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Direct Energy Retail Contracts
Misleading Contract Practices

I wrote this letter after sitting on the phone with their customer service people for 4 hrs last night and got no where. I feel that they need to be stopped but also add my name to the very long list of complaints about this company.

When I moved into my previous residence in 2002 I was immediately bombarded with sales people from this company. It got so bad that they were leap frogging each other and I ended speaking to 3 different sales people in one day sometimes.

Well in 2008 times were tough for my young family and we needed to save money and these sales people told me that I would save alot of money by signing with them.

Then I moved in June 2009 and now my hyro bills are in access of 400.00 a month when they were previously 120.00 a month max.

I was told by direct energy that my fixed rate is higher now and can't be lowered unless I sign a new contract. I wasn't going to do that because I was already 2 yrs in on this one.

When I wanted to cancel they said they could once they received the 1600.00 needed to pay for the full amount of the contract it would take 2 billing cycles to confirm it.

For some reason I feel that this is a bunch of crap. I said to cancel my contract and bill me, they say no they can't cancell until they receive this payment.

Am I wrong to believe that this is entrapment.

As stated below, after some research I found out that the whole thing was a lie from the get go.

Here is the complaint:

I am writing to inform you that my contract with you for my gas and hydro are null and void and I want my money.

1. At the time of signing in 2008, I was told that should your rate become higher you would give me the lower of the two rates.

Well, after some research, even if he was telling the truth he was still lying because the Government of Canada states that ONLY the power companies and gas companies them selves can charge the lowest rate. YOU JERKS AREN"T EVEN ALLOWED TO CHARGE ME THE LOWER RATE, YOU SCUM!!!

2. I WAS NOT told of a penalty charge that would consist of the full amount of the contract.

3. How dare you entrap me and extort money from me by telling me that you won't cancell my contracts until I give you 1600.00.

4. Your customer service people are a waste of space. They are rude, arrogant, extremely unhelpful. When I asked to speak with a supervisor they did everything in there power to stop me. Is this how you are treating your customers. You need to be shut down.

I want my contract voided due to fraud and misrepresentation.

This letter is being forwarded to the energy board, maybe you will be fined again, Our MPP, the MP of ontario and the federal government. I will help in any way to get the bill to protect us from you dirtbags gfet passed through its second reading. To become LAW.

I have the customer service reps name, the supervisors name, and the floor managers name so far and ID #s. I am goig up the ladder and having each and every one charged with accessory to fraud, false advertising, and misrepresentation. The police will get this letter, our LAWYERS will get this letter, and we have full intention of taking each and everyone of you PERSONALLY and the company as a whole to the Supreme Court to make sure you don't do business in this town again.

This letter is being forwarded to all our newspapers to coincide with the nice little Marketplace article where employees won't even sell this to their families. Nice. Your own CEO says we NEED to pay high prices in order to stop regulation. Nice make us pay for your beef with the government.

Do you tell your sales people to mention all this stuff. I assume not. Does this information influence my decision on signing a 5 yr contract, yes it certainly does.

I was tricked and every single one of you knew it.

Void my contract now or face jail time.

Mandy Fairbairn


Company: Direct Energy Retail Contracts

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Barrie

Category: Construction & Repair


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