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Sheration on the falls
Told me never to come back


Good morning Mr Mullis,

I am sorry Mr Mullis when we spoke during the day of your departure I never took notes neither did Rachel, however from your emails I believe you re-counted most of the items we discussed on that Sunday morning. However, since then from your emails describing ‘I lost my mind and took pills also had a Knife pulled on the OPP’ and your considerations to ‘jump out the window make the pain go aways’ we have asked that you do not return to Falls Avenue complex.

I am sorry that there is nothing further I can do for you.

With regrets,

Karsten Angelkotter

Assistant General Manager

t — 905.374.4445 x.4880 f — 905.371.0157


5875 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, ONL2E 6W7

From: Jason James Mullis [mailto: [email protected]​]

Sent: April 25, 2012 8:36 AM

To: Karsten Angelkotter

Subject: GREAT DAY!!

Good Day

Im just writing to ask for a copy of the complainst. I had made on my stay on Easter week end. That you have on your end that was written by your staff after i mede my complant. I would like them by the end of the week and sent by e mail. If that cant be done can you ahve your legal dept call me also e mail me why so i can put a request in and ask for it uneder the law. Just like the freedom of information. I thank you for your time. I wish you a Great day.

GOD BLESS!! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!! THEY HELP US IN OUR TIME OF NEED! LETS SHOW THEM!! WE CAN HELP THEM IN THEIR TIME OF NEED!!! Jason James Mullis 34445 Granton Line Unit A Granton Ontario N0M 1V0519-225-2811


From: Jason James Mullis [mailto: [email protected]​]

