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Bell Canada Internet service
9 days and still no response

This post is long, but I would truly appreciate any feedback I can get. It’s been 8 days and more than a dozen phone calls and my issue has yet to be resolved.

1. Lost internet connection on Friday, April 24, 2009. Could not get the DSL light on modem to light up. Trouble shooted computer, connections, wires, modem, phone lines, filters, etc. Called Bell Tech Support (didn’t get name) and after a lengthy discussion on trouble shooting, etc, was told replacement modem would cost me $19! I told him I’ve had a modem issue before and they never charged me, they sent me a new one, but it took over a week. He didn’t agree and I asked him to cancel my service and he said he’d transfer me to the Business Service office, however, when he did, they were closed! Wouldn’t he know they are closed after 5pm on a Friday? Ref# 98224652. I had no option but to hang up and try again.

2. Still April 24, 2009, tried to trouble shoot computer some more – checked all wires, unplugged everything, re-plugged, re-set modem, checked all phone lines, etc. Called Bell Tech Support at 7pm, spoke to Kan. He gave me 1 month free internet for the inconvenience and processed a modem request, “and” there would be no charge, however, he said a ticket was already raised, so he couldn’t do anything, but to call Bell Tech Support on Sunday, April 26th, since it will have been 30 hours and they have to work on the request within that time frame. Ref # 98227926

3. Called Bell Tech Support on Sunday, April 26th and was told there was nothing they could do, call Business Office on April 27 (1-800-668-6878 8am-7pm).

4. Called Business Office on Monday, April 27th at 8:30 am and spoke to Jane. Had to debate before getting a “new” upgraded modem. Told Jane that the 5200 model, which I’ve had twice would only cause same problem, it was my 2nd modem and it overheats all the time, and is a safety issue. I’m only on the computer for 2-3 hours max, and I always have to turn my modem off, since it gets very, very hot. Only after more debate did she offer the 6300 (home networking wireless modem) model for no charge. It was like pulling teeth to get this, even after I explained the hassle I’ve been through. She also confirmed 1 month free internet service that Kan had offered me. Conf# 98262341

5. April 28th, 10am, received voice mail message at home that Brad had come by at 10am and no one was home, call to reschedule? I wasn’t told a repair person would be coming?? Called Business Office back (spoke to Alison at 2:40pm). I asked her why a Bell repair person showed up at my house, when I wasn’t informed, obviously no one would be home to wait?? She spoke to the Tech department and said the repair person had fixed what he needed to do from the outside of my house and there was no need for anyone to enter my home. She said to go home and turn on modem, everything should be working! Conf# 98315512

6. Came home (still April 28) and turned modem on. All 3 lights on, but could not connect to the internet. Trouble shooted computer, modem, checked all wires, re-started computer etc. Called Bell Tech Support, told to type in and change my password to the reset one that I was given, and save settings. Internet back up. Hung up the phone and internet connection was gone, DSL light was off. Trouble shooted on my own. Called back Tech Support (spoke to Irsshad) and while talking, the DSL light came back on. Irsshad passed me on to a supervisor (Victor) who said he would send someone to my home to check “inside” the house at NO charge. Scheduled appointment for April 29th from 8am-12pm.

7. April 29, 2009, Bell repair came. He fixed or replaced some connectors/wires in our basement and outside (?? ) and the modem/connection was fine when he left. I came home and connection was gone, tried several times and did everything I could to trouble shoot it.

8. May 1, 2009, called 416- 310-Bell, didn’t have Business office number with me. Where is modem? Should have arrived within 3 business days. It was processed on April 24th and reconfirmed on April 27th. Spoke to Jennifer (Conf# 98404460), modem order has not even been picked up and processed yet! Asked to transfer me to a supervisor, on hold for 12 minutes, hung up. Called back and spoke to Josette, I requested to “cancel” service, on hold again for very long time, hung up. Called back and spoke to Francis, she transferred me to Business Office and spoke to Mike. I told him I wanted to cancel my service for the nonsense I had to put up with and in all honesty, I must have placed a dozen calls by then! Last day for internet use will be May 31st. Requires 30 days notice. Modem return kit will be sent out 3-5 days after May 31st. Conf# 98406003

9. May 2, 2009 – lost connection again, all 3 lights on modem on, but can’t connect via Intenet Explorer. Tried to troubleshoot again, checked all wires, cables, plugs. Restarted computer, re-booted modem 5 times. Did the procedure, could not connect. Called Tech Support, spoke to Leander. He escalated to a supervisor who would call me within 1-2 hours. I told him I had no faith in Bell at this point, but gave him my home phone number and cell number in case I needed to step out. He “promised” me that someone would call! Conf# 98441876.

10. Well, it’s now 20 hours later and still no call. I just want to speak to someone who is going to adjust my bill. I should not have to pay for internet service that I am not getting, or a modem that was approved and processed, but has not left the building! What about the inconvenience, loss of time, frustration and amount of time spent on the phone? I still have 30 days to put up with!

If “anyone” could help out, I would really appreciate it. Pulling my hair out right now. I live in Toronto.

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Offender: Bell Canada Internet service

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Internet & Web


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