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Horrible company - Don't send your items there for repair, and don't work there!

I used to work for this horrible company for 3 years at their Canada location. All I have to say is that these people know nothing about how to run a business. I may be a disgruntled, angry ex-employee, but it is the result of how the treat their employees. First of all, they don't care about their employees, or the conditions in which their employees work. The facility is disgusting, the bathrooms are in the same condition as a public mall washroom (nasty), they dont pay their employees even HALF of what they SHOULD be getting paid... They pay technicians MINIMUM WAGE! Are you F'ing kidding me!!??

And, oh yeah - They don't give raises. Yea, you read that correctly, they DONT GIVE RAISES. Doesn't matter how long you've been there, or how well you perform in your job, they will NOT give you a raise in pay. Asking them for a pay increase is like going to a bank and asking the security guard to open the safe for you so you can help yourself to the thousands of dollars inside... won't happen.

Don't let me get started on false promises. They'll lead you to believe that you're doing such a great job, and a promotion is well on it's way - keep dreaming buddy. That promise was made just to keep your ass from leaving the company before they got what they wanted out of you.

Their technician quality? All shit. I wouldn't recommend anyone to send their laptops or gaming units to Nexicore for repair. The big problem with the repair quality, and the reason why so many people have issues with Nexicore repairs, is that the technicians do not care. Plain and simple. The techs are treated so poorly, that they just push the units out just to meet their daily target. There's no real care and effort going into the repairs. They don't get paid well, and they're treated like sh*t, so the only logical reaction (and i don't blame them) is that they dont give a f*** anymore. Some are only really there because they have no choice but to work there for the time being. Its sad really when you think about it - You cant find work, so you're forced to work in a depressing sh*thole with asshole management.

Sigh, but in the end, they (management) are the ones making the real money, so why should they really care about the happiness of their employees right? Maybe because the lower the quality of repairs, the less business they will retain and obtain in the future. Looks like they're about to crash and burn anytime now too. I give them 4 more months tops before they go under. Fuckers.


Company: Nexicore

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Markham

Category: Computers & Services


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