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Koodo Mobile
Outrageous Billing practice & staff not speaking/understanding English

In November 2011, I went to Koodo Mobile kiosk at Eaton Center as i needed to straighten out my account so to reflect what plan i wanted instead of what I was given from the Koodo kiosk person a few weeks prior to my November 201 visit when i got my Blackberry.. The girl at kiosk wasn't helpful at all, because I also needed to set up my phone so I could use it when I needed to, while I was overseas in December 2011.

Well when I went overseas a few days later, i realized my blackberry was not working at all.. except to take pictures, i couldn't use my phone to call home to see if an ill family member was doing.

I kept getting a message I needed to pay B Mobile a monthly rate of $145 to access all I needed where I had traveled to..,

I emailed Koodo 2 times and finally a few days later I got a message emailed saying we cant help you unless you call us..

So I made a long, long distance call to Koodo mobile to ask if I should pay B Mobile for 1 month of their service while I stayed where I traveled to..

The guy I spoke with at Koodo Mobile couldn't speak English very well at all and i had a very hard time explaining my situation and what i required while | was away from Canada.. He had a very hard time trying to tell me anything .. as I didn't understand what he was saying.. I even asked to speak with someone who did speak English.. but I offended him, and he refused as he was dealing with my call..

Despite what I was requesting.. He was adamant under no circumstances was I allowed to go to B Mobile as Koodo was my provider..

after about 1 hour back and forth on my dime long distance, not from my Black Berry as it wasn't working right.. The guy said he knew what I wanted and tried explaining stuff to me about charges and such, but I didn't understand what he said..

so I wasn't too worried as I knew for the past 3 years I had a cap of $200. per month on my account, so I'd never go above it at anytime.. I even made a payment shortly after that of $150.. just to ensure I'd not go over my cap that month..

Next thing I knew I was getting unwanted text messages from everyone, Facebook messages and notifications, phone calls from Trinidad where I was staying.. which I find I should have gone with the B Mobile $145 plan i originally was offered while I was in the Carribean, but Koodo Mobile guy told me NO.. I'm not allowed to do that..

So he did whatever he felt like doing.. including removing my $200 monthly cap I've always had on my account for 3 years.

Imagine my surprise to receive a $935.00 bill from Koodo Mobile for changes this idiot who didn't speak English very well, had done to my account without my authorization.

When I called to complain about $400. for Data Charges and $400 for Connection Charges, I spoke with 3 guys who all didnt speak English well and coincidentally, ALL 3 guys were all named Carlos.. and of course none were willing to assist me in my complaint.. I was even told its up to discretion of Koodo Customer service reps, when they want to remove my account Cap, despite it was I, who asked for the cap to be placed and not removed..

I did manage to find about $220. of erroneous charges and when I pointed this out to Koodo guy, he'd only given me a $200 credit back on my account, and not the full $220..

Now today I see I am overcharged again.

I have the unlimited $45.00 per month plan that the Koodo Mobile advertising says includes * Free Call display/voice mail/call answer/etc.. and *Free Blackberry Social... But I still see on my E-bill, I'm still paying an extra fee of $10 per month extra for both of these free inclusions..

That's an extra $20.00 per month for something I'm supposed to have included'.

So I'm paying $65. 00 plus taxes for something I should be paying $45.00 for.

I feel Koodo Mobile really doesn't give a rats ass about their customers, this is why I will be looking for a new, cheaper cell phone carrier to replace the uncaring, and non speaking of the English Language and rude ignorant staff that Koodo Mobile seems to think is satisfactory for their customers to deal with.

If Koodo mobile thinks $935.00 for their service that I rarely used while I was away was worth every penny They are wrong!!

The Jack Ass I spoke with that set up my account wrong in the first place in December should be the one paying for my bill as he's the one who set it up tro how he wanted it done... and screw what the customer originally wanted!!

I'm outraged!!!
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Offender: Koodo Mobile

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Telecommunications


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