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Eyes On Portland
Failure to return money and charged twicw the amount

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Filed on: August 4 2010

Filed by :

Adam Walters

422 Parland Drive Apt.411

Halifax NS b35 1n7

Filed against :

Eyes On Portland

644 Portland Street

Dartmouth NS b2w2m3

Complaint Description:

a call to try and rectify the issue. She made a call and spoke to the office manager who put her on hold for 20 mins. on her cell phone to call the coOn July 15 2010 I had an eye exam done by Dr. Chow. My Mom checked to make sure I was still covered under her Blue Cross. When she made the appointment and was asked had we been there before her response was yes you should have all the info you need on record. When done the appointment I was charged the 89 dollars instead of the receptionist filing it through Blue Cross as my I didn't have the numbers on me at the time which Eyes On Portland would have had in their records had she taken the time to look. That 89 dollars was from my rent fund and needed to be put back by Aug.1 2010.I took the receipt but would not been able to process it as it was my Dad's policy and he was away til Aug.2.I called Mom when I left the office and advised her of the problem so she called Eyes On Portland right away explained the problem and could they return my money and bill Blue Cross directly. The receptionist said no problem tell him to come back in and I will refund the money and bill Blue Cross. I went in she direct billed Blue Cross and instead of refunding my money took another 89 dollars out and now was out twice the original amount (my rent money) The receptionist couldn't seem to get my money back right away so told me she would have to call the Head office took my account number to get my money refunded. I left them to handle it for a week, still no refund in my account each time I called the response was they were processing it. On July 22 I was told it would take 24-76 hours business hours to process so it should be there I checked no money refunded. I passed this info on to Mom and asked if she would make mpany that was to refund the money. She informed her that the money was refunded but the bank would have a hold on it for a certain amount of time. I called the bank and he was told there was no money on hold it would have gone directly in my account they don't hold refund money it would have been electronically deposited right away. No record of the money. She then called the receptionist back and passed that on to her and her reply was that the way the whole matter was handled from their end is not standard practice that originally they would have cut me a cheque so I could have deposited it in my account. However the receptionist that handled the refund in the first place did not follow the procedure so in turn my money could not be found. She then asked her if she could speak to Mr. Chow the owner, the receptionist informed her Mr. Chow would not be in til Sat. July 31 she would try and cancel the transaction and get him to cut me a cheque. No phone call on Sat. and the office was not to re-open til Aug.2.She called on Aug.2 around 11 AM as we still had no call from them. Spoke to Melody who again said the money had been refunded and it was no longer their problem but the banks. She told her at that time that the initial problem came from their office and we would appreciate them waiting for the money not me. She was told to get me to check with my bank again Mom's reply was if there was no money she would like to speak to Mr. Chow personnally. I called the bank they checked there was no record of the money in their system so they would have to investigate where the money went and it would take at least 2 weeks. She called and informed them of this and asked to speak to Mr. Chow again but spoke to Amy instead. She said she would make a call but we have not heard back from anyone to update us as of 24hrs. ago each time we have had to call them. I have had to ask my parents who are struggling right now to loan me money they don't have to pay for food and work travel money as I took my rent from that fund. I am a full time student working full time and living on my own every penny is accounted for. I just need my money back and at least a response from Mr. Chow the owner who seems to be ignoring the situation.


Company: Eyes On Portland

Country: Canada

Category: Health & Medicine


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