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Injured Worker's Advisory Program
Voc Serv Professionals At Ripping Off Injured Workers In Ontario

The term "buyer be ware" has never been more important than it is for this company. They have been ripping injured worker's off since 2000 (possibly earlier than that) and getting away with it. Joe Machado is a smooth con artist with a staff of equally smooth con artists. He has three women who work for him, four if you count his wife. Debbie, his personal secretary, Cathy, no idea what her role is now and Julie, who runs the show. Marg, Joe's wife takes care of all the money the company brings in.
Lets start with the website
Joe's story is true to a point. He did get hurt, but that's as far as the truth goes. He states that it wasn't long after that he decided to get serious about this business. Of course not, it was the perfect business to scam the injured worker who already is beaten down by the WSIB. He states that he formalized his services, computerized a system for client information and tracking. His actual computerized system is Maximizer which you can purchase off the internet. He states he designed a software program tailor made for claims management. What he did was input the information required such as name, address, claim number etc. The next lie in his story is that he states his team consists of claims adjudicators, specialists, mediators, vocational rehabilitation specialists, an ergonomics specialist, a psychologist, an orthopedic consultant and a lawyer. OH MY GOD!!! That is the ultimate BS story of the year. The claims adjudication specialists are now called claim managers and they work for the WSIB, each client of the WSIB has a claim manager. Mediators, vocational rehabilitation specialists and ergonomics specialists ALL BELONG WITH THE WSIB. Nor does he have a psychologist, orthopedic consultant or lawyer at his disposal. ASK HIM TO PROVE IT! HE CAN'T BECAUSE THEY DON'T EXIST! Further in his story, he says that he regularly runs information seminars as part of an aggressive outreach program into the community and that along the way he has achieved great recognition in Ontario for his seminars and public speaking events. Right! He is not welcomed in this community and he would never step foot on this area of the world because of the number of people he literally ruined financially. He took their money with his smooth con artist ways and left them struggling and shaking their heads. He definately has no sense of ethics or respect for the individual. I love the way he ends his own story..."Every time I think about how I was treated after my accident, I get enough energy for another thousand files to work on. That experience fuels my passion today." Right, in other words, what other sucker will fall into my trap. Joe is registed with the law society of upper canada, so is Julie his side kick. They got their paralegal licenses because they fell under the grandfather clause. Don't be fooled by these two. It gets even better.
The Correspondence you receive from the company...
Once you request information or show interest about becoming a client. You will receive a letter, actually two letters. One is the introductory letter which will mention Phase 1 of the intervention process. In that letter is a paragraph that says "It is not necessary to contact our office unless any further or additional information is required by our team." Now this is where they scare you... in this letter they tell you "It's important that you do not initiate contact with the WSIB, to ensure effective representation in regards to your claim it is necessary that your claim manager (Joe or Julie) communicate on your behalf to the WSIB and if you are contacted by the WSIB you must refer them to our office for follow-up". Wow! So, you do what they say and then six months down the road you still haven't heard from this company. You try calling them but they don't answer the phone and if they do, they give you a cock and bull story that they are working on your file. Call the WSIB, talk to your claim manager and ask when was the last time your WSIB claim manager has heard from Injured Worker's Advisory Panel or Voc Serv. I can guarantee your claim manager will tell you that they have requested your file months ago but there has been no follow up, unless of course you have a HUGE settlement coming to you at which they want a stake of. You have just been jilted out of thousands of dollars. That's right thousands... now look at the agreement. $325.00 per hour. Every call you make to them, every contact they have with you, every call they make to the WSIB they bill you for. They say that in the even that they are not successful in obtaining any benefits for you, or they determine that it is not advisable to continue further action you will be adviced in writing and (underlined) will not be charged any fees for our services. EXCEPT, they don't tell you that they WILL BILL you for all those calls they made on your behalf and charge you $325.00/hr., and when you tell them you can't pay the thousands of dollars you now owe them, they put your name in the credit bureau.
DON'T BE FOOLED BY THIS COMPANY, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, CALL THE LAW SOCIETY OF CANADA OR VISIT THEIR WEBSITE AT AND TELL SOMEONE YOUR STORY. If you have fallen a victim of this company go to the Better Business Bureau and voice your complaint and then go to the Consumer Protection branch and get help to restore your name and get this company to pay you back, or take it to small claims court. Joe hates the courts.
Good Luck! If you decide to go with this company, don't say you haven't been warned.
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Offender: Injured Worker's Advisory Program

Country: Canada   Province: Canada
Address: 78 Cowansview Road, Cambridge, Ontario
Phone: 5196201463

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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