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Maryam Torabipour
Accessory to Murder s.240 bragging about her "police" connections

This is a copy of the email I sent to numerous organizations and news media throughout Ontario. Attached to the email is a nasty email (one of many) the family and friends of the victim have had to endure for months. We want a stop to it. Please email any one of those media links in order to publicize the atrocities that are being committed by Maryam Torabipour, her family, and the York Regional Police.


To all attached,

I am a dear friend of Arash Elijah Bakhtaryani. I knew him for over 15

years and he was a loving and dear man. He was a father of a lovely

child whom he loved dearly. In January 2011 he was gunned down, shot six

times in the chest, while he was leaving a party.

Two people were charged for his murder after a Canadian Wide warrant and

search was conducted:

Mohand Mohamed

Maryam Torabipour

During the "search" for the killer, Det.Sgt Larry Wilson and Det. Corsi

of the York Regional Police were extremely vocal and present when the

cameras were around. However, once the arrest occurred these two

officers disappeared completely. After the arrest not one member of the

Homicide Squad had the courtesy of calling any member of the Bakhtaryani

family to update them on the case.Not one member of the Newmarket Crown

Attorney's Office contacted any member of the Bakhtaryani family to

update them on the case. No one from Chief Eric Jolliffe's office

returned calls. Both Det.Sgt. Wilson and Det. Corsi ignored the family

completely. We had to find out online that Maryam Torabipour was

released on bail despite the fact that she is involved with numerous

"associates" of Mohand Mohamed. Both the Crown's Office and the Homicide

squad never had the courtesy, at any time, to contact any member of the

Bakhtaryani family to update them or caution them of the proceedings nor

were we cautioned that a co-accused to first degree murder was released.

On the flip side, both I and the family have had to withstand a barrage

of taunting and harassment from Maryam Torabipour and her family for 7

months. These threats, harassment and ridiculous claims online state

that "Arash was a drug dealer" or that "he deserved what he got". In

fact we have received numerous Facebook messages threatening to remove

any reference to Maryam Torabipour and Mohand Mohamed. When we forward

them to the York Regional Police and the Toronto Police we receive only

silence in return.

Yet, when the family emails us they brag and seem to gloat about their

"connection" with the York Regional Police, the Toronto Police and the

Crown's Office. In fact we have received these slanderous and filthy

emails that have been sent in the last week as a BCC attachment.

One of the most disturbing aspects of all of this is that Maryam

Toraipour, the co-accused in the murder, has sent out numerous emails to

various female friends of Mr.Bakhtaryani claiming that she can get

"anyone arrested at any time" and that York and Toronto police officers

are their "sponsors". In one ridiculous and outrageous email Maryam

Torabipur claims that both her surety's- Fariba Maleki and Fatemah

Maleki- were out of the country and Mary was left unattended and that

the police and Crown knew about this but "don't care" because she is


The questions I have, on behalf of Mr.Bakhtaryani's family and friends


1) If it is true that for a period of time Maryam Torabipour was left

unattended in Ontario because both of her surety's were in "Bahamas

enjoying their summer" why isn't there an investigation into this?

2) Why does a person charged with Accessory to Murder and with

affiliations to various unsavory charters brag that she has "sponsors"

in the York Regional Police. The "sponsors" they name are Detective

Gentili and Detective Charlebois. An internet search will quickly show

that these two officers are clearly involved in unscrupulous and

embarrassing events in the past. What is their connection to Maryam


3) A surety is a person whom overseas the person out on bail and to

prevent any future crime. If what Maryam Torabipur states in her various

emails and the receipts sent by a "[email protected]" are true

then who was watching Maryam Torabipour and what is being done to

investigate this breach? Who is watching the Bakhtaryani family in order

to ensure their safety?

4) There seems to be an onerous amount of work into charges that Maryam

Toraipour brags about laying against various people whom she claims are

"harassing her". Why is this? How much work has been done to protect and

ensure the safety of the Bakhtaryani family?

5) What exactly is going on in York Region and Toronto with the police

when a constant stream of online threats and emails goes unabated for 7

months and the family is at its' worse bravado yet. What is next?

Another shooting? Another member of the Bakhtaryani family is targeted?

Or will one of his friends be targeted for murder?

I am writing this email to all to outline the frustration we have felt

in this investigation. Once the media went away we did not hear from

neither the Newmarket Crown Attorney nor the Homicide Squad of York

Region police. Neither Det.Sgt. Larry Wilson nor Det. Corsi had the

courtesy to pick up the phone and tell the Bakhtaryanis that one of the

individuals charged was released on bail. No phone calls were returned.

No one from the Chief's office returned calls. What we received was

silence from everyone except the person and family charged. From them we

received a constant barrage of insults, slander and vicious lies.

Arash Bakhtaryani was NOT a drug dealer nor was he a criminal. He was

good man, a good father and a good friend. He was MURDERED by two

criminals. The Bakhtaryani family has been treated as the criminals but

we are the victims. We were first victimized by the murderers. Then we

were victimized by the York Regional Police. We are sick of these

emails. We are sick of Maryam Torabipour. And we are SICK of the clear

connection that various members of the York Regional Police.

Arash had many friends whom loved him and will never forget. You can see

them here:

Any media who wants the full story please email me. We will grant

written and audio testament to the lack of care and compassion the York

Regional Police has demonstrated towards us. We were treated like the

criminals while the criminals are treated like the "victims".

One such email is attached below (Maryam Torabipour is a current

employee of Royal Bank Canada as well as her mother Fariba Maleki-Raei):


hey ho

Monday, August 8, 2011 9:55 PM


"Maryam Torabipour"

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[email protected]

listen...your "boy" died cuz he was a dirty drug dealer. if u think

posting that stuff all over the internet bothers me u r wrong u ho. the

only thing it will do is put u in prison. i know you are talking to that

dumb wop drug dealer online..u have nothing better to do? how about

getting a job to raise money for that little bastard u run around

beggining money for? if u think your online stuff will do anything

...please ho...wont do family is tight and protected to the

tites...two cops will make sure u get fawked up bad-

det.gentii, det.charlebois. they are looking to arrest u now trust

dat...if you align urself with this wop drug dealer u'll go to jail

like he will...dont worry where my mom was..she was enjoying

bahamas...i am enjoying my summer too...nether of my "assurities" (u got

it wrong ho) were in canada..u think the cops give a fawk...nigga

please...just shut you mouth, open ur legs at allure again and suck some

dirty old man balls instead of begging for money for that bastard son u one will do jack and u feed stuff to this italian drug

dealer..u'll be seeing those 2 names soon...summer fine for's

it for u? hows it for arash?.ohhhh...thats right, ur pimp is under the

sheets.lmfao...shut up or u cee...and u better back off on this or

ull hurt more than ur pimp

Sent from Maryam's iphone



[email protected]
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Offender: Maryam Torabipour

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Richmond Hill

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