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Swizzlesticks Salon Kensington
Stylist- Gary Greedy, Inconsiderate, Arrogant, Untalented, Weasel, Scam

I walked into the salon one evening in early January after moving to Calgary from Banff, and was greeted by an unfriendly, stern faced woman who said nothing but "okay fifteen minutes, hang your coat up and you can wait over there" after asking if there were any stylists available for a cut. I wanted to ask who the stylist would be but as soon as I was about to ask she looked at me as if I should hurry up and just go sit down. She did not smile once and from the moment I walked in I felt very uncomfortable with this greeting.

After sitting in the waiting area for 15 minutes in front of a mirror looking at my long hair, an asian man named Gary came and introduced himself. He didn't speak english very well, and I showed him drawings and pictures of things I wanted done to my hair. He kept telling me no, you cannot do that, no that won't work, no, no, no. I said well maybe I should just not get this done then. I was not about to let somebody who completely disagreed with me cut off any of my hair.

But as soon as I said that and was about to leave he said NOO NOO you can do it, here, let me give you a back massage. He cut a small amount of hair and told me he didn't have time to blow dry my hair because they were closing. So I left with barely any work done and I left a 20% tip because of the back massage.

BUT THE BACK MASSAGE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY HAIR! I felt it was entirely a scam to weasel money out of me. So the next day I went back and asked if he could just cut it shorter. He did a horrible job. But he styled it with all of these products and said I needed to buy them in order to style my hair now.

So I did. $220 later. I looked at my hair at home and could not figure out why he cut it that way. It was blunt underneath in the very back and had all these scraggily bits and pieces hanging over the blunt bit. I had bra-strap length hair and I was looking for something with more life, something clean and simple!!! I even wrote it down for him!!! It looked HORRIBLE!

I thought he should be able to fix it for less money than anywhere else considering by this point I had already spent over $250. But he told me he had to charge me for another cut. Another $81 spent. And I am a 20 year old art student trying to survive on my own!!

He cut off ALL of my hair to the shortest possible cut EVER. I was left with a pixie cut. Less than an inch of hair anywhere on my head. I was devastated. But during the shampoo he put a wet rag on my face for a pseudo-"mini-facial". I don't know, maybe to distract me from the fact that he just chopped off five years worth of hair growth from my body!! I believe it was yet another tactic and a total scam in order to take as much money from me as possible!

Looking at the receipt they charged me twice for $32 for "DAMAGE REMED 1" which I have no idea what this is. In total I paid $331.90 at this salon. The worst part of it all was that he told me to book a TRIM IN FOUR WEEKS WITH HIM!! As if I needed anymore hair cut off.

I called to cancel that appointment after having attempted to express my unhappiness with their service, and they banned me from the salon. I asked to speak with somebody higher up and he said "you're talking to him." They gave me no options. They offered no condolences for my loss. They were so rude and disrespectful of my situation.

I have since been very depressed with having no hair and having to dedicate years to growing it out again. I have missed school and haven't been able to find work because of this emotional and financial trauma. Please do not ever go here. I feel they do not deserve your business, and your hair should not be trusted in their hands.


Company: Swizzlesticks Salon Kensington

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Calgary
Address: 1211 Kensington Road NW
Phone: 4032707333

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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