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Bell Canada
Rights Violated 2

Organum is back demanding justice for myself and all the abused Bell customers.

-First a little about myself: I have always combated crime/evil during my unblemished service with the RCMP and as a scout leader for 12 years(a form of crime prevention if you will), and morally I cannot let these scandalous incidents continue and go unpunished. I am also a good Christian but not in a religious way - what I say and do to others is my Christianity - I follow the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you wish them do unto you".

-I consider myself a learned person and a good writer and Bell Canada will soon find out that they met their Waterloo, Stalingrad and Sodom - Bell don't know who they unjustly trampled on, but they will soon.

-Waterloo (many nation's armies got together to defeat the powerful warmonger).

-Stalingrad (the Russian were almost hopelessly defeated by a monstrous Nazi army but stuck it out with help of allies who opened other fronts of attack and finally prevailed).

-Sodom (this kingdom along with Gomorrah were in a permanent state of evil iniquity and not enough good people could be found and so were completely destroyed).

-I mention these historical events now, but will show you later how to use those tactics against a formidable foe.

Be patient with me if I get philosophical but we can learn a lot from history, science and logic.

-Now, lets see what were fighting against:

-Bell Canada has great advantages over us - they control their records and can destroy them, they can push a button or type a command on a computer and easily disrupt your lines, they can deny anything and its their word against yours, they have good lawyers and it costs a lot to bring Bell Canada to court and even then, you might not win the case even if you're right. They know they can get away with criminal and immoral actions - they would consider it a perfect crime. If they get away with it once they'll try again even more boldly. With the amount of complaints received it looks like there's a conspiracy where many Bell Canada employees are involved in various evil acts.

- If a crime occurs in diverse places and a common person or theme is found at those sites, it will become under suspicion and further investigations usually finds the guilty one.

-The myriads of complaints against Bell Canada definitely show a pattern of malicious intent and actions on their part.

-It is highly probable that once a Bell Canada employee is forced to commit an evil act to a customer - his co-worker, supervisor or higher persons in echelon will use it against him then blackmail him into committing other evil acts, or pay them to do so.

-Don't just take my word for it; look at the numerous evil acts reported by abused costumers; harassment, over-charging, extortion, sabotage, unfair practice, fraudulent practice, unfulfilled contracts, illegal practices, violation of Rights, stealing money from customers, unjustified disconnections, illegal billings, unfair fees, bullying, monetary abuse against elderly and disabled persons, wrongfully billed, confusing billing, unsolicited calls, privacy invasion, and the list goes on and on and on.

And these are only those that are reported! This is only the tip of a big iceberg!

-Here are some of abused customers comments; terrible customer service, rudeness, unfairness, dissatisfaction, disappointment, irresponsible behavior, worst company ever, cheaters, wasted time, unprofessional and rude service, untimely customer service, atrocious customer treatment, frustration, refund delay tactics, helplessness, repair delay tactics and other customer delay tactics of every form imaginable - I don't think I need to go on, you get the picture by now.

But that's not the whole picture!

-There are many more pieces of this puzzle than you might imagine! It goes way beyond just Bell Canada.

-It's becoming more obvious by now that Bell Canada Management is either ignoring or encouraging these malicious tactics on their parts. Furthermore, our Government is'nt doing anything about it!

What the HELL is going on here!?

-Here we have a company called Bell Canada using our country's name and all these evil deeds are allowed to persist!

-That surely makes a lot of Canadians become less proud and more ashamed to be called Canadians.

-I have a great library and cannot remember from which book the following came from but luckily I once wrote this down:

The Seven Evils of Society

-WEALTH without WORK







-Can you recognize that is the society we have now become!

-Before I continue with a plan of attack against this EVIL ENTITY, I must pause and meditate (that's my form of prayer), solving this problem is more time consuming, more involved, brain racking and mind boggling than I first realized.

-Organum hears your cries for help and I will do the very best, but I will need your help later on too!

-Also if Bell Canada finds out who I am, they can disrupt my lines of communications and may seek to stop me by every which way possible, so I'm signing off for now and at least got page 2 done.

-stay tuned, I'll be back real soon!

-If you read this please post your comments so that the "Sort by Popularity" listing make "Rights Violated" (1 not indicated) and 2 and others to follow, the top of the list, you won't regret it, also ask others to do so.

-An elephant trespassing in red army ants territory will trample many of them but the sheer overwhelming numbers of them eventually prevail.
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Offender: Bell Canada

Country: Canada   Province: Québec

Category: Telecommunications


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