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Scam artists

Rajeev sharma contacted me one afternoon for an interview after I submitted my file in their online register. Once the interview was started, he told me all sorts of talent that they represented all over the world but yet had no proof of those talent. so basically in simple terms he was talking out of his a**. Any company can write down names of brand on their site without having any actual proof of working with them.

next after a while, he is going to ask how are you financially? when he asked this, he was simply thinking of how much of a ball park figure he is going to scam you with. I indicated to him that I am not financially set, but still have money saved from my previous jobs. after telling him with this information he gave me an estimate of roughly 500-600 dollars. And stated that i dont have to pay the whole amount now but could pay him during the month.

I then followed on by asking why 600$? he responded that there's this photographer downtown, which is the best ive ever seen along with printing headshots and placards. Him telling me that theres this specific photographer to go to threw me off since most of the time when an agency tells you to go to a specific photographer, it means they are included in the scam and would get a cut of the 600$ that he talked you into going. One of my friends is a well off model in toronto, and she stated to me that if an agency like you, you would never have to pay a dime. so i knew he wasnt right.

Also another point of note is his website.
1) he contradicts his own words: "and dont force anyone to make decisions right away"(1), he made me decide on the spot and kept pressing on me for time

2) He clearly hasnt changed his website from the scam agency he had opened in burlington as alot of the information has just been copy and pasted without changing the information on FAQ:
example :

"Once the photographs are submitted to Colors, we shall contact you with regards to any assignment. you will have to go to the studio and meet the concerned person as instructed by the agency. Colors shall charge the client and pay you after deducting its commission." (2)

hopefully no one falls in his scam and common Rajeev, if your scamming be on top of your game. Dont leave any cookie crumbles like the ones above.

(1) "Talent Brokers." Talent Brokers. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Jan. 2012.
(2) "Talent Brokers." Talent Brokers. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Jan. 2012..



Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Mississauga
Address: 2 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite# 750
Phone: 9058483047

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