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21st Guardian Cane Corso - Jennifer Skinner
21st Guardian Cane Corso Jennifer Skinner, Rip-off! Sick Dogs! Liar! Barrie

I am filing this complaint on behalf of 4 people who bought dogs from Jennifer Skinner of 21st guardian cane corso's, Ontario, Canada.

She is a liar who does not provide proper paperwork for the dogs she sells, my dog is over 3years old and still he has no papers, she said I would have them years back. Also she sold a sick dog with a heart condition took the puppy back after the owners called her upon it and never gave back the money she said she world.

She lies, her dogs live in filth. I have had many people contact me that have been to her home, she has pornographic smut photos on her living room walls, what kind of business is that?

The residense these dogs reside in are in poor conditions for any animal to live in, the dogs are unsocialized, fearful and she has more dogs then she shows on her website.

She hides dogs amoungst her house when you visit, I was told by a person viewing her boxer cross cane corso's last year. She also told people this 10year old boxer mother died shortly after giving birth due to cancer and other sickness. Why was this dog bread? The pups were sold to unsuspecting homes.

Also now I saw on the internet people talking about the dogs she now breeds have poor hips and she does not certify but told us and another the parents were certified against hip dysplasia.

Ask her to show you the proof. I also found an article in the newspaper giving to me by my brother that lives nearby that shows he home on the 6th line and 20th side road being raided by the spca and animals being removed.

I have also spoken with another breeder that was her partner that had on his website they sold her a dog and repossesed it for being in a small cage full of feces and urine the cage being way to small not tall enough to stand up in, and severly underweight. This dog was never able to fully recover I heard.

Now another claim was made on the internet about her breeding practices, that she sold to pet stores and she also had good freinds at the local pet shop she sold to. She was able to get them to write her a ltter shwoing she did not sell tem dogs after someone told the rest of the breeders on the internet. But infact she did and only had friends up high at this pet shop that covered for her.

I found this letter also about a dog she sold that has serious problems and she still breeds the dog that passes along these terrible tempers. read for your self below.

I am writing this letter to update you on Seamus, the Cane Corso we (Julian Cave & Tamara Rowbotham) purchased from you last October. To remind you, Mastro was his sire, Grizz his mother. We bought him at six months old and moved him to Nova Scotia.

I currently have a nine year old Shepherd X Husky that I trained myself and certified as a St. John's Therapy dog. I tell you this to reassure you that I know how to train and treat my pets.

I have previously emailed you regarding the whereabouts of Seamus' papers and to ask why this dog is so incredibly nervous. He has certainly been traumatized although just how I do not know. I have spent the last 10 1/2 months trying to reassure and build up his confidence level. As of today, he still will not come when called, sit, or lay down if there is even a hint of distraction or he even thinks he has done something wrong, whether he has or not. If you enter a room and he didn't hear you coming, he runs to hide. This alone has destroyed my new hardwood floors (I have been informed by professionals they will have to be replaced as the damage is so severe). He has also gone after children. We have 2 children that are 8 and 15 years old. He has mouthed both with enough force to leave bite marks, and once drawing a single drop of blood. He has a history of going after the neighbourhood children as well, fortunately he hasn't drawn blood - YET.

This dog has NEVER been struck (at least by us), had anything thrown at him or even been hollered at. All we have to do is give him a stern look and he cowers and shakes violently. Even our vet commented this is one of the most nervous dogs he's treated in 30 years of practice.

We understood this dog had witnessed a dog attack (a pit bull vs. ridgeback) but this is ridiculous. We have no control over this dog. This is the first time I've seriously considered euthanizing an animal due to behaviour. We cannot trust him and will not leave him alone even with our teenage daughter. I have researched this breed extensively looking for similar issues and tips that I may not have tried. We have had this dog assessed by three veterinarians who all feel this animal can be dangerous due to his extreme nervousness.

Sadly, when there are no distractions, loud noises, and a great sense of fun in the air, he can be very loving and playful. He loves to romp in the river, play ball, have his ears scratched and cuddle. . He also loves to play with the cats and wrestle with my other dog. However, he cannot be trusted. He is so nervous that I fear any event that startles him may result in his biting. I have children that I cannot leave unattended in his presence for even a couple of minutes.

I am sending you this as a courtesy and in hopes you have a suggestion. I am also considering sending this to the CKC as my vet has advised for he feels this dog has been abused prior to our purchase of him.

This hurts me as I do love this dog very much. Enough that I cannot even write this without tears in my eyes. I if you have some miracle cure I haven't found, I'd love to have it. Otherwise, Seamus will have to go.


Tamara and Julian

Here is another article I found posted about 9months back on a chat board regarding people who emailed her many times about a dog who is fathered by the same male Mastro and another mother with the same temper problems and both are just young puppys.

Hi, no Jen did not e-mail me back about Griffin's behaviors. He is much better now that I have socialized him more. I work him every night by having him sit, stay, down etc. on our walks. He is very aggressive
though and will not let any other dog in his space. He doesn't give any warning either just lunges for them. He is better around kids although I watch him closely. He is definitely not Taya. He is very respectful towards
Greg and I and will warn our kids if they are starting to upset him, so that is an improvement. Greg and I have talked about coming out to your place with him
and Taya so that you can see him and maybe give us some more ways to work him. K9 is too far away for us to travel there on a regular basis and I have yet to find anyone in our area that is not intimidated by large
dogs. Thank-you for following up. Hope to hear from you soon.


I have some more information and am gonna find the emails and ask those people to come forward and post thier claims here also and in hopes we stop this. I also have heard that the local spca knows of her so called kennel and dogs and was told by them after calling in acomplanit that they keep a very close eye on her.

I hope I help someone select a better breeder then us, our dog is good, but the others I hear from are not problems from tempers, eye glands needing corrective surgeries, hip dysplasia, bad teeth, hearth problems, and she never talks to anyone after she sells a dog.

Saint Johns, NorthWest Territories
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Offender: 21st Guardian Cane Corso - Jennifer Skinner

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Innisfil
Address: Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil, Ontario

Category: Miscellaneous


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