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York Regional Police
Detective Chris Reid #415

Pimps. Drug Dealers. Terrorist Supporters. Destroyers and fabricators of evidence for some cheap sex. Guns for hire. Pimps for hire. Rapist. Murderers. Etc. No that's not the criminals in York Region. That describes the York Regional Police.

In a twist that goes from the ridiculous to the sublime we received a death threat from a (allegedly) Detective Chris Reid #415 of the York Regional Police. He claims he is a homicide detective with the York Regional Police. He claims he is a "moral" man and he claims he "will bury me". It also looks like Hooked on Phonics has failed both Detective Chris Reid and Detective "this ain't Canada" AKA "the G20 Goof" Mark Charlebois. The next expenditure for the York Regional Police should be in English Language lessons.

Here is the email "allegedly" from Detective Chris Reid #415 of the Homicide Squad, York Regional Police. The IP address from the email is and is associated with Newmarket, Ontario on Rogers Internet Service.

"I have been with the York Regional Police for 26 yrs. I am a moral man. I have never seen disrespect like this in my life. I work at the Homicide squad and am aware of this Maryam Torabipour case. Access. to muder 1 is NOT the same as Murder 1. She is a nice girl in an bad situation. we know who u r. And we know how to hurt u. Dont think we are scared to bury people out here. We have handled punks like u and if you didnt understand to respect us the last time next time u go in will be a longated trip to the hospital. Think about this u piece of shit. u dont know who or what you are playing with & i strongly suggest you watch yourself. i know a good spot up north for you.leave the family alone, take this shit down or u will be seeing me soon. Chris"

Well there you have it. The thugs (alleged thugs because it may be an imposter email but our sources tell us it's legitimate believe it or not) are circling the wagons around their Chief and their Hezbollah Honeys. Apparently, in York Region, 1st. degree murder is not ok. But assisting your boyfriend in murdering a man in a packed parking lot and assisting with his attempted escape from Canada is A -OK!!! with the "honorable" York Region Police. It's OK only if you are a "close personal friends" with such glorious and universally respected alleged pedophiles and Goofs. I guess in between running bawdy houses and sexually assaulting accused persons in the back of squad cars these cops like to play internet macho man in their spare time. What a ridiculous "police force". I expect we will be contacted by Gomer Pyle next.

Here's the IP address that viewed this blog at the same time the email was sent out to us. The IP address on he death threat email is the same as this person's IP address. If this is truly a Homicide officer writing this crap then Chief Eric Jolliffe's police force is in a state of disarray. He should be ashamed of himself.



Company: York Regional Police

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Newmarket

Category: Politics & Government


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