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January 23 2011

This happened today the Jan 23 at superstore at metro town its very important to read the story and

Publish it as customer service was very poor.

2 adults and 2 kids.

Person 1 and person 2 any(1) and veronica(2) only for your information I don’t want this to be given to the super store at all and not to publish them too.

Person 1 came to the store to buy some stuff . = 19, .

Person 2 met at 5 pm to get the rest of groceries

Person 1 purchased $19 earlier, but was not needed

Person 1 purchased $46.00..

Person 1 purchased $14..00 if the sign was there person 1 didn’t have to divide the juice and stuff for the oldest son. Simply she adds it at home but today she ask to divide it there.

Person 2 purchased $76.38

Person 2 purchased $14.00

The cashier left behind this items and I paid right away for this,

My request was very simple and not even demanding just that when a customer finds something odd the right thing is to ask for the right thing!

Here we asked for the free item (see coupon) the cashier said that 2 receipts are accepted and I had more than 2 . Okkkk we walked away because person 1 told me lets go to the customer service maybe she has not experience.

I went to the line up, person 1 waited beside me and

I said yes I have a question is this right? For the coupon free lasagna nonononono you cant get it its just 1 coupon per person,

Yes its only one what I have for yes but just 1 receipt

Are you sure? If this is a rule for this is it in written here?

Yesss she read all over and could not find it but found total amount of your purchase,

Listen I long time ago asked for it didn’t let me explain

(long time ago I asked that I didn’t make 250 but an earlier purchase was done too, I was told to bring receipts before closing time on the same day and I could redeem the coupon.

She pointed with her finger that I have been here many times with loose receipts trying to get the free item, got the phone and reported to be a customer with loose receipts getting a free lasagna and come to explain to her

Lady are you talking about me, excusemeee no she dint respond instead she pushed my receipts away to the corner of the counter and told me move away.

Were talking about me? I have never come here to ask for it.

The supervisor came down and she took her attention telling her all lies that she knows me with name and phone number, pointed again to me I know you you always come here to get the free item

. Noo its not true what are you talking about, person 1 by my side too and kids, no you are accusing me very ugly, no I have not done this before, I said I would complain because this is false accusations and I want to know all the information from them and how to complain, the supervisor said she will give the lasagna and that’s it,

I insisted the accusation and abuse from this women I wont take it I wan to complain, there was no more lasagna so she said we come back tomorrow, we said no no anymore we wont bring this lasagna home so the supervisor walked away. I called again harder I want a manager here please. We waited on the side,

I turned to person 1 and see she is accusing me, but is not true. I was about to cry and I was holding on so hard

The manager came as I requested to file a complain

The manager came from outside so I talked to her first, she wanted to only talk about her policy of the free item and the receipts,

I cut it off and I said we don’t want and don’t need your lasagna more than this is the acussation I wont take this …….. Excuse my language but I want to tell you why I need to complain, again the focus was on their side, nothing to my side, I was asked to quiet and listen again to their policy, but not I wont get accused for that,

Well she finally went inside and here the version changed that she has said the names and number s are taken and it must be in the book

I demanded again to show me,

I firmly asked Michelle to write down with her hand written their names and employee number

Took a while to finally write down the store number and the way to complain

I count write it myself because it is an evidence that I was there .

I got the coupon and came back to ask them barb, to sign it to verify that this little thing has caused so much trouble.

We went down and I was very upset, I was in pain, my stomach was cramping so much,

By the time we got home my head was exploding, it is now 8;52 and I haven’t even given dinner yet,

And tomorrow to school and to work,

I don’t need to stress out my life for things like this,

As a customer I am doing the right thing,

I had a right to ask and even to ask where is it written specially because long time I was told it can be done if I got the other receipt before closing time,

And just here both of them took things different she said if the cashier was ok to take 2 receipts it was an exception but here we take 2 receipts only if one is coming from the photo depto, not from groceries.

Our name can be used as : loyal customer because I only prefer super store to buy all I need.

This has left me disappointed and upset I don’t know how I will feel the next time I come here.

Michele = front end

Aziza = cs

Barb =front end

Superstore metro town #1518

Wwwsuperstore .ca
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Canadian Superstore

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Burnaby

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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