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The only Indian who work there
Plasma Innovation Cookware Inc

The company failed to comply with its written warranty and treated its customer with being insulting and rude.
We bought four cookwares from this company on Sept.05, 2010, when the so-said manager (the same guy below) said we can replace it whenever the cookwares got sticky problems. The first time, we got big problems for all the three and went back to him, where he showed us the term with little font said that we need to pay more since we only pay discounted price to get it, which is already $1, 130.00.He didn't mention we need to pay extra money to replace them when we bought them. We had to pay another $126.30 for replacing three of them, and the guy got the money and replaced the one without picking any problems. For the second time, we got serious problems with one and went back to him and this time he picked several problems and asked us to go back and clean it. I actually don't understand why I would bother cleaning it since it already got problems, but to that extent I didn't bother filing complaints so I had to do as he said and came back again, even though I didn't think the cookware get any better. On November 18, 2013, the two cookwares I used frequently got serious problems again, and I went back to the guy. The guy just said one of them is misused and he wouldn't change it, and we must clean the other one and then he would decide if he will change it. I really wasted so much time on these cookwares every time, and I think he was making unreasonable requirements which he neither mention when we bought it nor put on the written terms. For the three times, we actually got the same serious problems of being sticky which can be figured out by watching the chips on the bottom. However, we only got replacement fluently for the first time since we paid extra money. The guy just denied the chips and said I didn't clean it for the next two times. He even said he can't see the chips. He was apparently trying to avoid his obligations by making difficulties. I really lost my temper this time, and argued with him. He didn't really care if I am mad or not, and acted like he is the person who can decide everything and actually he said it when I asked him if he is the one who decide if the pan get chips or not and if he is the one who set rules or make definitions. He said yes so proudly. I, as a customer, cannot even have an idea if the product got problems. I am the actual user and I shouldn't know if the cookware was in bad condition. For the one he rejected to change, he just said I misused it which fell out of warranties, which I cannot see the wording on the paper. And I didn't misuse it. He just decided I misused it without a proper reason. Also, He decided the other one didn't get chips by ignoring the apparent chips at the bottom. At last, he didn't want to argue with me and asked me to leave. When I rejected to do so, he grabbed my pan with my bag and just threw them out, and even called 911.After that, he just stared at me with a contempt smile just as he is saying what I can do. I asked him to stop staring at me, and he said it is his property and he can stare at anything he wanted to watch. I knew well asking me to leave or calling 911 is his right, but I wanted to show how bad is he doing the things. From the first step I walked into the room, he never acted politely as the way a regular business owner would treat its customers. In conclusion, he makes me feel that he wanted to deny everything and he can decide everything which he is so proud of. Replacing the pan or not is totally up to him. I thought his pattern of sale keeps playing tricks to customers by charging extra money besides the purchase price. I mean he can decided the purchase price is discounted to charge extra. We actually paid for our replacement. And he is making difficulties to reduce your willingness of replacement by asking you go back home and clean cookwares. Even so, if his product is good, I wouldn't complain. But It worked even not as well as my another pan for which I only paid $40.00.Not even to say his bad post sale service which I never see in Canada.


Company: The only Indian who work there

Country: Canada   City: Toronto   ZIP code: M2H 3B4
Address: 592 Gordon Baker Road
Phone: 4164920285

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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