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People husbands that rape breeders
Client rapes breeder in aridre

This just is not right a friend of mine suffers from massive trama when a person named the smiley's forced a breeder to breeder their female ABI the victom refused to do so due to the fact the husky called abi was infected with parvo. The smiley's demanded that if the breeder did not breed the f dog that they wear going to sue the breeder. WHAT do you do when your thretened. The victom had no choice.the smiley's agreement was the smiley's were to bring the f dog food while in the victomes care this was not the case. Instead the victom supported the f husky and her unborn litter untill born. once the litter was born the smiley's when to the victoms home and they both accosted her in her own home Mr smiley forced him self onto the victom while is young son of 10 years old watched and the Ms smiley playing with her litter. The victom removed her self and stayed with a friend me. and Mr smiley kept on texing her the hole night waiting up for her return. Once after the victom returned the next morning the victom tolk Ms smiley about the hole ordeal of the matter and why she removed her self and did not return that night. do to her not being shocked Ms smiley did nothing to be a supportive person for the victom. Now this is a true story! The true aggreement between the plaintiff and the victom was that Ms smiley wanted the victom to breed her bitch and keep only 2- puppies from her litter and the plaintiff told the victom that she could do as she wishess with the rest. as long as the litter is registered I have seen all the registrations all 5 puppies were infact registered and the 2-1-mand 1-f Ms smiley claimed and has since she took them home at 8-weeks of age. Now the part that makes me sick and it will make you as well Ms smiley is now and has been bashing the victom since she followed all the verbal aggreements So the victom instead of killing the the sick litter that the plaintiff forced the victom to breed now a male has passed on and the victom replaced the puppy to the clients how nice of the victom but the victom wanted to be refunded of her lossess Ms smiley refused to help out the victon.

Further more their is another very sick husky and Yet Ms smiley refussess to help the victom or render over on of her own 2- puppys to replace the owners so the victom stated to the theird party if any thing should happen and it has the husky now suffers from sezures not thanks to Ms smiley forcing the victom to breed a female with parvo. Now the victom is willing to take on the responsability again and refund the thierd party. And you say this breeder is what you all bash her slander her and name call her and what ever ells she has never done wrong to anyone but her self by puting her self in harms way. You all should be ashamed of your selves. Now the plaintiff is trying to get all the money back from the puppies the victom sold because the Plaintiff did not want anything to do with the litter she only wanted 2- puppies of her choice leaving the victom to support the rest of the litter. Man what a royal shit head the plaintiff realy is.

and wait their is much more now the plaintiff is trying to sue the victom for 19, thousand dollers for 4-puppies. but keep in mind the agreement between the plaintiff and the victom and yet what the plaintiffs comanlaw husband unlawfuly did to the victom . wittnessess or yes their is for the victom a 11 year old boy their son that seen it all.

So when you start bashing people get the hole truth and the right truth from all parties involved. Ms smiley is now being very cruel nasty mean and most of all she's money hungery. So when you start spreding shit around the internet get the facts first from both side's. Ms smiley I know what you did to this loving lady of good faith and nature I purchased a husky from her and my family did to and she is NOTHING of what you and others are saying on the website shame on you all. Ms smiley is just being vicious. Ms smiley intends to breed the male she kept so she can breed the male to the mother of the male you are not a breeder never touch this trash talking ladies puppies they will die on you when they are 1-year or less. I will see you in court soon with my friend the victom and her wittnesses as well.


Company: People husbands that rape breeders

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Sherwood Park

Category: People


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