Sent: April 22, 2012 1:19 PM

To: Karsten Angelkotter

Subject: Re: FW: Sheraton On The Falls

Where do i start i want to take my family to the Sheraton on the falls. It was to be the time of my life because of 4.5 years of Hell dealing with my PTSD and Back injury so this was going to be a first true family Vacation since the Car Accident Nov 11 2007.Drunk driver almost killing us. So where not rich at all so we picked the hotel. The Sheraton wow what a week end it going to be. So all booked. I get an E mail saying Thank You for booking with the Sheraton made me feel really good that why cared. So i E mailed saying Thanks that some one cared and why it was important for my family and me to go on this trip. They up graded Our room was great but i didn't E mail them to get any thing. I just felt really good some one cared we where coming. So then we heard there was a city view pass that started after we booked. So we were going rebook but the hotel gave it to us!! So we leave Thursday go from home to Guelph get our 12 yr old then off to stay in a cheap hotel in the falls because we got in late almost midnight so we sleep good and got up at 8 am. It was good Friday was going to an Easter egg hunt at a Memorial Park for an friends brother in law (Albert Storm) well Stormy. SO we did the Easter egg hunt with my kids. Then off to the Sheraton was so executed then we get there park the van. Then go in to book in get ready for a wilded ride for the next 2 days- so we get up to book in so we try card don't work in the computer so do debit then they say it didn't go through so we like OK call the telephone banking and talk to them they said it went through but Sheraton says NO!! So she call the back of the machine what a wait, so i say can i go to a computer and print a bank statement off. So i run over to the computer finally get it printed off take it back to them. Sheraton was still on hold 25 min now with company. So she got a manager to say the paper was prove so finally like 45 min later finally got are keys. Got free parking for that problem. So that was like BS so up to Our room the start of our First Family Vacation in years so we get to the room was it sweet. What a view of the falls also a door to open to see and hear it better. Then i turn around and one the bed around the edges is Blue stuff not little lots like blue ink so i call room service. The manager comes up and see it. She like how does some one miss that. That is not cool at all. So we had to go for a walk already so they had to make our beds again. I was so sore i have a Back injury and PTSD so this is why i just wanted to lay down. So we go for a walk to see the stuff in the hotel. So they give us free brakefast. So we get back to our room and finally maybe this will go better ya was i wrong lol. So we chill man was i sore and so up set but had to be kool. So we go down to look for the both to get tickets for Danny Z and hit the arcade with kids. So time to have fun and be happy felt good to be out with the family. I lock my self off from the world and in the last couple months getting better last March 2011. I lost my mind and took pills also had a Knife pulled on the OPP! but they talked me out of doing something that could of got me killed. So i was locked up for 3 days in a locked ward at the Hospital started counselling finally got help with my PTSD. Well back to the trip so we go to Danny Z wow what a show ok, i was the show got me on stage wow what a show lol. So we go back to our room wow was i feeling great my wife and kids couldn't stop laughing. Well i got hybmaticd cant spell that word. So we go out to get some pizza and wings. So coming back into the hotel and people start clapping wow i felt good they loved me on stage. I was like wow i feel so happy and good about coming on this trip and doing this made me cry! I told my wife when i got up stairs with the kids. Well we eat then bed so i call for a wake up for 8 am that's all good bed now oh ya my wife loved the tub with jets in it lol!!! So what happens the the next day already starts off bad so we get a call at 9 saying time to wake up wow i say get a manager to call me. So they call I'm like what just happen we waned to be at breakfast before the rush but not now so I'm up set. So they say Sorry again like the 3-4 time in less then 24 hrs so they offer to take the parking off i was like that was already done so I'm like they owe me i want free dinner! They give us $75 credit for it not full dinner off ok, i think which was i wrong!!! We go to Breakfast now line up but that's all good. So we finally get to our table wow what a place and what a server no its not a girl. Its John what a great person and made us feel like we were at home. I had a great meal he made are stay so much better and saved the morning. So i we eat and get ready to go the water park this should be great ya we think so what could go wrong. We get there what a water park. So we do everything then my wife comes with our 7 yr old daughter not happy saying a life guard was really rude to her and our Daugherty. OK be rude to me but my Wife and Kid that's the last straw so i report it. The manager makes us fill out a complaint form. Then takes us up to the Girl that was rude and comforts her wow. The girl calls my wife a lier wow what a way to deal with stuff. We walked away. So the Manger gives us free Lunch and says the GM will call us. So we order lots $60 wroth well at a park like that meals lol. So we eat and go back to the room. My Wife was so mad never seen her like that over something. So we chill and get ready for dinner. We made sure we were getting the same server John!!! So we get there and get our table near the window what a view! So where sitting there and i open my napkin with the silver, damn not again another problem in a 4 star restaurant. I look at it and cant believe it. There is dry food on it. I had it last straw so i go to the front ask for the Manager ok i think ok he say sorry and all over with was I wrong. I don't mean a little wrong its the first time you will ever hear this words from a 4 star restaurant. ive been treated better at McDonald's. So He comes over to me and says yes sir. I'm like whats this - he says that's a mistake wow ya a mistake. I was like how does this happen at a 4 star Restaurant like this get ready for it - he says to me Mistakes happen all over the world now i lost it. Soldiers all dying all over the world and that hit me hard what he said i said my friends dying in afgh is a mistake. also me getting hit by a drunk driver was a mistake too i lost it. I can say that i had to walk away before it was to late so i walked away. What the manager do he chases me. I stop and look at him say stop following me and leave me alone. I was pissed so pissed then it hits me so hard and hurts. When my daughter says to me daddy blew!!! wow my daughter knew i was at a point i had blew up!!! If it wasn't for John Server i would of left but a great person. It took me about an hour to even touch anything to eat. So we left and I went to the room. I couldn't believe what just happened. I wasn't done with this so i went to the Manager that was on at front desk told her what happen but i was like you need to come up there and deal with this. So we want up to the Restaurant and for sure anyone in the right mind thinking he say Sorry wow what that wrong. I mean more then wrong not even close to wrong be even crazy for a manager of McDonald's but a 4 star restaurant didn't see it coming. He blames me yes blames me for the problem. I was like that was not kool at all. He says lets go in to the room and talk away from Windows restaurant. I wasn't moving till the truth came out. He even said what you got a manager, what she going to do to me. I was like what if i call the president of Sheraton he was like so what he going to do. Wow i think this guy is gone. It took me 5-10 min for him to say that he had done it. then he says to me i had a friend die by drunk driver and he was hit by a drunk driver. I don't care wasn't going to make it any better. So we sat down and he says sorry at that time i didn't care so we left. I got my family the manager want back to the front of hotel!! We meet at the desk so she said she give us free movie wow! also that i should go for a walk so my family and i did was better that way, so she said that i would see the GM in the morning come down at 930am. So we went for a walk. I need it. So we get back to the hotel there was stuff in a basket you have to pay for the gummy bears where 3 months over due lol so i grabbed the bottle of wine and said I'm drinking this but guess what no cork opener so had to take the bottle all the way down stairs to get it open was i mad i drank it all. I hate wine but i needed it so bad!! So we watched a movie and went to sleep so i got up in the morning took a Atvan and said to my wife go talk to the GM. She was like be ok and i regret this and feel like shit still. I looked at my wife and my 2 kids. I said i would rather jump out the window make the pain go aways wow i said that to her and in front. That's not what a trip is to be like but thats how it got to me. So i had a meeting with oh ya not the GM the Asst wow not good enough to see the GM. So i told him all the BS. His words that a bad apple in every bunch have to deal with him and we just hired a manager higher then him to fix things wow cares i was treated like shit like i was nothing. If this was just after the accident i could be in jail or try to jump like i said. So we got a late check out, rest of bill at restaurant bad would of been $60 after the Credit already. He also gave us free dinner that nitre wow who cared but John was on also gave us a couple ride coupons lol. So that was that we chilled and went to dinner seen John the server great guy wasn't for him we would of went home for sure he was the time we left the managers and staff said we had a novel of problems wow that bad!!! So we went home not happy and couldn't believe all that could happen at a 4 star hotel in 2 days. Ive been at $40 hotels and treated better!!! Well we gt home i wrote the GM and he got some lady to call me. We talked she was happy i didn't get mad and had my self under control. That if there some thing they could do to call them direct so they could deal with it. So i did and asked for a great room for 2 days and meals or refund our money from last visit but the Asst Manager said no they could do that and he said good that after 4.5 I'm looking at getting out again wow!!! The sad thing out of all this i have never talked to the GM what a GM don't deal with his hotel thanks for nothing that hurts too. I know that a story from another Sheraton that had a problem with a couple there first visit they found mold on ceiling and got free everything food and parking and asked to come back free with food. Then they came back and found lots of hair in the drain got asked to come back again got a king size bed room and a living room too but this hotel said they did enough for us. Well that wasn't that bad and that couple got more then we did and didn't get treated like shit oh that couple was My Wife and Wife!! So that's why I'm writing my story about this hotel!!!


Company: Sheration on the falls

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Niagra fall ont

Category: Traveling & Tourism


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