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Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board
WCB, Falling between the cracks, Concussions Ingnorance -The forgotten about injuries. The working mans battle with Post Concussion Symdrom

I will try and give you the Coles version of my story in hope that you will contact me back as I have so much more to include why others and myself feel that I am being ripped off by a big corporation. I have worked for the City of Saskatoon for over 28 yrs. Since 1999 I have had several (5 concussions or more } while at work. My last concussion occurred on Aug. 22, 2012 . My first misdiagnosed concussion happen in 1999 when I fell over 16 feet on to concrete.

I have been back to work since 1999 but have fallen many time because of that injury, several times re-injuring myself. I have no romantic tale like if I was a fire-fighter or a police officer to go along with how I happen to receive so many concussions, I am just a regular hard working joe who has happen to havd some bad luck with falling. I have no "Blue Collar Concussion Hotline " to call for advice, such as "should I feel this way? what should one expect?

what kind of help can I seek? ". To date I am still off work and suffering from Post Concussion Symptoms and I have only received 3 days coverage for lost time since Aug. 22, 2012 . Now let me make this very clear that all my diagnose concussion but one have happen at the work place the other concussion was caused by a motor vehicular accident while on my way to rehab while I was recovering from a previous concussion.

I ended up with 3 back to back concussions. I have been misdiagnosed many many times, I have been told to suck it up, I been generically mis treated for my injury, I have been told by a registered physio therapist "to suck it. Rugby players get concussion all the time ". The same physio therapist held my head with both hands and shook my head like he was mixing a coconut drink ; afterwards I threw up in the bathroom and when I reported that I vomited they would not accept the fact that I got sick because they did not witness it.

I was sent to a child psychologist by WCB who tried to diagnose me with "Somatoform Disorder" which in laymen terms mean Im seeking attention or faking it. Well Ive stood on a National podium before and had lots of success in my life I was a successful racquetball/squash player and coach, I dont need to be faking a concussion to get attention. I had to have this diagnose over turned by a registered psychiatrist. My integrity, my honor, my word, my beliefs are all being challenge and Im being ignored even though I have medical support.

I have followed WCB procedural of filling appeals against their decision on not to support my lost income but I keep being ignored, WCB has violated their own terms by not getting back to me with a decisions. I have lost so much quality of life due to the concussion I have received, everyone close to me have seen the changes in my life that have occurred because of the concussions. I was once sent to a occupational therapist for a functional assessment, that assessment was shut down and not completed due to medical reasons yet I was deemed by the same O.T. as fit to return to work.

I am at my wits end feel as if I am fighting this case alone. I have so much more to say as well documentation to use for my support. I feel that WCB has been cherry picking the notes that support them but ignoring the notes that support me ..Over all I did not want this to be to long but do have much more to add if someone is interested in pursuing this further. Im not a millionaire sport star who franchise can afford to spend thousands on to seek a cure ;

Im fighting for the average man and I wonder how many other average men have had head injuries and been misdiagnosed ..The cost is huge to the individuals like myself that have been misdiagnosed not just financially but more so in ones quality of life. It is a very frustrating injury and there are a lot of people out there that are not taking this form of head injury seriously. It's a blind injury that you cant see it, I've been told "you look fine" and been ordered back to work .. I need help ..Please.


Company: Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board

Country: Canada   Province: Saskatchewan   City: Sakatoon
Address: 200-1881 Scarth St. Regina
Phone: 3067874370

Category: Health & Medicine


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