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Terrible place to work!!!

Absolute worst place to work I have EVER experienced!!! I worked there for almost 4 years, was lied to by the corporate big wigs continually, and was taught how to lie and manipulate customers to make more money for the Shaw "family." Shaw is a rip off, plain and simple. Overpriced products and services, unreliable quality, and a staff that will badmouth you and your pay per view choices (yes, THOSE ones) to everyone who will listen. The profit that these people are making off their customers is disgusting, and their repeated price increases are not because of "rising costs" they are out of GREED. Everytime a price increase was put into effect, the supervisors and big bosses got bonuses, shiny new vehicles, spontaneous vacations, you name it! I was at these seminars people, I know what I'm talking about. After designing a new system to deal with deliquent customers, I discovered my wonderful supervisor had gone behind my back, claimed my idea as his own, and got himself a big bonus! I continually dealt with incompetent staff, (understandably) irate customers who had all their promises broken, and mysterious charges on their accounts. Never had to work for a company before that continually passed the buck onto the next person as no one would claim their own mistakes. No one there is responsible for their own actions or follow thru. Customers were promised deals that never existed, charged fees that were promised to be waived, made to wait sometimes DAYS after their scheduled appointments for installation... I could go on forever. The people who work there and the mentality of the company is reprehensible. I spent 4 years being hit on by my supervisor; he asked me out constantly as his poor wife was at home taking care of his kids, told me how hot I was on a daily basis, etc. I finally got up the guts to talk to one of the head guys... they did NOTHING. I repeat, NOTHING. I even had emails sent to me by him being very inappropriate to prove it... after leaving Shaw I spoke with a lawyer to see what my options were and was told point blank that Shaw has had MANY former employees try to sue for various reasons, unfortunately as they are not "unionized" you are not protected from anything. I was also informed that my supervisor would have his legal counsel paid for by great ol' Shaw Communications while mine would be out of my own pocket, and it would be my burden to prove... needless to say I will never waste another dollar on this company, and recommend anyone else but them. Shaw should be ashamed of the way they treat employees and customers. I look back at their now 3 hour telephone wait times, continual break downs, and stressed out, bitter employees, and feel relieved that I don't waste my time at that office anymore!!! If the public had ANY idea of the way they are being ripped off and manipulated by this company, Shaw would be bankrupt!!!


Company: Shaw

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia

Category: Career & Work


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