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Complaint / review / scam report
Winsome Kennels
Kijiji Does Not Health Test Breeding Dogs. Does Not Care If He Breeds Genetic Defects All $ Sick dogs showing up bred by winsome Kennels, WHY he does not health test his dogs are he claims

Registry Rank Evaluations Percent Abnormal Percent Normal
CARDIAC 9 174 1.7 97.7
ELBOW 64 285 2.8 95.8
HIPS 30 708 20.6 78.1
PATELLA 51 111 2.7 97.3
THYROID 42 61 3.3 86.9
E.G. of hybrid parents still need to be tested as untested dogs are affecting their offspring.

Winsome Kennels BC Golden doodles, Rottweiler's, Golden Retrievers, Wheaton Terriers Does not Health tested his adult dogs as he advertises!!

False Advertising on Kijiji once again. Kijiji is getting tired of removing the ads.

Is the discounted sale price worth it in the long run? Can you afford a $6000 to $10, 000 vet bill for replacement of dysplastic joints? Are you ok with the pain and suffering your dog might endure from buying a sale puppy from a kennel that does not screan for genetic health problems. Last time I checked vets do not have X-ray vision or forsight to be able to predict a dogs health. (testing is not a check up, Bloodwork is not a check up, X-rays are not a check up, eye cerf are not a check up, SA punch is not a check up, nor is DNA VWD test)

Good breeders X-Ray hips and do the required health testing that affects each breed of dog being bred. Responsible breeders will always spend the money to ensure their dogs are healthy producing puppy off of them.

Proven correspondence proves that this Winsome Kennels does not health tested his breeding dogs as he claims.

No matter what lies or cover ups Mr. Sheppard has been attempting. The Facts and Truth still are coming out. Evidence proves that Mr. Sheppard has not been truthful and continues to mislead the public. History is showing a pattern of dishonesty and cover ups by Jamie. A proven history of blaming others for his problems, and playing the poor me. Why would some one do this, it's time for people to see Jamies true side.

Reverse psychology is a persuasion technique involving the false advocacy of a belief or behavior contrary to the belief or behavior which is actually being advocated. This technique relies on the psychological phenomenon of reactance, in which a person has a negative emotional response in reaction to being persuaded, and thus chooses the option which is being advocated against. He has been doing this blame game to all the Vancouver Island and many lower main land doodle breeders.

Listed emails below coming from Winsome Kennels owner Jamie Sheppard proving his dishonesty and intentional actions to mislead the public about his dogs health.

Hi Leanne,
It interesting how many e-mails I'm getting ending in live.ca. I've created a form answer to address health issues. Here it is!

Our site is updated daily. All our dogs have been fully tested including x-rays by our vet before breeding. We have a proven record in years of breeding with no history of genetic health issues from any of our breeding stock.
Since we entered the Vancouver Island market with very competitive pricing a local breeder has been fear - mongering about commercial kennels and certifications. You are welcome to visit our beautiful kennel by appointment 7 days a week and you can peek in any day by visiting our live puppy cam. Because so many buyers are now requesting copies of certification we have begun a program to re x-ray all our dogs and submit them to the OFA. It should be noted, if humans did all the testing the breeder in Victoria says should be done, then she wouldn't be here.

ps If you have a particular puppy in mind and the parents are not OFA certified yet, I'll be glad to have them done next and reserve your pup without a deposit.

From: [email protected]

Subject: RE: Reply to your "GOLDENDOODLES" Ad on Kijiji

Look at the pups in album "A" puppies for sale. All our dogs are vet checked for hips, elbows, eyes and heart. Pus are vet checked and come with a written two year guarantee.

I got an email back from Jamie at Winsome Kennel, this is what he said:

I have x-rays done on the sire but I don't do eye cerf or thyroid work. 5 years breeding Goldendoddles and over 500 pups and I've never had a claim for either.

I've bred retrievers for over 10 years and never had eye or thyroid issues as well.

Having that information, would you like to pursue? I appreciate you concern, it's funny, but I never thought to worry about these things with Logan. I guess you always thing your own is flawless. LOL

Jamies attempts to blame his lack of health testing and problems known to Winsome Kennels on other breeders. Mr. Sheppard is good at avoiding the questions and talking around the matters being addressed.

Why would a top kennel not spend the $40 for one or $15 for over 6 x-rays in to OFA to get a report. It costs around $100 to $300 per dog for the X-Rays. Eye cerf's are $40 each. For the little costs to make sure your dog is testing and healthy before bring bred is responsible to the dogs and owners.

My dog has never limped. How can it have elbow dysplasia?
The radiographic evidence of ED, the presence of secondary DJD, and the clinical presentation do not correlate directly. Grondalen (6) reported on a population of 207 Rottweilers of which 141 were not lame. Yet 68% of the non-lame dogs had DJD of the elbow. Another study by Read (7) reported on serial radiographic and physical examination of 55 Rottweilers at 6 and 12 months of age. At 6 months of age the majority of lame dogs did not have radiographic evidence of ED; however, by 12 months of age the radiographic changes were apparent. But the majority of dogs remained sound.
Like hip dysplasia, many dogs affected with Grade I ED do not exhibit lameness; and like hip dysplasia, breeders cannot depend on using clinical signs to diagnose the disease. Dogs with minimal pathology involving the medial coronoid process may not always present clinical lameness, as the DJD and fibrosis of soft tissues may actually help to stabilize the joint. It is very likely that using lameness as a guideline to accept the diagnosis of ED would permit an increased incidence of disease genes to proliferate in the breeding population.
The OFA acknowledges that breeding decisions are personal. It does not regulate breeding practices or impose testing requirements. The OFA's function remains to provide breeders with the tools and information to make more informed breeding decisions; and OFA's purpose remains to assist breeders in reducing the incidence of genetic disease including elbow dysplasia. The OFA strongly recommends that dogs from the at risk breeds being considered for a breeding program, as well as their siblings, be radiographed to determine their elbow status. This information should be an important and carefully considered part of breeding decisions.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Winsome Kennels

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Roberts Creek
Address: 1762 Lockyer Rd
Phone: 6048858877

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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