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GoodLife Fitness
Membership Dues

Take a look at my letter to Goodlife Fitness- do not get a membership there.

To whomever it concerns,

My name is Kim Cox and I used to have a membership with Goodlife Fitness until today. The Location I was at was in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, 142 Nature Park Way, R3P 0Y6, 204-487-1449. I called your customer service, and I was told that I owed 296.92, and that my membership was cancelled. So I would have to pay 300.00 and not be able to use the facility. Here is my story.

On May 28th, I decided to go to Goodlife Fitness and get a membership. I wanted to get fit and healthy!

I paid $135.45, into fee, one months payment and personal training.

When I signed up, I put the wrong date which biweekly payments should come out of, so obviously that was my fault, and I ended faulting the first three payments (when I noticed). So on May 28th, I went into the facility and apologized profusely and paid my balance of $76.46. I also filled out a form requesting that my biweekly payment be changed to the fridays which I get paid. So therefore the next payment should come out June 8th. (the Kenaston location in Winnipeg has this copy). So great, I figured! yay! everything is straightened out, and Ill be stress free and workout at the gym.

So June 1st comes around, and I look at my bank account and Goodlife had tried to pull $7.35 out of my account, but it didn't go through bc I didn't put any money in that account since I was TOLD that payments will be coming out June 8th. The total biweekly payments that I should be paying is $25.73 for the membership and $7.35 for tanning. So did they forget to change the date of my tanning payments. yes. this was supposed to be done with my membership.

So I phoned customer service and talked to a very nice lady, cannot remember her name unfortunately, but I was very upset, and she ensured me that everything was fixed and the attendant t the front desk had filled out the paperwork wrong. The lady in customer service then told me that there will be a small fee taken out of my account for the balance of the remaining month. on 06/12, that amount of $3.36 was taken out. I called again to inquire about this and she said that the account is up to date and all is well, and payment should therefore be taken from my account biweekly. I was so happy again, yay! I can workout in style! * When I went to the location I wanted help directly from the staff there, I talked to the Assistant General Manager, Paul Templeton, he said he would look into it and help refigure things out, and he NEVER phoned me back or even attempted to reach out to me. Terrible service.

So for the next 3 months I was in the process of buying a house and moving, I moved 09/01/12, but had been real busy since July. I didn't check my bank account to see if payments were coming out or not, so I just assumed, since customer service had told me everything was good, that all was well. I wasn't able to use the gym for a couple months due to moving.

I received a letter in the mail today dated from August 27th 2012, (since I failed to change my address with Goodlife, so I had my mail forwarded to me from my old apartment which took awhile) saying that I owe 141.51 and that my payments from june 22nd to August 17th was not paid.

Here is what my bank says was taken out: I can provide actual bank statements to back this up.

06/22/12: Goodlife Fitness withdrew $7.35

07/06/12: Goodlife Fitness withdrew $7.35

07/20/12: Goodlife Fitness withdrew $7.35

08/03/12: Goodlife Fitness withdrew $7.35

08/17/12: Goodlife Fitness withdrew $7.35

09/14/12: Goodlife Fitness withdrew $7.35

09/28/12: Goodlife Fitness withdrew $7.35

10/12/12: Goodlife Fitness withdrew $7.35

So why is that Goodlife was still pulling out money, but then doesn't pull out the correct amount, then sends me letter saying that I missed all those payments…I have the letter- I will send it to you.

So I once again had to phone customer service today, 10/15/2012, and sort out this chaos. The representative on the phone told me that my membership was cancelled by the company due to missed payments.! and that I owed the whole membership fee of 296.92.The representative was quite rude to me on the phone, I did ask for a reason why my membership account was not taking the proper amount out, and he couldn't answer me, only saying that my membership was cancelled and that it was completely my fault for all of this. I am really disappointed with the LACK of care for your customers, the lack of help, the lack of knowledge of your staff, and lack of taking responsiblity for your own mistakes. I am very upset that Goodlife represents a stress free environment to workout, to feel good about yourself and to be fit and healthy, when the staff, and cutover service is just not there. I will not be paying the rest of the membership dues. I would like to have this resolved as soon as possible or possible legal actions will be taken.

Thank you


Company: GoodLife Fitness

Country: Canada   Province: Manitoba   City: Winnipeg

Category: Sports


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