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Mayor David Barrow
Richmond Hill David Barrow associated with known Terrorist supporters and con artist

The Hafez-Amini family, on behalf of their terrorist and con artist family, usually inundate us with multiple threat emails per day demanding that we remove the blog or risk "arrest" or worse at the hands of the York Regional Police. This has happened to many other bloggers. Throwing threats around for these people is as Kosher as drinking a glass of water. In fact, in Spring 2008, Reza "Ray" Behroozian threatened a plaintiff in Small Claims Court (47 Sheppard, Toronto Ontario on December 15, 2008) in front of a Justice of a Peace. It was forwarded to the Toronto Police whom contacted York Regional Police where nothing happened as they said they "can't act until he acts" (on a death threat!). This is well documented with the Attorney General office and it stems from this complaint issued by a lady whom now lives in New York State. She endured months and months of criminal harassment from Reza "Ray" Behroozian and his family of con artist and criminals until she had to give up her claim against Reza "Ray" Behroozian although she was winning in court. Their original complaint can be found here and was acted upon in Small Claims Court until the plaintiff had to give up her case due to the fact that both the Toronto Police and Detective Constable Ian Mason of York Regional Police failed to act. Fearing for her life and the life of her family she had to abandon a case which amounted to fraud, criminal harassment, uttering death threats etc. This case was examined and investigated by Rip Off report as Reza "Ray" Behroozian threatened to sue. They found it credible and it remained as numerous other complaints against Toronto Auto Station remain. These fully investigated complaints can be found here: Investigated Toronto Auto Station Complaints

Rip Off report verified the claim as real and refused to remove the report. Rip Off report tells us that they too had to endure a campaign of terror and harassment from Reza "Ray" Behroozian and his employees at Toronto Auto Station.

On April 17, 2011 this blog, as well as numerous other agencies including York Regional Police officers, received a very menacing email threat. The threat was sent to numerous entities and it included very graphic and detailed threats to Judges, people and even government agencies. It seems that the family are not happy with the legal system in Ontario, they are not happy with the real and investigated online complaints put against their obviously fraudulent used car dealerships. However, they are extremely happy and comfortable with the York Regional Police. What is interesting about this email is that Ben Hafez-Amini of Dallas Roadster included a police incident number that originates to the Richardson Police Department. I have sent inquiries to the Richardson Police Department and they have verified that it is a legitimate incident number and only the Richardson Police, Texas and Ben Hafez-Amini and his wife Doris Hafez-Amini knew this incident number until they posted it publicly online (now removed by the Police but the original posted by "Dallas Roadster Attorney" and "Ben Hafez-Amini" on Compliants Board can be seen here:).

Ben Hafez-Amini posting secrets publicly

It is clear that this email could have only be sent by a handful of people who were aware of the incident number cited in the email: 10-092510 . The original email will follow with screenshots of the IP address they come from (anything from Dallas Roadster comes from Dallas, Texas IP or a New York City IP).

The Ontario public emails are as follows:

[email protected] = Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili York Regional Police

[email protected]= Mayor David Barrow of Richmond Hill, Ontario

[email protected] = Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua of Vaughan, Ontario

[email protected] = MPP Reza Moridi

[email protected]= York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe

[email protected]= Unknown Police Officer

[email protected]= Unkown Police Officer

[email protected] = Detective Mark Charlebois of York Regional Police

Here is the email, names have been removed due to safety reasons:

A thank and a warning


Ben Hafez Amini Hide

Add to: To Do, Calendar


XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX mikeklien99 attorneygeneral


Jim. Spivey Daniel. Martin Rick. Helfers 1133 815 officemayor maurizio.bevilacqua 271 XXXXXXXXXXXX 1296 474


Sun, Apr 17, 2011 2:34 am

You think you go on these a website and post what you like and whatever you need and will stand by and allow these nonsense? I tell you we come after you as a family and we do. You will not stay out of jail for long times. The honorable Detective Mark Charlesbois of District 2 promise us this. He alreay show you we mean business. every one who do know this it is XXXXXXXXX who write all these garbage I tell you many a time that I will sell my skin to get you and your dirty Jahoodi lawyer in Maple Ontario. Now I ave Richardson Police, RCMP, FBI and Toronto Police- all glorious in the battle to kill you and finally put you in jail for ever. If no I will personal come to Toronto and kill you, lawyer XXXXXXX, Lawyer Jahoodi filthy ashkenazi Jew XXXXXXXXX. I promise these aspect and you know watch. I will get you family. I will get everyone attach to you and help you include the dirty and criminal Judge in Newmarket. As I swear to Allah, the more benefical, I will make these filthy Roman Catholic judge pay and there family pay a dear price and I will promise this GARBAGE will stop now or you will face many many dire consequence like I say many time. I like to thank Mayor David Barrow of Richmond Hill for a push to put away these animal. I will like to thank Inspector Inspector Graeme Turl of District 2 York Region POlice and Inspector Angelo Dilorenzo at District 4 for make this animal and his family pay dear price for these bullshit. I will like to thank Chief eric Jolife to give these police man the extend power to make sure this animal understand what is happen to him. I thankyou for taking care of our a family in Toronto. I will like to give my heart and soul to this man- Sergeant Mark Charlesbois of York Regional Polices stations for saving my belove family in Toronto from these family but more work must be done. As far as these people, I proise may the most beneficial and merciful Allah send his bird to take my eye if I fail my promise to these family and blood that this person a shame: Judges XXXXXXXX of Newmarkets court- I promise for shame XXXXXXX

