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We are new to the business.and we didn't know the reputation of Collective pos.

This scam scheme started five weeks ago, on Nov.9th, 2011. The sales Rep. from Collective POS name George Georgiades came in to our salon offered me a lower rate for Visa, Master and Debit transaction charges. He calculate on a piece of paper all the possible cost we’ll have with them which is lower than what we paid to Moneris now.(we still keep the paper he sketched on, He intentionally neglect a lot of hidden cost ) He said he will call the Moneris in our behavior to cancel the service and switch to them. By his experience, because he made so much call each week. In most case, Moneris won’t charge anything. In worst case maximum $250. If any cost for cancelation happens, they will pay us back in full amount. Also if we decide before next week Tuesday, We can get another $100 promotion credit. Again, after 60 months rental (which is$40 per months all included) we own this machine.

I asked him right away what if we run out of business before 60 months what will happen? He said we can just simply return the machine with no cost (He didn’t mention the complication of return and the cost at all). So far everything he said satisfied me, it seems like worth to switch.

Second week, Sign the paper scheme.

We replied on Tuesday, He booked appointment on Wednesday Nov 16, 2011, 7pm which is our closing time. Me and my business partner Nader sit with him, reviewed all the details we discussed last week once again, because this the first time he met Nader. Then, he brought out some application forms like papers, and apologized he didn’t have time to go back his office get some ready ones, so we have to fill it up by hand. All the time papers is in his hand, he fill it up by asking our questions, and we go through again all the details when he writ it on to the forms to confirm our discussion. From the distance cross the table, we couldn’t see clear what is print in that forms, and he made us only concentrate on what he was writing, He keep us busy on copying the document he need, preparing a void check . It feels like the papers are nothing really important, It just a routine paper work need to be done. At last he turned the bottom part of paper toward me, point out where to sign, where to put initials, that’s it, less than one minute, very fast, very smooth. He didn’t even let me hold the paper for a minute, nor did to mention read it. When my partner offered to sign, he said one signature is good enough. So, even my partner had no chance to touch those papers. Then he put away all the papers. When we ask for a copy of that, He said he will print out a more formal one bring to us later. Shake hands. We are in troubles.

Third week, things turned to be a little fishy.

We connected the new machine on Nov. 21 2011

He didn’t show up as he promised, over the phone he’s always in a meeting in far away West Island. We had to call Moneris ourselves to cancel the service (which cost us $341 cancelation fee). No signed papers delivered to us. We almost forgot those papers. The first charge $25 showed on our bank account same day on Nov. 21 2011. He explained that is half of the application fee which we agreed. But we asked him why don’t deduct it from that $100 credit they promised. He explained we’ll see it evened out when we get our first statement by the end of Dec. (later the manager K.G said we’ll get it in March 2013).

Fourth week, something going wrong

On Nov. 28, 2011. Second charge showed on bank account. It’s a weird $ 63.93 we had no idea what that is for. He explained it’s the machine supplier NL charges us not Collective. And he hopes we know that they charge first and last month at first bill. $63.93 probably is part of that. How could we know this if he never mentioned to us. Still with hope, I asked when we return the machine, could we get the last month deposit back. And he said he is not sure, but he will try to negotiate with NL for us.( he knows everything, but keep fool us around) I’m still thinking we can return the machine any time we want.

Fifth week, reeled in tight.

On Dec. 1st, 2011, just three day after the second charge, two more deduction from our account. One from NL lease company$50.51, the other one from Collective$15.99. We didn’t check our account until Dec 7, 2011. With big confusion, I called him, again It was very first time I heard he mention that NL will charge $4.96 insurance plus tax each months for security purpose. And $3.95plus tax is for Collective monthly service fee. These all the costs we never heard about. It add up our monthly expenses more than we paid before to Moneris.It doesn’t make sense any more for this switch but too late Moneris deduct $341 from our account on Dec6, 2011 for cancelation.

He still play like an angle, he promise to try negotiate with NL to remove the insurance cost, and himself also confused why it came out such weird numbers. So, he suggests me to call bill department, and call his boss well. I called bill department right away, a lady there know how to answer me. She said:” In my hand is the contract with your signature on it.” Till now, she reminds me the papers, we still not having it. I called Geoge G, urge him to give us a copy.

On Dec. 8, 2011. 22 days after, we first get a chance to read this so called contract, yes with my signature on it. All the charges they try to hide show in a fine print. All the part they used as a lure is filled in with handwriting. We called the NL lease company, same answer waiting for us, the cancelation fee will be $2600 high.

Two choice in front of us, stay with this crooked company, wait them fulfill their promises? Or, Fight this injustice. We choose the back one.
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