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York Regional Police and the Maleki-Raei / Behroozian / Ghalami/ Amini family: UNITED IN TERROR
York Regional Police and the Maleki-Raei / Behroozian / Ghalami/ Amini family: UNITED IN TERROR

A (CORRUPT) friend in need is a (CORRUPT) friend in deed…… York Regional Police Corruption

Under the corrupt rule of ex Chief Armand La Barge, the rats and pond scum that calls itself the York Regional Police flourished into the criminal organization we see today. Ex Chief Armand La Barge prances around retired pretending he and his wife are these “upright” and “moral” citizens doling out rewards for the Character Community Foundation. Having ex Chief Armand La Barge give out awards for “character” is akin to having Jack the Ripper give out the Noble Peace Prize. However, it gets better. This is the same Armand La Barge that stood around while his friends operated a drug and prostitute den for years on end (Sergeant Robert Penman). He allowed his officers a little “leg” on the side while using court time, money and resources to keep their rivals inside jail (Sergeant Terry Jordan) and then laying down a “punishment” which is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. He stood by whistling Dixie while one the biggest Goofs in police history totally embarrassed his force (if that’s even possible) in one of the most asinine and ridiculous diatribes ever caught on video (Detective Mark Charlebois). And this is the ex Chief who gives out character awards? Only in York Region.

Speaking of Chiefs, let’s talk about “Dirty” Eric Jolliffe for a bit. This is the then Deputy Chief who stood by while ex Chief Armand La Barge did all his dirty deeds. Jolliffe was LaBarge’s right hand scum…errr, man. However, the current Capo (Chief Eric Jolliffe) of the York Regional Criminal organization is expanding and one upping LaBarge’s criminal reign of terror. Expanding into terrorist activity this is the same Chief who is standing by while reputed child pornography importer (according to his ex wife) Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 is running rampant using the “Terry Jordan” play book to get some “dates”..of course at tax payer’s money. This is the same Chief who is standing by while he allows documented idiot and reputed ex Northern Alliance member (among other sordid accusations) Detective Mark Charlebois to allow his name to be thrown around by scamming family/ terrorist supporters in the Maleki-Raei and Behroozian family. Not only do they idly stand by while Reza “Ray” Behroozian opens business after scamming business, they also help him by assisting in the “elimination” of his enemies like the criminal organization they are. And if that isn’t bad enough they also assist in his various scams by encourage the con artist and terrorist supporter to move his operation from Toronto to Vaughan, Ontario. Toronto Auto Station became Newlane Remarketing Group Inc. and moved 2 Km away from Detective Maurizio Gentili’s home base or criminal club house known as District 4 station. Hail the Chief. Fine job he is doing.

However, no matter how bad the above is. No matter how dangerous and careless and down right criminal it is to support the Hezbollah Honey’s known as the Maleki-Raei scammers and their “boss” Reza “Ray Ray” Behroozian- they have absolutely NOTHING on Sandy Hutchens – aka Moishe Alexander, aka Moishe Hutchens, aka Craig Hutchens. Not only are the York Regional Police intimately involved with the criminal, they are friends of the criminal and PROFIT with and from him.

For some eye popping and head shaking details read these various reports and read the comments of the multitudes of people who know the score of the Corrupted and Criminal York Regional Police. They are a disgrace and an embarrassment to real police worldwide. I would think twice (actually 1, 000, 000x) next time you let any child near these criminals as this careless mother did here. All three of those criminal “police” men in that picture covered up child pornography importation, sick and twisted affairs resulting in years of anguish for the victims and sexual assaults perpetrated by the York Regional Police. Many, many sexual assaults. As the song goes, Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys corrupt and criminal York Regional Police. And please mommas, don’t let your children near these “police”. The amount of garbage and filth wearing badges in York Region is very high. The same guys who wear badges and guns import child porn, run bawdy houses and sexually molest young ladies in the back of their cruisers….. all of these crimes are covered up or “minimized” by those three “men” you see in that picture. Are those the “men” you want your children to look up to?



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