACHINE THAT NEVER WORKED, THAT I NO LONGER HAD IN MY POSSESSION! remember it was returned. So on December 7th I called Northern Leasing,

explained the situation and in formed that person that I was ANGRY and I was not going to pay for a machine that I had in fact returned to them! The lady said she understands and said she would call me back. She did call me back Her name was Leronda, she was very apologetic and said I would no longer be billed or debited for that machine and that they would be returning 647.47 back into my account, should take about 4 to 6 weeks. I said thank you, and left it at that.

On Jan 11th I called Northern Leasing Inc. again and asked why I have not received the 647.47 back into my account yet, the fellow I was speaking to said he would resubmit it and I should receive a check in 4-6 weeks, I said hold on, I was told that you would be putting it back into my account the same way you took it out, electronically, he said they never do that they only send out checks. OHHHH...LIED TO AGAIN. So he said I should receive a check in 4 to 6 weeks and that’s all he could do.

So another month goes by and I have yet to receive the 647.47 I was told would be returned to me.

Feb 15th I call Northern Leasing Inc. and ask why have I not received the 647.47 they had promised to return on DEC 7TH 2010 and its now FEB 15th 2011 and I still have not received it and seeing that I was told 4 to 6 weeks has now turned into 12 weeks and nothing forth coming,


Feb 16th called Northern Leasing, got through right away, funny it was like they new what I was

Calling about this time, right away, call display? Spoke to a Elizabeth this time, so I asked, " when I could expect the 647.47 from them." she said "4 to 6 weeks", oh..."from today I asked? " She replied "yes" I said, well I was told originally I would be receiving it in 4 to 6 weeks on Dec 7th and it would be deposited directly into my account. She said, "we don't do that, we only send out checks." I said, "I know that now, as that is what I was told on Jan 11th, but it had not been submitted yet, so most likely it would take 4 to 6 weeks." Then I said "that was 34 days ago, 4.8 weeks, she said well you still have 1.2 weeks remaining on our normal timeline. So I said "your now telling me I should see my 647.47 in 8 to 10 days, " she said "yes."

I said ok, gritting my teeth, ” well I will believe it when I see it but knowing your record of 100's of unsatisfied customers, I won't hold my breath.

March 2nd 10.00am checked my mail, NO CHECK from Northern Leasing as I was promised, as said on Feb 16th " I won't hold my breath" This company does not care about it's customers, it will screw them any way they can! I will most likel'y have to change banks, and terminate this relationship with Northern Leasing. THEY DON"T CARE!

It's mind over matter, they don't mind and you don't matter!

May 3rd 2011

Still have not received 647.47 refund from Northern Leasing I was promised back in

Jan 11th2011.

Today I was reviewing my bank statements and I found that I had 2 NL debits

From my bank account, 1 correct for 44.15 and another for 28.00 was also taken out on Jan 15th 2011

So I call NL and they said that the 28.00 debited on Jan 15th 2011 was for 2010 and the 28.00 debited on April 15th 2011 is for 2011, so considering I have only had the machine since September of 2010 3.5 months for 2010, one would get the feeling I am being nickel and dimmed!

IE: there not even pro rating that charge.

May 4th 2011 Yesterday I was told to call back today have been attempting all morning to get through to a human being, mail box is full won’t even let me leave message.

@11:30 pst I finally got through, asked to speak to a Mrs. Robinson, got put on hold and then got hung up on. Called back got through to her mail box, left message..

May 5th 2011 called NLS talked to another rep, turned out it was the original rep I had spoken to in Jan 11th 2011 named Laronda who had promised that I would get the refund of 647.47 back in

January, I told her that I have still not received the refund, she was very apologetic, and said she

would look into it and call me back. She (Laronda) called me back and said the money will be directly deposited back into my bank account tomorrow, May 6th 2011.

May 6th 2011, I checked my bank account online, found 647.47 had not been returned as promised.

So I called NLS again asking to speak to Laronda, was told she was on her break, rep asked if she could help me, I asked why I have not received my 647.47 refund as I was promised. The rep said let me look into it and put me on hold. She came back and said it will be in your account by

Monday May 9th 2011 I said ok.

Monday May 9th 2011 I checked my bank account online, still have not received the 647.47 back

Into my account. Called NLS again, asked to speak to Laronda, was told she won’t be in till next week now. Was asked again can I help you, explained again what I have been told time and time

again that I have been promised 647.47 put back in my account, she put me on hold again and she would look into it, came back and was told I would have the money back in my account tomorrow May 10th 2011.

May 10th 2011 checked my bank account, still have not received the 647.47 back into my account. Called NLS again, explained to rep my frustrations in my attempt to get my money

647.47 returned to my account, got put on hold and then hung up on again. Called back again

spoke to a Eric B (would not give last name) explained again, said he could not talk to manager

as manager was in a meeting, He said he would talk to her (Elba) when she finishes her meeting

and he would call me back. Aprox 9:00 am PST he called me back and said that it has been submitted although not processed, and I should have it 647.47 no later than Thursday May 12th 2011.

So this is where I’m at I do not believe I will ever see this money returned to my account as I have been lied to so many times, and in looking at there BBB rating of –F and the fact they

have 2 class action law suits and several small claims against them, will see but I’m not going to hold my breath.
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Offender: Northern Leasing

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver

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