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Zoomi & Sakina Scammers

I'm very lucky to have not been fooled but I feel like they must have thought I was stupid... cuz when I googled them the most people of have posted of having stolen from them was 1500 or 2000. THEY ASKED ME FOR $2995.99!!! Just type "moro model and talent scam" or "moro model talent scam" or "moro model and talent complaints" in google and you would see what everyone has to say about them.

I'm an aspiring actress but unfortunately as a minority I was finding difficulty finding representation/agent and so one day I was approached by this women in the EATON center and gave me a business card.

I called her and asked her questions about the agency and then made an appointment to see her. However I did not feel safe so I brought my cousin (a really big guy) with me and asked him to wait outside in his car.

Once I was there the a guy took me to his office and asked me a bunch of question and then asked me to pretend I was in a Iphone commercial and sell the phone. So I did... I sat down and he said... "that wasn't bad, you need work but I would give you 8 of 10. I think you have really interesting look going for you."

then he pulls out a contract and says that he would like to sign me and shows me a breakdown of things I have to pay for. the total came to $2995.99 and explained that it is a lot of money but I can pay them monthly. I wasn't sure what to make of all this so I had a gut feeling I shouldn't sign anything without doing any research.

I told him I need to think about it and that I will call him after the weekend (I was there on thursday). THIS IS WHERE THINGS GOT SERIOUS... his tone of voice changed and started telling me that I'm not serious about being actress and that as a company they are doing me a favor because they just don't take anybody off the streets!

I kept telling him that I can't sign anything right now but I will contact him and his final reply was "THIS OFFER MAY NOT BE ON THE TABLE WHEN YOU'RE READY..."

I called my cousin with my cell phone and left it on so he can hear what was going on... My cousin came in the building and starting asking the receptionist where I was... when I heard his voice outside the door... I got up and walked out of the office. My cousin knew when I called and didn't say anything... something was wrong. I was terrified and shook up by the meeting.

The things he wanted me to pay for was headshots, editing, demo reel, acting classes, make up artist, hair stylist and other stuff. The one thing that cost more then everything else was the "ADMINISTRATION FEE" and it was 699.99!!! I googled them and found people online who were saying the same thing.

If you see a posting saying Moro Talent and Management is NOT scam... it is there office posting those notices online... look at the author... it is Sakina a head hunter for Moro!

I'm appalled that people like this exist and scam people of there money. What I've learned from this experience is that a LEGIT agency will NOT ASK FOR MONEY. Your agent makes money when you do... they get commission when you a book a job.

I finally found a an agent... I've booked work and working hard at my craft. I advise anyone who has encountered a SCAM AGENCY to post it online and help out fellow actors/actresses/models/artists from being scammed!




Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Mississauga
Address: 33 City Centre Drive, (Wing B
Phone: 9059496789

Category: Recreation & Entertainment


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