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York Regional Police
Murder By York Regional Police

These are post removed by the York Regional Police in order to protect their "friends" (Armin Behroozian, Ayoob Ghalami, Afarin Maleki-Raei). It was confirmed that those members of the family posted threats against Judges and persons therefore the post were removed (and subsequently bragged about the removal by Afarin Maleki-Raei) by two police officers, namely, Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 and Detective Mark Charlebois #815 of the York Regional Police. The originals can be found here: BY YORK REGION POLICES.htm BY YORK REGION POLICES2.htm


Please excuse my english and please excuse my fear and panic. I am addressing you people in hopes to save my life and avoid arrest and destruction of my life by the Maleki-Raei and Behroozian and Ghala'mi family. I have committ many crime because of my love of Firoozeh Maleki-Raei and have been manipulate by her sisters in many and terrible. I am deeply sorrowful for these sins and I have offended the glorified and exalted Allah becuase I have give in to the sin of these people. They have, recent, try to extort me of $53, 000 they are say that I have to give them on some car accident scam we pull. It is money I have not. If I do not give them these monies they have threatened to kill me and they have may friend in york region police to help them. I have met many these friends since I have know Firoozeh in May/2009th. If you do a search engine, google search for these terms you will view what I am saying:

Toronto Auto Station, Afarin Maleki, Fariba Maleki etc.

My life is now finish. My wife has been a scared away by these people and I have been threaten by york police mans that Firoozeh has date in York region. It is my hope that you may read this, and with the mercy of Allah I will be forgiven these trangression against the most compassionate and merciful Allah. I willoutline my sin and wrong and I beg of merci from the most compassionate and Most Merciful Allah . I have help these family do many terrible thing:

- I have help them do many fake car accident to gain money but we have all run many scam like these. The last one was Fariba Maleki who stage a false accident. This was not real She is healthy and can work but do these so she can be with her father to take care of. My loss was on March, 04, 2010th. I will decline tese payment

- In december 2009 Firoozeh tell me her ex husband was release from prison and she want to put him back in because she said he want to kill her. I love this woman dearly as we spend Dec.12.2009th. in each other hand. I love her so much that I even drive her to be with her ex husband at promanada mall in Clark St. I was so stupid to help her. When she want to put him back in prison she gave me a key to her home on Jan.23.2010th. I current have this key and a picture can be find here:

She tell me she have friend in york region to help her prison her husband. I only remove a lock and chip the wall slightly due to her instruction not to break the door down. She always say that the police will not care and arrest him. That night after I pick her up at her sister house we go and stay in each other hands. I ask her why she did not call the cops on both Saturdays and Sundays and she said she need to wait for her friend to work. The cop come on Tuesday Jan.26 as I see with my own eye. This is when she phones 911 and make complaint but I know she was home on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. These is why I am really a scared. I know that she really have friend in police and I will explain more on next pages.

- In May 2010th. she ask me to loan her $10, 500 for contracts to burn her ex families and kill her ex. I decline these as I am in dire need myself. I believe, in Late May 2010th. Firoozeh get a loan to pay for chemicals and pay for peoples to put on her ex family. She also pay monies to kill her ex husband. I arrange this and these fail attempt take place in July 2010th. The kids who went to kill him get scare and fail. I realized he was not kill but he was hit very dearly and one of the kids also was hurt badly. These happen two week of July 2010th. Even her brotherinlaw Ayoob Ghala'mi take some chemical from his lab to burn a the face of a sister of her ex so he give Firoozeh monies. The instruction was to do in front of these address (hand write by Firoozeh):

It was also instruct to do in front of her childrens. I realize Firoozeh and her sister Afarin Maleki give some Afganhi man $2000 to do this. I believes, the man took the monies but will not accomplish these for them, thank Allah for his merci on these childs.

- these contract to burn the face ofthese people with chemical (her ex name is Antonio and he was in prison for 10 year to murder someone ) was hand write by Afarin Maleki. I also made and send letters to various people to scare them away in order for the family to get monies from them. Afarin and Reza Behroozian arrange these aspects and touch letters and lick envelope with no worry or glove. When we tell these people that you can get catched in these manners they have stated to us that the police man were involve and help. This is one more aspect that makes me very very a scared of these people.

- Sometime in Jan.2010th. Firoozeh had one white police mans from york region stay over her home for approximetly 1 hours to catch her ex scare her. I see them set up a phone in the den and phone her husbands many, many time to try to arrest him. They try to set him up in front of my own eyes. The phones was bringed from Firoozehs beroom and the police mans and her set up the phone on her den dinner table. Firoozeh was instruct by police man to phone and try to make angry her ex in order to trap him.I realize, inthe last few week, this is what they are do to me. EXACT the same. I ask for help in stop this, please. I am a scared that they will arrest me because Firoozeh is very close to many friend in york region

- current, both Firoozeh and fariba maleki have claim that they are a screw with some policemans from york region. So they threaten my wife and me with arrest and murder

- I will caution that they have to have contract to one murder in york region to a lawyer name Judith Holzman. They have been ask around to find someone to kill her on Keele Street office. They will plan to do it soon because Firoozeh has been crazies for last month these is why I am scare and need help from these family and York Region Police.Please help me and spread the word so if I dies or got to prison you will help me.

You can find more inthese pages.I have post some email I have from a phone that go to Farzaneh Maleki. Here are many scamthey do: sort=datea&page=2
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Offender: York Regional Police

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Newmarket

Category: Politics & Government


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