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Inspector Graeme Turl
Inspector Graeme Turl sleeps with domestic violence "victims" in lieu of court favors

We get a lot of emails from people who don't like being scammed or don't like their tax money going to help these terrorist scum. In fact, for April 2011, we had over 11, 000 unique hits on this blog and over 500 emails either complaining about the family, the police or both. That is for April 2011 alone. That makes the Maleki-Raei/ Behroozian family very proficient con artist and criminals (and the fact that Maryam Torabipour is proudly sending us email death threats fresh off helping to murder another person confirms they are confident in their "friendship" with the police) or the York Regional Police are very busy in their criminal activity with the Maleki family and elsewhere (certainty busy with sexual assault re: Constable Noor Khan whom we may add had numerous previous complaints about his "behavior" with female staff and prisoners even before being charged).

Judging from the daily deluge of pedophiles, murderers, rapist, pimps, drug dealers etc. that have graduated from the York Regional Police academy we would wager it's a combination of both. It seems this type of criminality from the York Regional Police is common. In fact a reporter from The Star recently contacted us stating that an 'off record' interview with Det. Mark "The G20 Goof" Charlebois would have your head spin. The arrogance and total contempt of Canadian Law shown by Det. Mark "The G20 Goof" Charlebois was chilling. That's one officer named by the family. Who knows how many more are involved in this nonsense?

Speaking of police officers publicly named by the Maleki-Raei family as "friends of Hezbollah /Terror", it seems that Inspector Graeme Turl of District 2 was one of them. As far back as Nov.2010, rabid Anti-Semite Afarin Maleki- Raei was proudly posting that Inspector Graeme Turl was "working for them" to capture the nasty people who post "hurtful" remarks that impede or slow down their scams and slow down or impede their fundraising attempts for their Hezbollah "charities". Without "Great! " Canadians such as Afarin Maleki-Raei fundraising for them the poor terrorist will have to do with strap on bombs and children suicide bombers instead of full functioning missiles that they can launch deep into Israeli Territory. In York Region stopping "Mayor David Barrow" voting terrorist is a crime. You don't dare stand in the way of the Richmond Hill terrorist and their votes for Mayor Dave Barrow or else...

Inspector Graeme Turl and Afarin Maleki-Raei: The terrorist's own personal Hezbollah Army right here in York Region as bragged in the Toronto Sun Comments section, November 2010

Detectives from York Regional Police: You stand in the way of terrorism you go to jail... or so Afarin Maleki-Raei brags. A now removed boosting post by York Region's own Hezbollah Honey, Afarin Maleki-Raei

Speaking of the "honorable" and sometimes "glorious" Inspector Graeme Turl we received this email from a now retired private investigator. We receive tons of inside "information" like this and will post it once cleared. Read through the email and the attached "report" and you make your own decision. Rogue, corrupt and dishonorable police (the bad apple theory) or a systemic problem? You decide.

Email received:

"... this was way back in the day. He was known as Det/sgt Graeme Turl. An ex- husband was getting harassed by the copper and some other bruisers at YRP. I investigated at least 100's of these incidents in YRP. These guys are worse that most street criminals and the shit they pull is legendary and covered up 99/100 times. You wouldnt believe how many of these coppers are diddlers, sick in the head or fooling around with so called "victims". A blow job with these dead beat coppers will get some female a shit load of help. They will arrest, fabricate and destroy evidence like you wouldn't believe. Trust me when I tell you this fact- YRP is as dirty as dirty comes. I have never investigated a dirtier police force- only Peel comes close and they don't get near to the bullshit YRP pulls. Anyways this report was on Det/Sgt Turl. He always looked older than he was and looked like shit back in 95. Post this if you want don't block anything out. I want him to remember who I was...".

Attached report:

Private Investigation Report on Inspector Graeme Turl, York Regional Police, District 2



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