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It's a dogs Life groomers
Injury to Dog

I have been taking my dog to this groomers and I took him in december when I got there to pick him up they were not done so I paid the grooming fee then I saw he was pawing at his eyes. The owner told me the shampooer got something in his eyes I went over and looked at him and you could see he was under stress and his eyes were severely red and swollen. She said take him to the vet to have them wash his eyes out with saline.

I ran him to his veterinarian and they stained his eyes and we almost started to cry well I did when it showed both his eyes were 100% ulcerated. The vet called an eye specialist and he had to be put under an anaesthetic his eyes irrigated and then a serum made from his own blood to treat his eye injuries. The vet said this was very painful for him and he had to have a needle for pain plus other meds for eye drops and then eye morphine drops.

The owner has on email claimed she is upset yet on conversations with her on the phone or I should say on one call she said she was not agreeing to an open cheque for his treatment I was floored as the vet is treating him for a severe chemical burn to both his eyes and she is acting like he shouldn't get the proper treatment.

I told her he was getting the neccessary treatment as decided by the eye specialist and his own doctor.

She has not paid any of the bills which are now over $1, 000 she also thought she should be able to discuss his treatment with the vet and I said no it is not up to you what treatment he receives it is up to the doctors.

The vet is surprised at how good he has been he is such a gentle little soul and he has been put through hell with all the treatment he has had to go through. My heart was breaking knowing the agony he was in.

And before anyone asks he is awesome to groom he does not move he is not rammy he is a good dog to groom.

I do not recommend anyone go to this groomers. I am also going to go further and see about the province forcing these places to have liability insurance and proper training. I know accidents can happen but this is inexcuseable because I can't help but wonder how long he was in distress before I got there if this happened at the shampoo stage. He was there at 8 and I was told to pick him up at 1 so I fear he was in agony for a while. I can't prove it though.

This did make me buy pet insurance and he has the best that is available now.

I also think animals need to be treated under the law better than they are then maybe these groomers would be more careful about what they do when harming an animal. Right now they are not held accountable.

So now we have to see if he will have any permanent damage to one of his eyes and go from there and I will have to resort to small claims to get the costs recovered.


Company: It's a dogs Life groomers

Country: Canada   Province: Saskatchewan   City: Saskatoon

Category: Animals & Birds


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