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Parker's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd
Written and verbal misrepresentation of goods leading to a purchase. Parker's lied and sold our young family a used rental vehicle

On October 24th, 2009 we went to Parker's Chrysler for the possible purchase of a mini-van. We were showed various vans by sales consultant Kevin Tameling. Upon the viewing of several vans, we inquired about a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan we were very interested in having already viewed it on their website. We inquired about its history, so as to gauge the general maintenance and care of the vehicle before its arrival on their lot. Mr. Tameling informed us that it was an ex-lease and belonged to a gentleman living on the lower mainland. Satisfied with what we expected to be truth about the vehicle's previous owner, we purchased the vehicle. We, along with our co-signer, Jackie Farmer, then sat down with Mr. Tameling while he went over the purchase agreement with us line by line, before adding our signatures to the bottom to accept its terms.

On the purchase agreement, and with us as witnesses, it was declared an ex-lease (see attached documentation), as Mr. Tameling had previously assured us. The Transfer/Tax form was then filled out in our presence, with the vehicle again being declared a lease. Upon leaving the lot, we, along with Jackie Farmer were stopped by Mr. Tameling who then passed us a white binder which we were told contained the vehicles service records. A few days later, we sat down to inspect the service records and were shocked to see on the last page of the summary report that Avis Car inc., was listed as the vehicle's most recent owner. Angered that we had unwittingly been sold a used rental vehicle, we contacted Parker's to express our dismay at their not disclosing this very important information to us. We informed them that we never would have purchased a vehicle, had we known it had been driven by countless strangers with no emotional or financial tie to it.

It was then that we were told by General Manager Colin Parker, that our concerns were unfounded, as rental vehicles are usually very well maintained. He also told us that there was a mix up with the databases, and that the Auto-Check database did not contain that information, where as the Dodge database did. He suggested Mr. Tameling must have used the Auto-Check database. This did not satisfy our wish, as expressed, to be fully refunded, or offered something else of same value off of their lot, as we never would have purchased a used rental vehicle regardless of what was, or what was no, t happening on their end. In less than eight weeks past the purchase of the vehicle, it required servicing for an electrical issue. Upon bringing it to Parkers to be serviced I again, in person, expressed to Colin Parker our frustration at having been sold a used rental vehicle. He made no apologies, and again attempted to assure me that it was likely well maintained, and offered to pay the $15 for the part required for the van. A few months later, the van started to make terrible noises, and was barely able to be driven.

Again we took it back to Parkers very unhappy, and were disheartened to learn that the van required a new transmission. In fact it was so seized together, we were told, that it could barley be opened to take a look inside. We knew this was further proof that our vehicle in fact had not been well maintained and likely driven very hard by the countless people who rented it. Livid by the general disregard by management over our concerns of having been fraudulently sold a vehicle, thats transmission needed replacing after only having had it for six months, we again suggested they give us the original cost of the vehicle back to be used as a trade in on something else on their lot. They said that they would give us $6000.00, less then half of what we originally paid for the vehicle, to be used towards something else. We did not accept their offer. They then offered to go to auctions in search of the exact same van for us. After several phone calls and meetings to facilitate an amicable conclusion with adequate renumeration for our growing financial losses having failed, we have decided that Parkers is a dealership that we want nothing to do with.

We do not wish to have any further dealings with Parkers Chrysler as all integrity and authenticity with their ethics has been lost. We were lied to, ignored, attempted to be up sold on a newer vehicle, stood up for multiple meetings, and treated with general disrespect. We informed them that we would be taking them to court and a few days later we received a registered letter (see attached documentation), from them apologizing for the multiple clerical errors surrounding their omitting of declaring the van a rental vehicle. They claim that on the purchase agreement, that two of the boxes were accidentally switched, when in fact there are two lines separating them making an error like this impossible. Taking into considering the fact that Mr. Tameling sat down and verbally went over each and every point with us, we find this explanation to be untruthful and desperate. In another instance of clerical error on the transfer form, Mr. Tameling AGAIN did not declare the vehicle as a rental vehicle.

We find the coincidences of these clerical errors to be further proof that Parkers knowingly sold us a used rental vehicle without informing us. Their attempt to have it appear, that everything else on these lengthy forms is accurate, except for the coincidences of both separate forms not declaring the van a rental vehicle due to clerical errors, is unacceptable. Especially since the explanation given for the error by Mr. Parker over the phone was that they didnt know that it was a rental vehicle since the databases were not in sync. Which is in direct conflict with the following section of their letter where Mr. Parker claims that we supplied you with a vehicle information package, the white binder and documents, that does indicate the vehicle you purchased is in fact an ex-rental, these documents were reviewed with you at the time of purchase, and we trust this is evidence enough that we have disclosed all information regarding the vehicles history. There are three witnesses willing to sign affidavits to dispute this claim. As previously stated this binder of information was not provided until after the transaction was complete and was handed over to us as we were leaving the lot. Had he done what was required by law, and declared verbally to us or physically on the forms in front of us the van as an ex-rental, we never would have purchased it and we feel the staff at Parkers Dodge knew this. To say that they went over the contents of the service records with us at the time of purchase is a blatant lie. We never would have purchased the van, had we known it was a rental vehicle. Parkers never told us it was a rental vehicle. The vehicle has already required major work done to it, and our confidence in it and in Parkers Chrysler is non-existent


Company: Parker's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Penticton
Address: 1765 Main Street
Phone: 2504922839

Category: Cars & Transport


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