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Offensive and terrible service

I went through the drive thru at my local McDonalds to simply grab some food for my family and myself. When I approached the second window and recieved my food, the order they gave me was not mine. I then asked the clerk for my order and he asked me for the reciept in the bag he gave almost as assuming I was either lying or trying to scam food. I am of aboriginal descent and this kind of behavior is and has taken place at this location before. My taxi is now double what it would be if they had gotten the order right in the first place. During this time the Manager in a white shirt standing back behind the clerk at the window yelled to me to go and wait around the corner while they made my order and would walk it to me when it was done. I said back to her that I was in taxi, and that me having to wait is costing me now triple what it would've been had they simply made my order correct the first time! I then told her "it would'nt be a problem if I was in car and not in a taxi! ". Now suddenly the head Mnager as I presume the shouted at me and said" If your going to yell at my employees you can have your fucken money back and never come here again!! I proclaimed that I was insulted and simply mortified with service I was receiving, and for the bad service don't you think I deserve my money back and my food free of charge for this situation?? She then shouted back at me and yelled " heres' your money back your not getting your food it's either your food or your money" when all of a sudden she throws $15.01 at me through the cab wiindow! I was sitting on the passenger side in back of taxi which I believe if I was on the driver side I would've benn hit with the money! I visit this location regularly and spend alot of money. This was by far the most TERRIBLE SERVICE I've ever recieved!!! I have 6 years in retail and customer service to recognise bad customer service in any sense! Today is June 17th and this event occured at approx. 5:10pm to 5:25pm as that was the time when we left the drive thru in shock. My cabdriver has written me a reciept and stated on it that he would ACT AS MY WITNESS to ensure that this matter is dealt with in my favor being the victim of bad customer service. With that being said I would like to be contacted immediately in regards to this matter at,

Home # 1306 565 6223 Cell# 1306 999 1284 or emailed at

[email protected]

Thank you, my name is Jesse and I will be awaiting your response!!!


Company: McDonalds

Country: Canada   Province: Saskatchewan   City: Regina

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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