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Forooz Malek- Foroozandeh Maleki- Firoozeh Maleki
Forooz Maleki- Steal money and lie to police

I tell Forooz Maleki not to play with me and my wife. remove this within 24 hour or I will post all you dirty disgust picture on the internet all over you pig.

1) I meet Forooz Maleki at Smith’s Medical in Summer 2009. I was there to make a contract bid on some work they have to do. In half hour that I was there Forooz Maleki ask me to lunch and we talk many time after this.

2) We start to date casual. At this time she never tell me she was married or have children. Later I find out she is marry 3x and maybe more from what her brother in Law Ayoob say. She also tell me at this time she was 34 year old. This is another lie as she is 44, maybe more.

3) Our relationship turn sexual in Sept.2009 when she use to come down to my apartment in Toronto for what she say was “sex and the city” session. She even ask me to buy her that perfumes for her.

4) In Dec.2009 she phone me in a panic on day. She say her husband was coming out from prison. She say her husband was put in there for 10 year for trying to murder her with a knife. Forooz Maleki has bad scar on her chest (you can see in breast photo) and in around her breast. She lie to me and say these were made from her husband with a knife. I later learn this was not the case at all. Forooz Maleki also say her husband name, at the time, was “Antonio” and he was a gangster with many dangerous “nig***” friends (like she say) who will kill her. She say I have to help her put him in jail and I believe this and was scare with her. At this time I have learned that Forooz Maleki had children. I was surprise because before this time Forooz Maleki spend a lot of time at my apartment, sometime from Thursday-Monday and I never see her once call any children. Only she receive call from her sisters and I was surprise when she say she had children.

5) In Christmas time her Uncle come to Toronto. Something bad happen between her Uncle and her husband. They tell me her husband try to kill her Uncle. I have met her Uncle many time. His name is Bahman Amini and he is 43 year old and a very big man. I find this story hard to understand but they say there were so scare and Bahman ask me to help Forooz put her husband back in jail. The next day Forooz phone me from up North all very happy. I say to her how can this be if you are scare? She said she took medicine to help calm her.

6) On Jan.10 Forooz and I smoke some opium and take some Persian medicine. She was angry and wanted to put her husband in jail that night. She call 911 like a crazy woman and the police come over. She lie that her husband call the house so many time and say he wont return child. I tell Forooz that we smoked and the police will smell it but she say to me to wait upstairs in her town house on 137 Cabernet while the police arrive. I wait upstairs in the master bedroom because she was embarrass for the police to see me there. While I was upstair I can here her and the police plan to trap and capture her husband. Forooz come upstairs and take a speaker phone and bring it down. They place the phone on the dining table and the police make Forooz phone her husband three or four time and tell her to try to make him say something bad so they can arrest him. The husband did not know the police were there but when Forooz call he was very clam and she was being angry. The police see this. Forooz demanded they go over the husband house to pick up the child. About 1.5 hour after Forooz come home alone with no child. She was furious and crying saying she wanted to kill her husband and mother in law. I tell her to cal down and gave her some more opium to smoke. We spent all weekend at the house.

7) On Jan.23.2010 Forooz ask me to remove an inside lock in her house very gently, with drill to make it look like her husband do it. I tell her no one will believe that and it would be better to break the door down instead of taking off a lock. She told me not to worry as her friends police in York region will help her. On Tuesday Jan. 26 she dial 911 with her sister Fariba Maleki and get her husband arrested. I say to her how can she do this so easy? How can she claim that someone break into her house on Sat. but wait until Tuesday to dial 911? She say she had to wait for her friend Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili, #1133 of York Regional Police, to call from there. So she had to do it on Tuesday. Even Fariba’s Youngest daughter, Ariana Torabipour make a fake statement to police. I tell her she should be shamed by this as this was not good for kids.

8) Both Forooz and Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili, #1133 were surprise that her husband get bail so fast. In Jan.29.2010 Forooz Maleki send a letter to her husband that the York Regional Police help her make and tell her to send to provoke him. She send from 3930 14TH AVE and send it register mail and pay with Visa or Bank cards. I was there and we met a Smith Medical that day at lunch time and go straight to the postal mail.

