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Satellite direct tv
I paid but no service

I subscribed to satellite direct after they got my credit card number and deducted the funds. things seem to going well they gave me a registration code it is 2388147b17cba8943fa183314 but when i tried to use it ;it would not except it i tried every thing i could think of i tried getting in touch ...

Fox network
Yet more knee jerk cancellations

I've already sent an email regarding this issue and while I don't expect that I will ever hear an answer, I was hoping that your actions would be louder than words. Unfortunately, you have, yet again, chosen to air TV shows that no one has a chance to see because your knee jerk reaction to them is ...

Cineplex Odeon Sheppard Cinemas
Ude employee

I walk in to this typical cineplex movie chain and wanted to see a movie. I politely had asked one of their employees by the name of Jason J what kind of movies were available and he answered with a rude and yelling tone (whatever is there ma'am is there. okay? even jim belushi would know what he ...

Rogers Cable
Poor cable tv signal from Rogers

Hi Im posting this on behalf of my elderly parents who are retired both in thier mid 80's. They have been with rogers for many many years an they have a rogers box and also subscribe to a specialty channel (Rai International) This is an Italian station which they spend a big part of thier day ...