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Rallye Motors Hyundai
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My girlfriend had recently purchased a "certified" used vehicle from Rally Motors of Moncton. It is a 2005 Hyundai Tucson GLV6 with 75, 000Kms at the time of purchase. During the test drive we noticed a lot of noise coming from the back and front ends with each bump. Also the Air Bag warning light was on showing failure and there was squealing during left hand turns. They rest the air bag and fixed a brake cover. Squealing and light gone. Good. When they put it in the shop they also noted that 4 things would be replaced/repaired and signed a contract with us promising such would be done. The salesman told us the parts would be put on order and we would be called when they arrived to make an appointment.

The parts / repairs are listed as follows:

Rear left strut leaking, Replace.

Front lower control arm bushing failed safety. Replace.

LCD clock cover water damaged. Replace.

Sub-Frame bushing failed safety. Replace.

I asked salesman to confirm again if they already fixed it or would later. He said they would fix it later and that nothing was fixed. Few days later we went to pick up the vehicle. Air Bag light was on again. Ok we'll get them to fix it when they call us for the repairs. Weeks go by.. no call. We call. remind service department. We set an appointment and let them know about the air bag and nosie being worse from back end. Every bump causes whole thing to creak in rear end. To confirm repairs being made I got my girlfriend to call them back and list off repairs being done.

The following was listed to us:

Lower SWAY bar bushing

LCD clock

We debated with them why is it lower sway bad bushings now and not lower control arm bushings. He said he had no knowledge of control arm bushing NOR the rear leaking strut. We went in and got everything straightened out. The rear strut was already replaced, as well as a front strut we had no idea about and the lower control arm bushings were already replaced when they brought it int eh shop to check out the noises on the day we test drove it. The salesman didn't know. They also told us we needed to make a separate appointment for the air bag because they had to order a new part. Sure enough, after a couple appointments, everything was fixed as far as we can tell.

Here's where it gets really annoying and about to make me take the truck to another mechanic, have him make list of repairs needed then force Rallye Motors to repair it all.. in one appointment. A couple days later the whole front end was making a huge loud CLUNK noise in the front end with every single bump. Minor or major.

WE went in the following morning. They told us we had to wait a week for an appointment. I lost it. I turned the serviceman's smile into a "i don't give a sh*t" look and told him "look, this vehicle ahs 75k at purchase, its only 3 years old. we were told everything would be taken care of soon after purchase. Here we are a month alter, many visits and now we have a vehicle that makes more noise and clunk that ever before AAAAND you guys still haven't figured out why the whole back end is creaking and being so noisy. I don't care if you have to stay late today. This WILL be fixed and it will be looked after. We are tired of this."

He agreed to take the keys and told us he would squeeze it in over the course of the day. At the end of the day the mechanic finally told us it was a plate underneath where they did all the work last time that was not tightened down. Great job guys.

Now.. a few days later my girlfriend notices noise again.. at this point I am fed up and ignored it. Last night I took it for a drive and sure enough, EVERY turn made at low speed produces a LOUD creaking noise from the front end and just as I was pulling back in the driveway there is a noticeable grinding feeling coming through the steering wheel.

My girlfriend kept telling them through every service appointment that she needs the truck repaired properly and ready to go without troubles before a certain date as she is traveling up north for a week with it. Now unfortunately she may have to cancel that trip as creaking during turns can be power steering, shot upper strut bearings or shot CV joints. The later which can cause a wheel lockup and serious accidents at highway speeds.

I am NOT impressed with the service this dealer provides and if they do not fix this and get everything right ASAP I will lose my cool. I mean come on! This thing is under warranty, just fix the darn thing right the FIRST time and stop wasting our time. WE traded in a 5 year old civic with 210, 000kms and not a single problem. This thing is proving to be a lemon.. not due to manufacturer's product as I firmly believe Hyundai makes a great product, but due to lousy service and incompetent service staff.

To top it all off. She clearly stated and we reminded the business manager that she wanted MONTHLY PAYMENTS. They process as bi-weekly regardless and it incurred her a $30 NSF charge. She asked them to fix it and to pay the fee. They somewhat agreed to and we never heard a word from them since.
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Offender: Rallye Motors Hyundai

Country: Canada   Province: New Brunswick   City: Moncton

Category: Cars & Transport


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