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Fraudulent and unfair service and incorrect billing

My name is Elena Ross and I would like to complain about the company Bell. I am an unlucky customer, whom Bell representatives mocked. I am shocked from the tricks and contempt that this company does to me as to a customer. My interrelation and associating with Bell is the perfect example of how to break and violate all the rights of a customer and Canadian citizen. I would like to express my claims about Bell representatives’ work and ask you for help.

My claim is about the wireless service. Please listen to the whole story of this case. The problem started in Oct. 2009. My husband and I bought a Blackberry phone in a Bell store (in the Conestoga Mall, Bell department, Waterloo, ON), but it had some sort of defect. When we returned the defected phone to the Bell representatives from this store, they promised to fix the problem, and we would receive the phone back in 10 days. Since the store didn’t have any similar model of the Blackberry we had, the representative give us a very old model.

When we came home, we figured out that this old model didn’t work – we couldn’t call anybody and we didn’t receive any calls. That is why we returned this model back to the store right away and got a note about this returning and the apology from the store representative.

In spite of the representative’s promise to return the fixed phone back in 10 days, we were kept waiting for almost 2 months. We came to the Conestoga Mall Bell department many times and every time we complained about the phone and Bell service. As you understand, we didn’t have ANY wireless service from Oct.24 until Dec.15, 2009. The Bell representatives from this department confirmed this fact in written form, and we still have this written confirmation (the copy of which I have sent to the Bell company about 4 times! )

Nevertheless, the Bell Company sent us a bill for this period of no service. I have called immediately and informed your company about this mistake. However Bell representatives tried to compel me to pay for non-existent service period and didn’t hear any arguments.

I called many times and then sent three letters with my claim and demand to examine this situation. However, Bell representatives completely ignored all my arguments and reasons and I didn’t get any official answer to all my letters. My conversations with them by phone were like the conversations with a parrot who knows just three words. They didn’t listen to me and only repeated one phrase “you have to pay”.

What is important in this situation - ignoring my logical arguments and real written proof, Bell did not forget to send me a new bill every month with the constantly increasing month to month amount for the non-existent service period in the following format:

January – $71.15

February – $71.15

March – $169.60

April – $176.69

May – $183.29

June - over $200

July –over $300

August –over $400

September –over $500

(Amounts are given without the addition of the “late-payment” fee! )

I have found an email of the Customer service manager, Andrea Still, and wrote her a claim. I also spoke with somebody else from this department (this person didn’t give me his name). I demand to fix a mistake and solve the problem. However they both used the very interesting way of solving a problem:

At the beginning they insisted that they have a few call (phone usage) in their record-report in the named above period. I explained to them that I have no idea where, how and who used my phone, or my number, or anything else during that time (If it is true! ), BUT I DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING and I did complain every 4-5 days to Bell representatives because of this! I also sent a written confirmation from the Bell-store representatives (who were constantly bothering my husband and me during that time! ) about the fact that I didn't have any phone or any service from Oct.24 until Dec.15, 2009.

When I explained to them that this is an impossible, absurd, and idiotic lie [we had neither phone, nor any service during that time – what kind of record-report could there be? ], they at once created a new scenario. These people from the Customer service department told that Bell offers just service and it doesn’t response for the defective phone.

My next forcible argument was that Bell is responsible for the phone that it sells. I didn’t bring this phone from some other company but I bought it in the Bell store, as well as precisely this phone was offered me with the promises of a good service and quality.

After that customer service’s representatives (finally! ) agreed to solve a problem… The solution was more than scoffing and humiliating. Andrea Still offered a discount of 15% for the huge amount of Bell interest that was created by Bell during the period of our argument and “fighting”. The other person offered me to deduct only the amount of $71.15 (the period that I didn’t have any service) but he wanted that I will pay the amount of Bell interest of $500. I was shocked once again. If I am right and they admit the fact that I didn’t have any service in the named above period, what kind of payment could be from my side? [ By the way, I have paid in full and in time for all other services that I had from Bell! I didn’t pay only the amount for the non-serviced period during the Oct.25 –Dec.15, 2009]

I refused both these offers and asked these people from the Customer service office to send me an official answer my claim. I told them that I would like to have their official explanation of the mockeries and scoffs that I got from Bell during last 9 months. Of course, I didn’t receive ANY answer from Bell. However my both phones (cell and home) were disconnected in two weeks, without any notice or call.

What is important – it happens in the day when I brought my husband from the hospital after his heart operation. I needed to call to the doctor for the consultation because my husband felt really bad but I couldn’t. My husband was in the health risk situation because of the Bell irresponsible attitude to the customer.

As you can see,

1) Bell sold me a phone with a defect. It wasn’t my fault and wasn’t my problem, it was Bell’s fault because Bell is responsible for the products that it sells. Otherwise a customer can’t bring his own phone to have service from Bell. If Bell insists in buying products in its store, it should guarantee the quality of this product, or at the very least make sure there is a replacement.

2) Bell couldn’t exchange the defective phone and couldn’t provide me with any equal or similar working model for about two months, as well as Bell couldn’t provide me with service for this period. Whose fault? Of course, it wasn’t mine.

3) Bell consciously ignored all of my letters and calls for the duration of nine months and at the same time consciously increased the amount for my non-existent service, hence leaving me to pay more. Bell created a problem for customer and only aggravated the situation.

4) Bell violates customer’s rights and doesn’t want to solve this problem. It only brings a headache; constant nerve-wrecking and time-wasting conflicts. The actions of Bell representatives are fraudulent and unfair! Such actions of Bell company resemble that of a parasite, which sticks to the skin (of the customer) and sucks out the blood (money).

5) Bell disconnected my phones without any reasons and without any notice and hazards my husband’s health.

I think such work from Bell representatives needs to go under investigation. A lot of people - my colleagues, friends, and people from CRTC and CCT - already know about these frauds and violations that Bell company imposes on my family. I would like to start a public investigation of this case.

I demand the recalculation of my bill amount and a compensation for the HUGE troubles that Bell company has given to me during the last 9 months.


Elena Ross
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Bell

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Kitchener

Category: Electronics and household app.


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