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2008 Saturn Vue
Numerous major problems with Vehicle

Let me start by saying that I am a Very Unsatisfied Customer and I can not believe the way GM deals with its customers. I think that you need to review your policies that are posted right on your GM website:

"G.M. is a multinational corporation engaged in socially responsible operations, worldwide. It is dedicated to provide products and services of such quality that our customers will receive superior value while our employees and business partners will share in our success and our stock-holders will receive a sustained superior return on their investment."

“For peace of mind motoring, you've come to the right place. Our New Vehicle Limited Warranty means you can buy with confidence.”

“Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm

We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering products and services that excel in quality, value and customer satisfaction.”

In 2006 I had purchased a new Saturn Ion 2 and after having it for a mere 6 months it had to go in for warranty work because the pistons were back firing. I fought with warranty to allow another GM dealer to do the warranty work because I lived 3 hours away from a Saturn dealership and could not afford to take the time off of work to go all the way there. I think that stipulation is absolutely ridicules considering all GM, Pontiac and Saturn vehicles are built the same on the inside but have different panels and a label slapped on the outside and you are not able to take it to any GM dealer to get it serviced.

In early 2008 I had to take the Ion back in because every time you put down the steering wheel the vehicle would shut off. I ended up trading in the car the same day for a 2008 Vue.

To this day I have not been happy with this vehicle or the service that I have received! Last winter the vehicle shut down for no reason and I was told I had to take it in to get it looked at which is now 2.5 hours away from my home. I was told that GM does not have loaner vehicles. Not only was I without a vehicle for 5 days before I could inconvenience someone to drive me to pick up my vehicle and yet again miss a day of work. It turned out that the sensors get moisture on them and freeze up and the vehicle shuts off. I was told that there is nothing that they could do about this and when this happens to just let it sit and then try starting it again. This is very safe when we live in Alberta and have terrible roads and your vehicle just shuts down while you are driving!!!

Then there was a recall about the power steering and I had to take another day off of work to get this fixed.

Currently I had my vehicle in at my local mechanic for 5000KM check up and oil change and he informed me that there was a leak in the transmission and a crack in the strut. On Friday, October 23 I took my vehicle to the Saturn dealership to get this fixed and when I called I asked if they had all the parts for warranty work and I was told that they did, so I would not have to make more then one trip and miss more work.

I was informed by the dealership that not only was their problems with my transmission and strut but that the transfer case has a leak in it and there is also a problem with the torque convertor. They informed me that they did not have the parts and would have to order it out of the States and they would need my vehicle for 4 days. When I incurred about a loaner vehicle because I live 2.5 hours away and this is my only vehicle they told me that they do not have loaner vehicles.

Not only am I going to be out of a vehicle for that long but I will also miss work for those days because I have no way of getting there. I also yet again have to inconvenience someone else to drive to pick me up and bring me home and then yet again to pick up my vehicle.

I am really glad that I spent almost $50, 000 on a new vehicle that I thought would be reliable which is farther from the truth and not have a vehicle at all. Who is going to reimburse me for all this expense incurred for a vehicle that only has 38, 000 km on it??????

After this warranty work is done I will have lost over $4800 in pay, PLUS over $500 in fuel, PLUS 3 meals a day because I will be on the road all day just to get me to the dealership to get this fixed.

Now I found out online from Transport Canada…not from GM...that there is a recall because the doors my not latch properly and the doors may open. Will I have to miss another day of work just to get this fixed? Even if I call now to get it done when the other warranty work is being done they probably won’t have the right parts and I will have to take it back.

In the future when I decide to purchase a new vehicle I will be very leery about even considering another GM product because of all the grief I have had. I would not recommend a GM to anyone. The sad part about this whole thing is that all this could have been avoided if GM did two things:

1. Allow all GM service centers do warranty work on all their products.

2. Have a loaner vehicle so your customers are not inconvenienced and without a vehicle.

What is GM is going to do to compensate me for this entire grief, wages lost, fuel, meals, time lost, and keep me as a GM Customer?

