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Terrible customer service with CIBC in regarding to the fraud issue

So this happened by the end of April, 2012, which is a week ago, I found out my bank account has been hacked, somebody somehow got my visa debit card information and made 4 online purchased through a Chinese website. I was really freaked out when i see that, it was part of the rent, and I never buy anything in through any chinese websites online in my entire life, and really nervous at the meantime, because I still had some money left in that bank account, but all the banks are closed (the banks closed at 4 pm on Mondays.)so the only way for me to get in touch with the bank was to call the customer service, it was a busy day, so i actually was on hold for 1.5 hour until I got to speak to someone.(I was really surprised they don't have an emergency number for debit card holder to call to report in for this kind of issue.)

The first conversation wasn't pleasant at all, the representative told me that I have to contact with the Chinese shopping website by myself and ask them to stop the purchase and reverse the money back to my bank account, and then he got me the website's info by googling it.

Luckily I speak mandarin although not very well.

So i called in but the representative for the chinese website told me that I should be contacting with the bank not them because they don't have any information for me.

So I call back to the bank and complain for this situation and ask for help, so this time they actually refer me to a supervisor. The supervisor told me he will start an investigation and send this case into the fraud department, they will investigate it for me right away and I will hear from them in 5 days.

During the waiting period, I saw 2 purchases out of 4 reversed back to my bank account, it made me believe that they are looking into this for me now. But the crazy thing happened this morning which I logged into my bank account and check the balance again, i find out Cibc has recharged me the purchases they had reversed back to me again, so I called the customer service and request to speak to the supervisor again, and this supervisor talked with me with no helping info, and even questioned me if i spent them by myself and give me nothing but just asking me to call back to china and ask them to cancel my purchases, it just doesn't make sense with what she had told me, why and how do i have to deal with it with no any transaction information, and what if I don't speak mandarin??

and when she doubted on me, i told her those transactions shows on my bank account as International visa debit retail purchases, I am in Canada, how could I make international ones, then she said: No, as long as I use my visa debit online to purchase something, it will always show up as International visa debit retail purchase. And of course this is BS!!! I had other online purchases with my visa debit i just made couple weeks ago, it never shows anything with international words... I don't understand why she had to made up the store just because she doesn't want to help me out and just wanna sit in her office and do no work and still getting her pay on time?

so basically she told me she, the cibc can do nothing for me, and the only thing i can do is to call to china and speak to them and ask them to cancel the purchases, and once again, i made this international phone calls and talked to the customer service and of course without any information, the lady can't do any help at all and just to told me what i should do is to contact the bank and let them to deal with them, not me dealing with them and do all the investigation by myself.

So hopeless me called back to the customer service and request to speak to another supervisor as the last one wasn't trying to help me at all.

So thankfully, this last supervisor i spoke to was nicer, and told me they didn't send this case to the fraud department yet... so why the first supervisor i spoke to a week ago promised me, i will hear the report back from the department in 5 days???

and this last supervisor promised me she will send it in as an urgent, and someone from the fraud department will contact with me in 24 hours, we will see about that if i actually get a phone call in 24 hours as she promised.

At the mean time I questioned her that if my account is insured because for this kind of issue that happens to any of my friend (well, they are in state, not here in canada) they got their money back right away, and bank go ahead deal with the rest of the issues, but all i get from the ban k is that they ask me to try to go deal with it by myself. and I also feel they are taking advantage on me just because i can speak some mandarin, so they can go ahead and ask me to talk them . when i complain to one of the supervisor that i have a little bit hard time communication with them or understanding each other, she was so naive and asked me don't them have anyone who speaks English? Well, the hell i would know everything about that website...

anyways... it is just awful experience, and I am so worry now that I wont get the money back since all they seem to do is to drag it and making me feeling tired and disappointed in the all situation and then give up by myself...

the worst bank experience I have ever had!!!

Of course they won't bother worrying if they lose me this customer because I am not a millionaire, don't have million dollars saved in that bank, but if I do I would start to worry if one day they got robbed or somebody actually hacked in my account and took all the money...

I don't know what the right processors are, but this is definite not a beautiful one consider how much hassel and worries the person who got fraud and all they do is to be not helpful!


Company: CIBC

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia

Category: Business & Finance


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