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Thrifty Car Rental
Lucrative con presenting the Cheapest Rente

Dear Car Renters,

Be aware of the unlikely budgets and low dollars of the Thrifty's website.

I am not here to write a huge complaint today but to only lay out the basics for any future renter possibly considering Thrifty's as they offer highly lucrative rental dreams.

From my online "estimate" as is typical of all dealers, I was interested in the compact (standard) rental car.

It was small made for a few adults and a bag or two of luggage. It was for 2 people with luggage and a budget on fuel expenses.

Having been able to allegedly recieve the car for 110$ for 3 days I figured it was the most ideal, easy wallet rental place of them all.

In my expereince smaller rentals comanys tend to be less costly and more friendly.

To make sales I guess one must be friendly as the gentleman helping my out today on my rental experience was very "friendly" as was I.

To start, apparently he was going to give me an upgrade because they apparently did not have the car I was putting my reservation in for. Most places when they do not have a reservation available for you, do not make it a faulty option.

At this point he was going to give me a luxury upgrade which regularly cost 75$ a day for only around 45-50$ a day.

I was in a pickle as I was to pick my friend from the next cities airport therefore I obliged. I figured the price in the end would not be much different than others renters such as Budget or National based on their standard rentals.

So I committed. I also needed the smash it up insurance which was surprisingly low at a rate of about 19.95 a day.

This was typical so I accepted. My totaled bill therefore would now land me at the 210$ mark.

True it was a bit more than I wanted to pay considering my budget but was still in the areas of other dealers prices.

I told the gentleman I needed a fuel efficient car and something not to big like a Hemi.

To my surprise it was not a Hemi but a car just as big and luxury, Sedan style. I inquired about the mileage on the vehicle and was seeing my time window narrow as I had spent the last 45 minutes with the guy, incurring interruptions on personal I phone calls, problems with the printer and an inability to find my vehicle, as if they were not expecting me.

I was now on my way in the somewhat pricey car with a good price sticker for fuel.

The fuel bill for this car was astronomical, it road nice and was some what luxury but I definitely have seen nicer cars in the luxury department, a direct comparison being the Ford Fusion I would later rent with National.

Upon a late arrival with the car, and one phone call as I was fueling the car before returning it, I discovered no one to be at the desk having just spoke 2mins ago across the street.

I waited for nearly 20 mins at the desk. The guy showed up with a nice little surprise for me.

After they had taken a 500$ hold on my credit card which is still locked on there after 40 days, for any potential photo radars, I was handed another nice hefty bill owing Thrify's another 160$. For what exactly I am not sure.

They would not except debit, or could not charge my small Visa card anymore with their 500 holding fee plus my payment and my hotel reservation. They did not accept cash or have a machine for withdrawals. They would not let me keep the car for the remainder of the day even though I was obligated to pay for it.

The total time he wasted of mine in waiting on personal calls, front abandoned desk etc. probably accumulated to a good 2 hours on my watch... now I had to find some magical way to pay for this card.

The solution was a cell phone call to my friend to pick my keys to return to my home to obtain my in-case of emergency card... only to discover they would not except that Mastercard because the Numbers were not raised, however on my first purchase the card was the same. Now I had to have my partner pay for the additional expenses on the car.

Most humiliating unexpected situation ever. In the beginning he said "we will take care of you, as long as you rent from Thrifty's again" I obliged at that point given the current repitoire. Pardon moi now, but Thrifty''s can go beep themselves and take advantage of someone else, as I am done being a mistreated customer and I hope you can say the same, or never have to say this in general. Spare yourself the grief and take a higher priced company because in thee end you could end up saving so much more, even if it is just your DIGNITY.


Company: Thrifty Car Rental

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Edmonton

Category: Cars & Transport


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