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Bell Canada sealing money from customers

Since many years, we are getting ripped off by Bell, and I am now very upset. First off They first sold me a combine service saying (promesing)) that we would get a monthly $5 rebate on each service as long as we keep the services, Well since tow years they stopped giving the rebate on each service and got down to one rebate for all the services.

Second, I recently cancel my internet services because they added over 50% increase in one year on their internet dial up service (Outrageous) I was paying $15.95 per months and getting a 5.00 rebate as per their promises, I never had a contract one that services, last year they stopped giving that rebate and they increased their fee to 29.00 per year if we did not signed for a one year contract. I did not want to sign a contract because their dial up service was not working properly I can never have easy aces to the internet the server is always busy most of the time we have to dial five or six time to get a connection. After getting connected it take about ten to fifteen minutes to get any web page and sometime it never come The service is not reliable. But I need it to get my emails, I have bean asking for Hi Speed internet since ten years and they do not care to bring it a couple of miles from there they have it since ten years, They have the monopole and no competition seem to be able to use the phone line, I only wish I could change from bell to a different provider. Impossible. Everyone I talk to is fed up with Bell service.

In all I was promessed discout that just desapered along the way, I waite so many day's trying to report this. I think that the discount offered it is a gamique to eventualy get it lost in the system, otherwise why dont they just give you a god rate to start with, why all these discount.

We should all get together and file a clas action lawsuit agains These is a blog where you can post your complain for that purpuse.

Lately in three occurrences they try to steal money from me by over charging my account, (one time was 150.00 addition charge in one month) I had to spend countless hours reporting this to them, it toke me several day's and many many hours of complaining before they credited back my account, I had an automatic back payment set up with them.

See they are billing one month in advance and last months I canceled two of my services(Internet and Two Movie premium channel) because I was going to my US residence for the wither. Well they are ripping me off again, I spent again countless hours on the phone trying to reach them, finely their excuse was that they don't prorate the charge we have to wait a full month before the cancel the service. I was not using that service for the full month but they still billed me. I had called them on the 23 Oct 2009 and spoke to Patricia badge # 6044690 she assured me that I would not be charge for the next month which is fair because I was not using the service. Well on the 28 a bank redraw still for the full service was taken, when I called in and asked why they toke the money from my account they offered me 25.00 credit for my trouble. well it did not ad up to what I was supposed to get at least 31 tax for the 2 TV movie premium channel and an other 16.99 for the internet. I kind of got fed up and did not have any more time to argue with this so I let it go.

This month again I checked my bill and they did credit my account the $25.00 that they said they would but in return they charge me again for the services I do not use and canceled for their following month, they again over charged me for a service I do not use.

I have to take time away from work again on Monday and call them trying to resolve this again and again. I am sooo fed up with them, I have to use them as there is no one else providing telephone, internet and TV services in my area.

It seem that I am not they only one they are doing this to, it was on the News the other day, Everyone I know is complaining about bell and I wish some government agency would investigate them and give them fines to pay and oblige them to give back all the money they are stealing form us small consumers.

Is there anything you can do?

It is a shame that such a big company making sooo much money, take in their hand to steel from us just because they have the monopole.

If you read this, Thank you for your time.
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Offender: Bell Canada

Country: Canada   Province: Québec

Category: Business & Finance


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