9) Many, many time the family get together and try to put this man in jail. They talk to Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133, many, many time. Me and Forooz and Afarin Maleki (her sister) meet many time in front of Genivar on Markham to discuss this. After so much time the police never arrest her husband they start to plan to kill him

10) Forooz Maleki and her family sell drug and do so many criminal activity. Her sister Fariba Maleki is the worse and her house is an open drug place to buy and sell drug and gun. The family many, many time smoke opium with me and in front of the kids. They have many drug and orgy party as you can see in the picture

11) In May 2010 Forooz ask me to loan her $10, 500 from me to pay some Afghani guy to burn the face of the nephew of her husband. You can see I post that a long time here:

I decline this.

12) On July 2010, Forooz pay some people to go kill her husband. This attack fail once again and the afghai guy they send was badly injure and he demand more money back

13) On Feb.21.2011 Mayam Torabipour which is Fariba Maleki’s oldest daughter and very close niece to Forooz maleki was arrest for accessory to first degree murder with her boyfriend Mohand Mohamed: Mohand Mohamed and maryam Torabipour

were boyfriend and girlfriend for many years. I meet Mohand many time and he is always at the home of Fariba Maleki on 18 edgar street. Forooz is there so much time and is very close to maryam. Maryam hate Forooz’s husband and her own father and many time they talk about killing them. All the time that is all they talk abot, kill this person and that person. There have many gun and are around very scary Afghani gangsters like Mohand. He is the afghani that they wanted to kill her husband.

14) In Sept. 2010 Forooz and Detective Maurizio Gentili had a big fight for many days because of a drop of criminal charge against her husband. She refuse to speak to Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili for many many day. He phone her like a little puppy dog for so many time begging to talk to her. She called him her little puppy dog and only speak to him when she make him promise that he would hold the phone record which she lie

15) Forooz was very scare of the OCL and she knew the investigation would be bad for her because she is a sneak and cheat. The OCL person was name Gail Millar and she want to see the phone records that Forooz say her husband call her 100x per day. She made Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili promise and she beg him to hold the record until Sept. 21.2010 because Gail want to see them and she was very scare that the report would be written bad for her, the report was complete Sept.20.2010.

Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili didn’t give the phone record until Sept.21.2010 so Gail never see them. Forooz on the phone promise she would take Gentili to lunch for this and they laugh about this

16) Every single phone call that Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili made to Forooz and other way is tape by Forooz. The tape are at my lawyer and I can send them if anyone will want these. Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili hate the husband lawyer Micheal Derubeis and Judith Holzman. Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili say so many time how much he hate those jew and wish that Forooz would kill them. This I hear with my own ears

17) In Oct.2010 at 18 Edgar Ave. Forooz, Afarin, Maryam Torabipur, Ariana Torabipour, Fariba Maleki make many letters to send her own father Hamid Torabipour to jail and scare some people. These letter have powder in them and were send to OCL. They touch everything with no glove and even lick the envelopes themselves. Maryam have problem with disease on her lip and she have blister some time. She even leave a lot of blood on the envelopes. I tell them they were crazy but even they are more crazy. In some of the envelope they put their pubic hair from vagine to make sure Gail Millar know it was them who do. I tell them this is crazy but they are very well good friends with Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili. He know they send these letter.,

18) I have report to the police include Eric Jollifee that these people have gun, especially Maryam Torabipour and her drug dealer boyfriend Mohand, have many gun and always talk about murder people. You can see here that I put it in Sept.2010 but Forooz never scare because she say she start a sexual relationship with Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili in July 2010 and they talk almost every day and go out many time. No one listen

You can read more on the internet include my report that Afarin Maleki send many bad anti Jew letters to people which had Nazi picture, dead jew and more.

You can look at this page and it is good, I will give him more information so it will be there:

And do search for Reza behroozian, he is the crook brother in law of Forooz Maleki and husband of Afarin Maleki.


Also that picture is of 12 year old Ariana Torabipur and the little girl of Afarin Maleki and Reza Behroozian- Tara Behroozian, who have sex with reza behroozian so he tell people. The mother Fariba Maleki make her daughter Ariana take sexy picture and Afarin Maleki make Tara Behroozian take picture to send to sick men and send to fariba’s boyfriend because these people are all sick>>>>>

Here is this ugly pig. She is upset because I break her ass and know she is angry.
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Offender: Forooz Malek- Foroozandeh Maleki- Firoozeh Maleki

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Markham

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