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Complaint / review / scam report
21st Guardian Cane Corsos - 21st Guardian Kennels - Jennifer Skinner
Ripoff 21st guardian kennels breeder of cane corso in canada Innisfil, Ontario

In regards to this breeder keeping peoples money and not returning calls or emails and selling dogs that DO NOT EXIST.

I have been contacted by several people that have reserved from this litter that was due november 29th, all were given stories that did not match the others. I have heard about booked c sections being done on the 3rd of December, the 5th of December and even the 6th of December.

It was rumored, yes rumored, the stud dog mastro del morgan was sterile. He resided in Italy for a short time about a year and was bred to everything his breeder had including his full sisters and mother, all resulting in no pups.

People began to talk around Europe about this dogs possible fertility problems and the possibly of disease and telling others to not use this dog.

So now this dog on his first breeding back in Canada is bred to a dog that also has fertility problems?

Why would anyone even take a deposit on any pups with this track record? Why even breed that darn dog. It states on 21st guardians website they only breed a female once a year well this is now going on her forth litter in a row if they re do this breeding.

The stud dog is question I beleive is the problem as I have heard people state the female whelped a nice healthy litter no problem in the spring of 2004.

I think that by telling the people who reserved pups that is is the females fault is a complete cover up for a stud dog that very well in sterile and may posssibly be carring something that is causing fertlity to go to zero. I know he has pups on the ground from when he was young and sometime after siring a litter with an real old boxer full of cancer he all of a sudden came up sterile and has bred atleast 10 females since then and all with poor results.

Why do I know all this, well for a long time it was all posted onhis breeders website, plus talked about on a few boards that are private european boards. It was stressed to keep your dogs away from this dog and any dog from the kennel and females he had bred.

I know of a kennel who did breed with him by sending the female over when he said in italy and got no pups on a proven female and then has since re bred this nice female twice and still can not get her in whelp again.

This is scary, and very serious stuff. If you were a human out an about with some disease that can be passed around and told no one and did nothing to prevent this you could be in great trouble with the law. So why can this owner drag this dog around at social events with other dogs and try to breed this dog to other people dogs to take back disease to their own kennels and start the vicious cycle all over again.

These people deserve the money back and should of never reserved a pup in the first place when the breeders knew very well the chances of a resulting litter will colse to zero. Why not be patient and compile a list of names to contact after the birth?

To whom it may concern,

This email is to inform and warn people about a kennel in Ontario called 21st Guardian Cane Corso. Our experience with them has been at best a terrible one.
In fall we had made a deposit on a litter that was to be born on November 29th. Everything up until this point was going well. The due date came and went, no phone call no response to emails for three days. Finally we got in contact with Jennifer Skinner, her response was that the in an ultrasound two weeks prior to the due date the pups had not calcified so the c-section date was pushed forward by 2 days. Supposedly there were 12 pups born, 3 survived. She proceeded to tell us that the same dog had lost a litter before this and she was going to try third time. She had also mentioned a so called "accidental" breeding between her corso and her boxer. After Jennifer had informed of this we came to our own conclusions and were shocked with quite a few of her unprofessional practices. At this time we then asked for our deposit back as we were uncomfortable with her and did not want to wait untill her next breeding. She the stated that this would not be a problem as she did not have what we had asked for. To make a long story short we are still trying to get our money back. We have heard all her excuses and lies and now it has come to the point where we can not reach her by email or phone.

After this experience, we did a little research and have found that most of the things she told us were all lies. Her website still states she has a litter for sale. We have learned that her care of animals is terrible to say the least. We believe that the reason she keeps breeding this dog is because she is owned by the president of the Canadian Cane Corso Club. She also attempted to sell the litter of her "accidental" breeding between her boxer and her corso.

Jennifer Skinner has been reported to the CKC in the past, and many people as we now find out have had negative things to say about her. The truths to all of her lies are now revealing themselves.

It is unbelievable to us how someone like this can still be a member of the dog clubs and allowed to breed when she takes part in these activities. Our goal is to get our money back and inform all dog clubs and breeders in North America so that she will be shut down as breeder along with every ounce of her credability.

We encourage anyone else with negative experiences and specifically the people with a deposit on the litter between Mastro del Morgan and Mala to help us stop Jennifer Skinner.

toronto, Ontario
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: 21st Guardian Cane Corsos - 21st Guardian Kennels - Jennifer Skinner

Country: Canada   Province: Canada
Address: 1733 Innisifl, Ontario

Category: Miscellaneous


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