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Refused to provide name when asked
Ontario Energy Group

Stay away from Ontario Energy Group. Google the company name and complaints pop up all over, in several cities, and several 'closed' BBB complaints. They have sent young people to my door several times, and even though they keep getting an increasingly emphatic no, we keep getting the visits -- at all hours of day, and day of week. Today's earnest young man made sure his name tag was turned to his chest with its back to me, and vaguely waved a clipboard as ID. The story-- this time -- was that "those other companies" may have been harassing me, but he is a legitimate guy sent by The Government to check my efficiency levels. When I asked him why my legitimate energy company didn't tell me about this, he replied "they don't care about your efficiency, they just manage delivery. That's why the government sends us." Oh har, har.

But - when I asked him for proof that he represents the government, he was confused and puzzled why I'd even ask. He said all he had was a pamphlet, so I asked him for that. He started to give it to me, and while he was pulling it out I said - still being polite but not thrilled to see him - look, if you really are representing the government, then you should have something official to show me to prove that. At that point, he got nasty, and told me "Gee ma'am, I didn't know you were actually with the government yourself (in a snotty tone implying that I'm making up knowledge I don't really have.) He then said I'm leaving now, and stalked off my porch. I called out and asked him again for that pamphlet, and he said "he didn't have it anymore." He also refused to give me his name. I'm a little ashamed to admit I got angry enough at that point to loudly call out, so neighbours I could see walking the street could hear, that "this young man is misrespresenting himself and his company's intentions, and won't even give me his name." Poor kid - he's probably just as big a dupe as some of the unfortunate homeowners who buy their crap story.

I am SO fed up with this army of young people--some of them very rude-- coming to my door and speaking to me like an idiot for not actually behaving like one, and NO way to contact these supposed companies to take my address off their visit list. Phone calls go to machines, emails go into the ether. The young person before today's winner--different company name on the cap and jacket--actually told me there is NO WAY he can enter my address on a Do Not Visit or call list, and he was actually angry at me for asking. And he was at my door after 9 o'clock at night!!! Can you believe that? And they still expect us to believe they're on the up and up?


Company: Refused to provide name when asked

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Ottawa

Category: Scam, Fake


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