and allow these criminal XXXXXXX to walk away on this day I promise you and your family misery and dearth more a worse than this criminal face. if you like to lie with dirty dog you get flea. A dog with flea DIE!!! You can refer to file # 10-00854/10 01861 Judge XXXXX of Newmarkets court- many many police officer tell us that you are friend and fellow corrupt persons like XXXXXXX. For shaming the hoorable Maurizio Gentili you will suffer great you family will suffer great and as a son of the only God Allah- I promise if any things do not go Firoozeh way in the future you will suffer at not only my hands but the a hands of the honorable Sergeant Mark Charlesbois who already tell us he hate you judge more then the dirty criminal you release and help. This is especial for judge and cathoic fellow dirty criminal of XXXX- judge XXXXXXX of Newmarket court- for the a shame you put on XXXXXXX and for the a shame you make to our hole families by make this honorable and pure lady take your decion- You will die worse than the other drug dealer Arash we already kill. You and your family will have a nice "iphone" for Christmas you wait and see what happen. if i have to blow up your whole blocks or the whole court house to spill one drop of your corrupt and dirty blood- I do. You see. How can you give this child XXXXXXX to this animal criminal? you have to by corrupt ot be a friend like the team of detective tell us at district 2. You will DIE. With Allah the most merciful and beneficial who is my witness- Even if I die you and your family will suffer great for the a shame and dishonor you a cause Firoozeh and our families on Marc/16th. 2011. I promis my family you will be the first and most hurt. Mark me word. Know I will address the remaining criminal and you see all over the internet how I will destroy and destruct your filthy dirty family. you think you can hirt my business and take bread out of my family mouth and a shame them by post dirty picture you had duty to keep private as man? You see: Address removed You will suffer great and I promise if in 7 day you do not take down these website: you will suffer great at the hand of Sergeant Mark Charlesbois and his team who is out to destroy you and kill you. you have 2 district, RCMP, Richardson Police, FBI, Lawyer Melanie Webb monitor you, my many many lawyer to crush you. You see what happen. If anyone persons need more informations on this anuimal you can contact RCMP in the Canadas and Richardson Police Department of Richardson, Texas and you give this file: 10-092510 and they give you information. Address Removed and

We knows where you live, where your daughter are and all your information. The poice and the chief do not care one bit for you dirty pieceof garbage. How you think we get your email Mr. XXXXXX? From that garbage you protect. If I see him walk on these charge your two daughter will die. GET OFF THIS CASE ASAP OR YOU DIE!!! AND MARK CHARLESBOIS WILL PROTECT US LIKE HE DO TO TEH HONORABLE AND INNOCENT MARYAM TORABIPOUR. MY LAST WARN TO YOU PIG. To the one who start this all, the terrible and corrupt XXXXX We have already take care of what we do to you. You already see the white suprse. Soon another one that will finish you and you corrupt people at your office of Children Lawyer. You make these problem for Firoozeh and you will pay dear. In the name of Allah, who makes all Muslim Beautiful and rightoeous, these is my promise to you. For more Information on the criminal XXXXXXXX contact RCMP, Toronto or Richardson Police Department and please give this number:10-092510 . They will tell you allthese terrible and lie thing say about Dallas Roadster and Bahman Hafez-Amini are false and fake. My sister Fatima Hafez-Amini is on this suit to put him in jail and give many document recent to them. To see how corrupt XXXXX is refer to file: FC-10-034585-00. To see the current charge on crminal XXXXXX refer to 11-01984 Any judges at Newmarket Onatrio who let crimianl XXXXXXX go on these charge will suffer the great and deadly consequence as Sergeant Charlesbois has state. Anyone who take money or is manipulate by these people will suffer these are charge 11-01984 The Maleki, Behroozian, Ghalami, Hafez-Amini Family and are unite with ditrcit 2 and 4 and the Chief and Inspector to destroy and finish these people. In the name of Allah, we shall conquer these evil. Please look here for my lawyer update and more that we have. NOTE careful taht these complain againt Dallas Roadster are FALSE!!! TO XXXXXX: 1) You will give full custody to Firoozeh Maleki-Raei no matter what criminal Mcdremot says. 2) You will NOT dare touch Address removed. No one penny. Nothing. The police will put you and your filthy Jahoodi lawyer in jail like last time if I dare see a court date 3) You wil plea GUILTY to all charge and if not, Sergeant Charlesbois will put more charge on you and your WOLE FAMILY. Next time you lose your mommy home. 4) You will stop all post about our family and especial Dallas Roaster IMMEDIATE!!! Any more stuff I see I will come personal to Toronto and the RCMP will shake my hand to blow your blood brain out and this include any dirty family, judge or lawyer who help you. -- Ben Hafez Amini [email protected] -- - mmm... Fastmail...


Company: Mayor David Barrow

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Richmond Hill

Category: Lawyers & Legal Counseling


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