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York Regional Police drug dealers
Det.-Consts. Robert Worthman and Scott Browne

E careful... york regional police vice squad are the biggest gangsters in york region and want to trap off the drug trade. the dirty chief eric jolliffe and many politicians make some dough on the side. these guys bust drug dealers, steal money and extort them. ever wonder why these two cluck heads are in toronto executing search warrants? that's because they were taking out dealers who operate in other words these two dirty cops are protecting their territory by wiping out the competition:


TORONTO - Three people nabbed at an $18-million drug plant were acquitted of criminal charges after a judge ruled their constitutional rights were violated by police misconduct and misleading testimony.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Nola Garton found earlier this month that two veteran York Regional Police officers — Det.-Consts. Robert Worthman and Scott Browne — executed an unlawful search after they spotted a van outside a garage at 60 Penmarric Pl. in Scarborough.

Worthman testified he had a “hunch” a burglary was being committed at 5:30 p.m. on March 9, 2007, so he executed a search without a warrant.

Garton found the actions of Worthman and his partner violated the Charter rights of those who were charged.

As a result, the seizure of more than 90 kg of methamphetamine and Ecstasy was ruled inadmissible as evidence, killing the prosecution’s case.

Homeowner “Chuck” Wan Leong, 50, truck driver Wen Chao Huang, 41, and student Jia Zhe He, 25, were acquitted of drug possession and trafficking charges.

Worthman, an 18-year veteran who had obtained hundreds of search warrants, would have known he lacked the reasonable and probable grounds to suspect a crime was in progress, Garton ruled.

The judge highlighted several instances in which Worthman provided misleading and nonsensical explanations for his actions, including testimony about why he thought there was a burglary.

“If he knew, or had information, it was a methamphetamine processing place, he’s smart enough to know that he needed more evidence to go on to the property, ” said Huang’s lawyer Bill Bain.

“With 18 years on the job in 2007, he knew you’re not allowed to go thundering on to people’s private property and searching it without having reasonable and probable grounds to do that, ” Bain said in an interview.

The Crown insisted the search was justifiable, arguing the two officers thought a break-in was taking place because the van was parked so close to the home it concealed the suspects’ movements.

But Garton disagreed.

“An officer’s hunch may be a valuable investigative tool, but it is no substitute for proper Charter standards when interfering with a suspect’s liberty, or in this case, the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure, ” Garton said.

“I find that the police misconduct that led to the (search and detention) breaches was serious and was aggravated by Worthman’s misleading testimony, ” the judge found.

Garton added that few actions more directly undermine the integrity of the judicial system than misleading testimony “in court from persons in authority.”

She ruled that Worthman trespassed, forced his way between the van and the house and put himself in a position where he could view the homeowner’s possessions in the van and the garage.


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