A Very Very Unsatisfied Customer,

Pamela Dunnington

Mailed October 27

Called customer service November 19 at 3:30 – Opened file of my complaints

Called Roadside to tow vehicle Nov 21 @ 11 am – They informed me that they would have to tow it to Denwoods as that is now the closest Saturn repair. Asked for it to be put through to management because Garry Moe had all the parts and I was not waiting another month to get it diagnosed and parts ordered in. Called Gary Moe and they said if Denwoods did it they would have to diagnose and order parts themselves. I phoned Denwoods and they are not even able to touch a Saturn.

Called Francoise on nov 21 @ 11:40

Roadside finally towed vehicle to Red Deer for me. – talked to Doris, Lori dispatched on November 22

Called Francoise at 7:30 am and let her know that the vehicle was towed yesterday

Called for an update – 12:21 no answer will call her back November 23

Called at 12:32 and she is going to contact Gary Moe for an update.

Called Francoise at 4:07 for an update – left a message.

Novermber 23 - I talked to Service – they said they could not get it started…waiting for someone to call me back (12:44)

November 25 Gary Moe Saturn had informed me that my vehicle was complete and it could be picked up. Francoise phoned me and said they were closing my file and that GM would offer me a $100 fuel card for all my inconvience. I turned down the offer.

November 30 my dad and uncle were going to Red Deer and offered to pick up my vehicle for me. When my dad arrived their Gary Moe had to boost my vehicle to get it started. My dad stopped at my Uncles at Castor for a break as it was storming out. When he went to start my vehicle it would not start again. They could not get it started. I was mad and needed time to cool down.

Called Anelise at 9:06 am on December 3. She informed me that Francoise was no longer with the company. I also let them know that the dealership let the vehicle go with a bad battery…had to boost it when dad and uncle glen picked it up and it still sat at Castor.

Called Roadside at 9:39 talked Sue she said they would only tow it to Stettler as that was the closest GM dealer…yet again I had to inform them that they are not allowed to work on Saturn even though it is a GM product. She said she had to take it to her superior again.

11:00 Brigley’s Towing informed me that they got a call to tow my vehicle to Red Deer and they would not be able to do it until that afternoon.

Called Anelise to update here to know what roadside said. No answer so I left a message

Dec 8 – Anelise finally returned my call.

Dec 8 – Gary Moe can not reproduce the problem

Dec 9 – 9:30 Alelise called and left a message saying that she wanted to close the file. I returned her call at 10:15 am and like always when I call her got her voice mail. I told her that in no way do I want my file closed until the problem is fixed.

Dec 9 – 10:17 I Called Gary Moe and vehicle would not start this morning…looking into the problem now.

Dec 9 – 2:16 Called Anelise again to talk to her and yet again got her voice mail again. Left another message. Called again at 2:45 and got her voice mail.

Dec 10 – Called Anelise at 1:09 no answer had to leave another message. Getting frustrated with her not returning my calls. Called customer service at 1:38 and talked to Jody she put me through to Anelise who informed me that Francoise was back working at GM. Phone Erin at 1:55 and he informed me they changed out the battery and will test it for a few days to make sure that was the problem. He told me that if I need help with GM customer service to let him know. Also to let him know that out come of the whole situation.

Dec 15 – Still have not heard back from GM Customer service. Called Francoise at 10:00 am she wants to talk to Erin and is going to call back in 2 days. Also is going to see what GM will do for me. Vehicle was complete and mom picked it up for me.

December 17 – Francoise called at 8:18 and informed me what I already new about how they replaced that battery. She informed me that GM would not me compensating me in anyway. They were sorry for the inconvenience and grief it cost me but there was nothing else they were going to do for me.

January 7, 2010 – Vehicle just shut off while driving at 10:24 just 1 km west of Veteran. Called Tyler to come and give me a boost. Vehicle would not start. Called roadside at 10:48 to get it towed. They were sending Brigley’s Tow Truck to get it towed to Wainwright Dagwoods. Brigleys met me at my vehicle at 1:37 to have it towed. Called Francoise at 2:41 left her a message.

Jan 8 – Talked to Denwoods at 2:35 they said they could not work on them according to their knowledge but will look into it. The soonest they can look at it is next Thursday. Phone Francoise at 2:57 left a message again.

Jan 11 – Francoise returned my call updated her on it at 4:15 she is going to talk to Denwoods and get back to me.
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: 2008 Saturn Vue

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta

Category: Cars & Transport


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