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I baught my car brand new. I noticed a noise after buying the car. I thought it was supposed to sound like that until I didn't hear the noise from another car same type and year. I took it to the dealership they miss diognosed it I continued to drive it for a week. I brought it back in to be fixed and they realized it was some thing different. It needed a turbo and manifold replace. My car was defective. So I left it with the dealership so I wasn't driving it and causing more problems. Also the problem could lead to exhaust fumes going into the cabbin of the car. They order parts for my car. A week and a half goes by and they realise they have ordered the wrong part. Said it was because they had me in the computer driving a 2011. I said your machanic looked and diognosed the car how could that happen. He tells you what to order. Then they order the part they are supposed to order. Another week almost 2 weeks go by and they call me and say we have the parts just missing a seal gaskett. I call the Hyundai Canada to complain and told them its hyundais fault for not updating there computers in the first place. So I get a phone call by the dealer ship saying my car should be done today. I call today she says bad news we don't have the proper bolts to put the part on it might take 2 weeks to get the part. I get very mad I call Hyundai Canada to complain tell them my car I bought 5 weeks ago brand new has been sitting at the dealer ship waiting to be fixed for the past 3 weeks. To top it off it's going to take a nother 2 weeks to get the part. So in total When all said and done 7 weeks of owning this brand new car 5 of them will be spent in the shop because Hyundai sold me a defective car and wrong parts were ordered and didn't order the proper bolts to instal it. She said Sory nothing they can do I bought the car and all they have to do is fix my car. I am so mad i asked about taking my car back and switching for the same car. If I had of known I was going to buy a broken brand new car I defenetly would not have bought it. I am paying 620$ car payments on a car that cost me 46, 000$ plus 200$ a month insurance for my brand new car that has been sitting in the shop pretty much since I bought it. Because of Hyundai Canada selling me a defective car and because of human error. I did get a loner car thank god because I'd be walking. But the point is that they sold me a defective car and because of human error I have been with out the car I was so excited to buy and drive. Now I get to drive a loner car with dealer stickers stuck all over it and it's costing me 820$ a month. I think this is rediculous that this is a big dealership and the only thing they are obligated to do is fix my car no matter how long it takes to fix. They gave me a dealer car but hyundai Canada said they did me a favor because I don't qualify to get a loner car. This made me even more mad. They have made me feel like an idiot it's they have sold me a defective car and have left me as a consumer very disappointed and with out out the product I have purchased.


Company: Hyundai

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta

Category: Cars & Transport


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