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WG 393 Edmonton to Cuba

Here's my letter to sunwing, and a full story of events to my re-call for the nightmare of Fog and sunwing.

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Ok here's the big issue.

Flight on January 10th from Edmonton to Cuba Cayo Santa maria, told at airport that we would be stopping in Cancun for fuel ( 1 hour and 5 minute delay) so that is fine. We land in Cancun, the guys fuel it up, and we sat and waited for 3 hours, ( The reason was fog at Cayo Santa maria but nothing was announced) So we arrived in Cuba for about 9 amish. Ok, so not a huge deal, I can deal with this.

January 18th rolls around time to go home. So we get on the bus for 2am take our 90 minute bus ride to air port, Vancouver flight was also there getting ready to leave. 6 am rolls around and the fog is thick, no planes can land etc. ( its weather I know). The edmonton flight arrives in around 9:30 -10 am. ( They were stranded at Varadero waiting for fog to land over ) An announcement was made that Edmonton Flight was cancelled due to pilot being over his hours. About 2 hours later maybe an hour or so later we are told a plan.

New flight was moved to 2am for January 19th. And they would arrange a bus to come and get us and take us to a hotel till 10pm. We got no food no water etc, nothing was given to us for free. Every time someone asked when the bus was coming we were told in a 1/2 hour. It took them 4 hours to get buses for us, as we seen the buses pulling in for Vancouver, and Ottawa flights. They finally gave us a bagged lunch right before the bus got there at 4:00ish. pm.

So we had to take our luggage, . and get new visitors cards, etc. and go on the bus. We arrive back to resort at 5:30 ish. time enough to grab a quick shower, supper and a nap. We had to get up and check out by 9:30 to catch the buses at 10pm. So another 90 minute bus ride happens. We get to the airport, We are the only fight, so the process was quick. We could of taken off by 1 am but the pilot waited till 2am. 2 am flight time, does not happen as there is fog ( AGAIN) So at 3am the cuban airport shuts down ( no one tells us this, but one of the store workers this was rumor, and true as Duty free was closed, and other stores) So the pilot announces to load the plane, and we'll attempt to fly. So we load the plane, and he takes a drive around the strip, and parks the airplane, and No he can't fly. But they decide to put on a movie and leave us on the plane. 2 hours pass, and then they announce, that they will have to wait for the sun come out, and we have the option to stay on the plane or go back to the boarding area. So we finally boarded the plane again at 8:30 or 9 am some time. Then we were told we would be going via Toronto cause of fuel issues, and pilot hours, It ended up being a 9 hour day on the plane itself.

I bought Travel Insurance, Not sure why, cause really what does Cayo Santa Maria have to offer as far as flights out? There's no taxi's and where would you go? It does not pay for loss of wages, or time .

Why not bring in another pilot? Why re-book the plane for 2am when obviously the last few weeks there has been lots of fog issues? Easily could of just made the flight for 9 am or even 8 am, and let us get a good rest.

So you do some math. 2 am on Wednesday morning ( Tuesday night) till leaving at 9 am on Thursday morning. That's a ton of hours. 31 hours in total. 4.5 hours on the bus going back to the hotel to the airport, 4 hours at the hotel. 22.5 hours was spent in the airport.

And than on top of this another 9 hours on the plane which should of only taken 6 hours in total.

How much sleep do you get in an airport?

There were many famiies there with toddlers and babies, many old people that have medical issues etc.

You can say you care about our safety all you want, but how come you guys don't have any back up plans? Why not have a back up pilot or access to one, Seriously 4 hours to get buses? And why not ground the plane till you know "fog " won't be an issue.

You know FOG is an issue, The day we arrived there was fog issues, the week before that was fog issues. So why make your flights landing and leaving at the time that fog could be an issue? Maybe its not foggy everyday, but you guys have had fog issues enough in the last few weeks, you know that that its a good possibility that the problem is going to arrive, time and time again.

You guys didn't offer meal vouchers or drink vouchers, till 4pm ( 6 hours after the flight was cancelled) and we got a bagged lunch. The second morning it was better and we did get ham sandwiches and boxed lunches, lots of snacks etc, but I think its because sunwing staff was worried for the safety, as they knew darn well people had totally lost their patience.
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